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Updated on 15 January 2020
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SPNATI is a Sexy Strip Poker Game that Features Dozens of Hot Waifus

There are a few games that have stood the test of time over the decades without much change. Most of them are boring as fuck and not sexy at all. Come on, have you ever seen a sexy chess game? I sure haven’t. It requires too much thinking. How are you supposed to get a scholar’s mate when one hand is furiously jerking your cock to some hot hentai porn? There simply isn’t enough brain power left over. But there is one game that has bridged the porn gap time and time again: Poker. You should all know how to fucking play at this point. If you don’t, then let the game I have for you today be your introduction!

SPNATI is a strip poker game with all of your favorite waifus. And I really mean all of your favorites. This game is packed with babes. Oh, and the title stands for “Strip poker night at the Inventory.” It’s a game that was inspired by another poker game that took place at this “Inventory.” But you don’t need any prior knowledge of that game to enjoy this one. And this title has been in the works for years now.

Play this Passion Project in Your Browser for Free!

The entire thing has been being worked on by a team of volunteer developers, artists, and writers. Nothing about this game has been monetized. You don’t pay to play it. The developers work on it during their free time. It’s all free. You can access the game without any required downloads over at Spnati.net. Also, they’d be in copyright hell if they tried to sell this shit anyway. If you really want to download this game, then there is an offline version that you can get. Simply hit the help tab on the title screen and follow the directions there.

You can play as a chick or a dude, but it doesn’t matter that much. You never see your character except for during some special reward scenes, but even then that character won’t match the one you make. You can toggle a bunch of features like height, hair color, dick/tit size, and all of that good stuff. The characters you play against may comment on those special characteristics from time to time. Also, you can pick up to eight pieces of clothing to go in with. I recommend going with all eight. These opponents aren’t fucking around.

Pick and Choose from Over a Hundred Sexy Opponents

Once you have your character all set up, you can choose your opponents. There are dozens of popular characters to choose from. If they are in a popular anime or video game, then the odds are pretty high that they’ll make an appearance. Don’t see someone you want? Then you can sponsor someone to make that shit for you. You can hit random male, female, or get a random mixed group of characters. Alternatively, you can pick and choose each slut individually or by a themed table of characters.

Each character will have personality traits, the number of items they are wearing, and all of the source information like what game/show they are from is listed. You can even see how many unique dialog lines they have. The more items a babe is wearing the more hands you have to win against her, and make sure to always add 1 on top of whatever the number listed is. Once you get one of these waifus naked you have to win a final hand against them to make them strip down and fuck themselves.

Writing and Dialog that Fits Each Character’s Personality

You can go up against 1-4 characters at a time. From there, it’s pretty straightforward texas hold-em style poker. Make the best hand and try to take these bitches down. If you have the worst hand then you’ll need to strip. If you lose all of your clothes then they’ll make you jerk your dick in front of them while they taunt you for being a massive loser.

I was impressed with how much writing was packed into this game. Every character will interact with other babes in the game and comment on their hands. And each slut stays true to her original personality for the most part. Of course, they make each character lewder. I don’t think some of these babes would normally volunteer to spread their legs and fuck themselves for a poker game. But, yeah, they stay pretty true to the original character. You picky weebs will appreciate that.

Jerk Your Dick to Uncensored, Animated Sex Scenes

For how many characters there are, I was surprised by the level of detail given to the individual character designs. There are subtle animations and movements that each character will do. Some of them are pretty in-depth! You’ll get ghosts, transformations, tentacles, wrestling matches, and all sorts of kinky shit like that to pop up. And some animations only happen when certain characters are teamed up at the same time. I have to keep reminding myself that a team of volunteers made this because it feels like a premium experience.

But let’s talk about the sex scenes. I know that’s what all of you horny cucks are waiting for. So, there are two different kinds of fap material in this game. The first bit is the game itself. You get to watch as your favorite waifus strip and finger themselves for your enjoyment. You get kinky dialog lines and short animations to jerk off to. But you’ll have to win to get the good shit. When you win the entire match you can pick a slut to have an epilogue with. These epilogues have more detailed illustrations, erotic scenes, and fully animated moments. So, get out there and get good if you want to experience these amazing scenes.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s poker. I like poker. Okay, this section is done. No, not really. I liked how many customization options you had. Hell, the selection of characters alone was incredible. But they take that shit to the next level. You can unlock outfits for individual babes! The ability to pick and choose who you go up against each time was a lot of fun, especially when you’re trying to get a kinky epilogue. It’s also one of the few strip poker games that makes me feel like I’m just chilling and playing poker. There aren’t any unnecessary gimmicks or mini-games to contend with.

Unlocking the epilogues is so rewarding. You know you’ve earned it when the last bitch falls to her knees and starts furiously masturbating. It’s one of the few free porn games that makes winning feel fucking nice. It helps that these scenes are fucking incredible. You get lengthy scenes full of erotic dialog, uncensored art, and animated moments. What more could you want from a free game?

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I only hope to see the team keep adding to this game. In my eyes, it’s damn near perfect as it is. I’d say add in some voiced lines, but I don’t think that would be possible. All of you weebs would be complaining that your favorite slut doesn’t sound like she does in the anime or some shit. Keep adding characters. Keeping making awesome free content. And, well, that’s about it. I suggest you fucks go and give this game a look. Oh, I also suggest heading to the help menu if this is your first time playing. They’ve got a complete how to play poker guide for you guys.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, SPNATI is easily a must-play. It’s got all of the hot fap material that you sex-starved cucks could ever want. What other game can you play that has literally every single one of your favorite waifus in it for free? Go on. I’ll wait. Nothing? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This shit deserves all of the support that it can get. You don’t see free projects like this very often. Plus, it helps that this game is easy as fuck to fap to with all of its uncensored and animated sex scenes! If you like poker or are looking to learn how to play, then head on over to Spnati.net and give this addictive game a try for yourself.

BestPornGames Likes SPNATI
  • Straightforward strip poker with no catches
  • Play it for free in your browser
  • No ads, premium currencies, or subscription costs
  • Over 100 different waifus to choose from!
  • Uncensored, lightly animated sex scenes
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