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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Space Resue Code Pink

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Space Resue Code Pink

User Rating: 3/5
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Let me tell you a long story about a short game that needs to get a final version, as soon as possible. Space Rescue Code Pink is an original dating sim visual novel, with no hentai elements – thank God for that. This bad boy’s entirely Patreon funded and the version I’ve seen so far looks dank as all hell. There’s nudity, hardcore action, great art and an overall cute story that flows really smoothly. This is the kind of game I expect to see from the indie porn gaming scene. It’s cute, simple and loaded with fun scenes to explore. Hell, the scenes are so great, they’re worth rewatching, as far as I’m concerned. Now, I jacked off to the currently available public version, but the developer is working hard at bringing the public new updates regularly. Naturally, if you’re a Patreon pledge, you get the newer versions faster, but you could just wait a month and get your hands on the latest version that way. As of right now, the game is definitely worth playing. I mean, the damn thing’s free and it’s got sex scenes. What have you got to lose? We’ve also got a ton of assets already good to go, so we know what the game’s going to look like when it wraps up. In that sense, Space Rescue Code Pink is kind of episodic. The old content doesn’t get changed, new content just gets added. I for one can’t wait to see the finished product. For now, let’s review the demo and see what we’ve got so far.

Sex in Space

You play as Keen, a basic space mechanic aboard a “Rescue and Relax” ship, which … is a lot more casual than it sounds, unless you’re Keen himself. Your character is such a generic nice boy, with no real discerning characteristics, that I kept forgetting he existed half of the time. But, he’s likable. In fact, he’s so likable that all of the hot babes that work aboard the ship can’t keep their hands off of him. Add to that the fact that he’s probably the only dick they’ve seen in a long time and he won’t be staying dry for long. These babes are going to be bending over backwards to eventually bend over for you. Oh sure, you have to run errands for them, but when those errands include you taking naked pictures of them, it’s not like they’re giving you the run-around. First you take clothed pictures of them, then they’re naked and finally you’re balls deep in their pussy. This is just one quest-line I’m describing here. Naturally, there are different quests for different babes and I’m not sure if the shit is linear. I don’t see much of an over-arching story here. It’s just a bunch of babes, bored in space. At this point you’re basically just the space plumber and they need their pipes fixed, or plugged with a cock or something. It works really well, because the game is charming as hell. It doesn’t really feel smutty, until you actually whip it out and dick them. Even then, you’re not much of a Chad. You’re just going about your business. It’s their fault they’re so ridiculously horny all the time.

Really Cute Graphics

In porn games, cute graphics either kill or save the game and in this case, these graphics were a great decision. They’re not the kind of cute that makes you fawn – more the kind of cute that keeps things light and breezy. It’s satisfying to watch these babes bend over. They very much feel like adult women. None of that weird Japanese shit. These are proper babes in a cute art style. I’m not sure what video games it reminds me of, but I know this is an established style already. It’s close to Akabur, I guess, but not quite. This game has a lot more detail. Either way, it’s 2D and hand-drawn, obviously. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, all of the assets, including the ship and all the environments was hand-drawn for the game as well. So, you’re very much getting an art gem with Space Rescue Code Pink. I think the main reason why it takes the developers so long to come out with new updates is tied to how long it takes to draw the actual art. With all of these handcrafted assets, it’s no wonder we had to wait a year to get a satisfying demo. But, I think it was worth it in the end. I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to digital pussy and the babes in this game are absolute tens. Everything from their faces, down to their tits and their pussies is absolutely perfect. I had no problem staying hard throughout this entire game.

The Gameplay

Space Rescue Code Pink is a simple hybrid of open world exploration, dating sim gameplay with dialogue and some point and click puzzle solving. In fact, it’s a point and click game more than it is anything else. Think Leisure Suit Larry, but with actual pussy fucking. There is no lose condition as far as I can tell. You always get to bang the girls. So in that way, it’s different than the average dating simulator in which you can actually screw yourself. You go around the station, you meet the girls and immediately, someone has some problem that only you can solve. It’s not that you’re some sort of super genius with all the answers. It’s more that these babes can’t be assed to do their own work, so you have to help them. At a certain point I thought that they were just making excuses to get you to dick them without seeming like an easy lay. I bet they’re just forcefully playing hard to get. There are also mini-games in Space Rescue Code Pink and I’m lukewarm on them. On the one hand, they do indeed make you feel like you’re earning the pussy. But, they’re not exactly smash hits. They’re generic mini video games that you’ve seen before, in other games. They’re supposed to symbolize what’s actually happening within the game, but giving you a different perspective. For example, there was one point where the first babe, Lune I think her name was, needed you to go for a shuttle flight with her. The two of you were collecting some sort of gold nuggets from an asteroid field. Well, while that was happening you had to navigate the ship across a 2D space and avoid obstacles while picking up the gold nuggets. This was … kind of fun. But, I’d honestly rather play something more fun. Luckily, the games don’t drag on and you have no real reason to replay them. So, they’re mostly there to make you feel like you accomplished something. I guess that’s fair enough. You can’t have a porn game without the game part.

Very Well Written

As is the case with most indie porn games, I have no idea whether the person that made Space Rescue Code Pink is a native English speaker and I don’t care. The writing is perfect. Save for the odd typo here and there, the game is well written. The babes also speak like normal human beings and not some sort of hypnotized cock sleeves. They’re perfectly lovable chicks and you’re likely to remember them long after you’ve played the game. I especially like that the dialogue is simple and straightforward, but not dumb. Japanese hentai writers could learn a lot from the people behind Space Rescue Code Pink. This game is actually interesting to play. Hell, I’d get invested into the larger universe that the game takes place in if they expanded it and kept the pussy coming. The nice thing about this game’s writing is that it feels welcoming. Yes, there are obstacles and challenges, but you always feel welcome. There are no Yandere or Tsundere characters like you get in Japanese games. The babes don’t act weird and off-putting. They put out, plain and simple. Hell, I’d wager to bet that if they didn’t like you they’d just tell you up front instead of dicking you around. It would be wonderful if real women were that honest. All in all, this game is an absolute gem and I can see why people are backing it on Patreon. For now, get the free demo that’s out and available for download. In the meantime, wait for upcoming patches and check in once every few months. Hell, if you’ve got the money to spare, drop the developers a shekel or two. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. They work really hard on making Space Rescue Code Pink the next porn game masterpiece.

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  • It’s far from finished