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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Summertime Saga

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Summertime Saga

User Rating: 5/5
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How are you today, my fellow pervert? I know it gets boring sometimes, that’s why guys like you and me spend our time looking at tits and pussies on the internet. I know that you’re also looking for an adult-themed game that you can mess with. I have played so many porn games in my twenty-six years of existence on this motherfucking planet, but so far, this game right here is the only game that gave me satisfaction.

This review is all about a porn-game with tons of actions and exciting gameplay, which will make every horny bastard out there cum in just a matter of seconds. Summertime Saga is a novel-based porn game that allows gamers to do whatever the fuck they want in the game. You can make friends with all the characters, or you can just fuck them whenever you want. This game requires a lot of patience, for it also has dating simulation gameplay in it.

I assure you that the time you’ll be spending goofing around this game will be worth it, for it has a lot of nasty things to offer that can satisfy nerd fucks like you and me. Think of this game as your safe space, for you can be yourself in this game without no one judging your lame ass. You get to do things here that you’re not able to do in real life, and one of them is having sex with a real girl. Stick around for you to gain more knowledge about this one.

Games Storyline/Plot

Summertime Saga’s storyline is very interesting because you’ll be doing a lot of missions where you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Since this is a porn game, then you probably already had an idea of what I meant by that. In this game, you’re a sad horny teen who is living with his father’s friend. You’ll be taken care of by a very sexy milf that does all the things you want. Aside from your steaming hot stepmom, you’ll also meet more bitches along the way.

What I Like About The Game

Most adult-themed games that have this kind of storyline often have difficult navigation systems because of the features they have. The good thing about this one is that the controls are very easy to memorize, and you won’t be having problems navigating around the game except if you’re a complete moron who does not know how to read since basically, this is a novel-based porn game.

I also love the fact that your character is not required to stick to just one bitch. You can stroll around the town and become the town’s mayor of fucking if you finish the tasks all of the bitches in this game has. You get to defile the whole town, and the best part of it is that no one will judge you here. The very goal of this game is to have fun and make a lot of interactions with other characters so that you’ll have the chance to fuck all of them.

This game’s compatibility with different gaming devices is very impressive because they are not that strict when it comes to the systems requirements. You can play this game even if you’re using a Windows computer or a MAC. You can also play it with android devices if you don’t have any gaming computer with you. The only thing that sucks about this one is that it is not available on iOS devices due to some technical bullshit.

Summertime Sagas dialogues are very fun to look at because of how the characters of this game interact with each other. To be honest, I didn’t know how to speak to girls until I found out about this game. That’s why I can say that this fucked up game has helped me gain some confidence when it comes to talking to the bitches that are living in my community. You can see how creative the game writers were once you get a glimpse of the game’s dialogues.

If you want to do a lot of missions that involve a lot of lewd scenes, then this is the game for you. You will need to accomplish all of them for you to advance to the next stage. I had fun dealing with these tasks because I know that in the end, all my efforts will be paid off with steamy sex scenes. Tons of hot and wild babes are waiting for you to fuck them so you better not mess up during the missions.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

I mentioned above that the dialogues of this game are interesting, but there are times that I also find it very dull. You’ll be doing plenty of reading with this game since this is a novel-based game, and as you progress to the game, you can see how boring the characters are when they’re interacting with each other. It makes the game less interesting because I don’t feel the excitement in the dialogues I’m seeing.

The gameplay also kinda sucks because the main objective is very common. The only thing you’ll need to do is to get everyone in your boring town to have an interest in you so that you can get in their pants. Gameplays like these are very common, especially for a porn game. There are only a few scenes in here that I can say worthy of my time, but the rest are just plain stupid and dull.

Many of the fuckers out there are using iOS devices, which is a problem for them because a lot of porn games don’t support those types of devices. I feel sad for them because they’re unable to experience the joy of fucking random bitches and making them scream and moan while you masturbate to the game. Games that have this kind of restriction are pure garbage and bullshit.

As I said, you’ll be doing plenty of missions before getting to the best parts of the game. The problem with this game is that it has too many tasks that you’ll get to the point of feeling tired playing this game. Fucktards like me just want to fuck all day, but it seems that we have to undergo plenty of shit before we can even get a glimpse of the bitches titties in this game. Now I can say that I’ve wasted a lot of time in the missions of this game.

Lastly, I don’t like how the sluts in this game look because they’re not the innocent high school type of girls you see in the movies. They look like they were born to become sex slaves because of their appearance. I can say that there are only a few bitches in this game that has the right to become my fuck buddies because of how they look. The rest of them look like they were cooking drugs in their basement, and a horrible accident happened.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

I would like to recommend changing the game’s dialogues into a more engaging and interesting one. I don’t like the flow of the conversations that characters of this game are making because they suck, and it looks like they’re just waiting on each other to say, let’s fuck. The characters in this game do a lot of talking that’s why it’s important to upgrade their dialogues.

They should also reduce the number of the game’s missions because many people are complaining about how tiring they are. They should change some of them and make them more fun by adding mini-games and other stuff in it so that the fuckers who are playing this game will have more fun. There should be some scene where the guy should fuck several bitches in just a specific amount of time.

Redesigning the bitches in this game would also help make it better because there are only a few bitches in here that I can say worthy of my cum. They are not worth the effort and time, and they certainly are as ugly as fuck. Adding characters that have some resemblance with famous models and artists will surely capture the attention of more fuckers out there that are looking for a porn game they can wank with.

The iOS issue about this game might not be solved after due to Apple’s restrictions, but what I can suggest is that they make another game with the same concept in it and have a mobile version of it for iOS users. This will allow them to experience the awesomeness of games such as Summertime Saga. I’m looking forward to these changes to happen because I’m planning to play this game again.


If you want to know the feeling of being the coolest kid in town, I suggest that you try it. This is the porn game where I felt invincible because I know for a fact that all the things I’ve done in this game will never become a reality. I may be a horny nerd playing porn games every day, but at least I’m good at it. Porn games such as this one are my go-to place whenever I feel like fucking random bitches in the street.

The overall experience I had with this one is actually not bad. The gameplay is so addicting to the point that I spent the whole day just playing this one and forgetting to do other important things around the house. I would love to see more of this game in the future because it’s the best novel-based porn game I’ve ever played in my whole miserable life.

BestPornGames Likes Summertime Saga
  • Storyline
  • Game Compatibility
  • Dialogues
  • Free to Fuck the Whole Town
  • Gorgeous Bitches
BestPornGames Hates Summertime Saga
  • Dialogues a Bit Dry
  • Storyline Tends to Get Dull
  • Some Girls are Ugly
  • Not Available on iOS Devices
  • Tons of Missions