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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Star Channel 34

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Star Channel 34

User Rating: 4/5
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Star Channel 34 is a Parody Slave Training Porn Game by Akabur

What’s better than turning proud bitches into sluts? Turning proud bitches into sluts…in space. Everything is better when you throw some space ships and aliens into the mix. You get kinkier scenarios, more interesting plots, and usually some unique game mechanics. Plus, you’re bound to get at least one zero-g fuck scene. And I know you nerds get voracious when it comes to busty space waifus. Give a 7/10 slut some long ears and blue skin and you cucks will start foaming at the mouth. Even you horny gamers with a single working brain cell can likely see what I’m getting at here—I’ve got a kinky sex game that’s set in the wide-open expanse of space. And, man, does it have a weird fucking premise. You play as the genie from Alladin but in space for some reason or another. I’ll attempt to unravel that shit in a bit. This is yet another slave trainer game by Akabur. He’s the porn developer that everyone loves to hate on.

Grab a Public Version of this Parody Game for Completely Free!

I swear you talentless betas will complain that this dude takes years to finish games when you’re doing nothing but jerking off to hentai waifus 24/7. At least this developer finishes what he starts. You can’t say the same about the vast majority of developers out there these days. Anyway, this title is called Star Channel 34. It started development back in 2016 and has been episodically released since then. As of now in July 2020, he’s just released episode 10 in the series. You can pick up the full public build for free by popping on over to

The story starts with you, the genie, waking up in a cryo-pod on some massive space ship. Man, this guy really needs to have that Alladin flair in every single title doesn’t he? I was actually hoping for something a little more unique this time around. But, well, I guess this formula has worked out pretty well for this fuck. The 5 grand he brings in every month of Patreon certainly shows that people will keep gobbling this shit up.

Assume Your Role as Captain of a Spaceship full of Frozen Sluts

Anyway, you’ve been asleep on this ship for a little over three years. The ship’s AI babe named Lola lets you know that you’re the captain of this vessel and that the admiral of the fleet is calling you. He gives you the scoop on everything going on, which the game fucking skips. Akabur just says “fuck it” to the story and doesn’t tell you a goddamn thing about what’s going on or why you’re doing what you’re doing. All that you know is that the universe’s survival depends on you going down below to the cryo-chambers and unfreezing all of the babes down there so that you can work your magic and turn them into obedient sex slaves.

So, yeah, it’s not the most rock-solid story out there. It’s all an excuse to slave train some sluts again. Don’t get me wrong, I love degrading these whores. I just wish that the game didn’t take such a lazy approach to storytelling. Anyway, you start with an alien slut and, you guessed it, Princess Jasmine on board. You can eventually get Hermoine and a couple of other babes as the game goes on.

A Very Confusing Start With No Tutorial or Guide

I started at Episode 1 and was thoroughly confused. Once the story dialog ends, you get a bunch of menus to click around with. None of them advanced the story! I fucked around with this shit for 15+ minutes trying to get to the next steps of the game, but nothing worked. I eventually had to back out and start episode 2 manually for anything to happen at all. I don’t care if I missed something. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what to do next. The game doesn’t offer any sort of tutorial, guide, or anything at all to help you start.

Essentially, you need to get these sluts performing for all of the horny cucks in the galaxy. You can set them up to dance, strip, and even fuck themselves at later points in the game. Doing this will earn you some dosh, which will let you buy items and outfits that will aid you in further breaking these bitches down.

Slowly but Surely Break these Babes Down

Just as with Akabur’s previous titles, you can talk to these babes and either be nice or a dick. It doesn’t really matter which path you choose. It’s just that you’ll likely unlock sex scenes quicker if you take the friendly route. And the scenes don’t change based off of those dialog choices. They’ll be the same regardless.

The art style and writing will be familiar to those of you who have played his past titles. Though I’d say that the art has improved quite a bit. It’s always been a solid cartoon style, but it’s much more detailed and crisp this time around. The character designs feel more thought out, and a bit more care has been taken for the backgrounds. As for the writing, it’s pretty average. It’s not full of errors or anything, but you can tell that this fuck doesn’t really care about the story or character development that much.

Rub Yourselves Raw to Hot, Uncensored Sex Scenes

It takes some work, but you do get some decent sex scenes. Star Channel is a bit kinkier than past games by Akabur. This one has some quality fetish scenes. There’s a lot of lactation fetish content this time around, but I’m certainly not complaining. Each scene will have multiple uncensored, HD panels with light animations. The level of animation varies from scene to scene. Some have a lot more going on than others. I wish that there was some voice acting and more description to go along with the scenes. You do get some subtle sound effects and music, but I really want to hear these bitches cry out as they get fucked.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

If you live slave training games, then you’ll be happy with this title. It’s not brutal. It doesn’t have pain or torture. Akabur tries to appeal with a wider audience by having a softer slave training experience. I like hardcore shit, but I can definitely see the wider appeal with this style. And it’s still a pretty kinky game. You fucks will love all of the fetish content that’s been packed into this title. Also, this talented cuck has a pretty iconic cartoon style. If you like toon porn, then you’ll want to hop on board and play this shit. How could I not mention the kinky sex scenes again? You get some incredibly detailed scenes full of sexy babes getting dicked. Everything is uncensored. It’s all in HD. And you even get some quality animations to jerk your dick to. All in all, these are some very fappable scenes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Despite how great this game looks, there were still some glaring issues. The story is fairly non-existent. Sure, you get some pieces as you go forward. But, still, it’s nothing that will blow your mind or keep you very engaged. But my main issue has to be with the start of the game. The gameplay is not explained. The menus are clunk and are, generally, unlabeled. It doesn’t feel like you do very much. You grind away at making money and wearing these sluts down until, eventually, you get some kinky content to fap to. I just didn’t have a whole lot of fun with the gameplay elements of the game, nor did I feel particularly attached to the story or the characters.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Star Channel 34 is a decent slave trainer game that fans of the genre will likely enjoy. Despite the title having some pretty big issues, I still recommend you at least give it a shot since it is free. You don’t have anything to lose! It’s not like you’re busy or tight on time. We all know you’re lying there with your dick in hand just waiting for it to get hard again so that you can jerk off for the 10th time today. If you’re a fan of humiliation, lactation, domination, and corruption then you should go and give this sexy game a shot!

BestPornGames Likes Star Channel 34
  • Uncensored, lightly animated sex scenes
  • Slave training fetish content
  • A solid handful of sluts to choose from
  • It’s free!
BestPornGames Hates Star Channel 34
  • Lackluster story
  • Confusing start with no tutorial
  • Unlabeled menu options