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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Summoner’s Quest

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Summoner’s Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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Usually, you can place a certain game – regular or a porno one – within a single category or a few. However, there are those out there which are difficult, if not impossible, to pigeonhole. I rarely come across those in the reviews that I do, but as with all things, there are exceptions everywhere. When it comes to Summoner’s Quest, it’s undoubtedly a good example, and boy, is it all over the place (!) – and I mean that virtually.

This Is a Fantasy Epic Scattered All Across the Web

Typically I find that most adults-only games from indie devs have a home somewhere, be it Steam, Nutaku, or a studio website. Sometimes people release their games to a single, small-time adult game hosting platform, but SQ seems to be all over the net. It looks like the official version has been uploaded on the game’s maker FANTASY DISASTER’s – better known as Ferdafs – page. However, there are loads of other uploads to be seen on, Qiqi Games,, among several others. Apparently, Ferdafs doesn’t seem to care, and part of the attraction to the social element of this game is hunting around for different copies and, after playing, leave behind feedback and talk with other users.

And Now Let’s Spend a Spell Talking About This Tale

Most of the fantasy games with an adult twist added to them tend to play like premise clones of either Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Fifty Shades of Grey. Almost always, it seems like the playable character is some chosen one with a magic dick, out on a quest to rescue the princess and defeat some dark lord, or trying train and expand a harem. Instead, you are simply referred to as The Summoner and a pretty average one at that. There are no grand armies of goblins to beat off – and not in any sense of the term. While magical, you don’t have an exhaustive list of spells – indeed, your character doesn’t even start out at a mere Bronze, let alone coveted Diamond magic-user rank. This ordinariness in a fantasy world drives the plot forward, leading to the many magic- and sex-infused escapades you go on. Yes, I know it sounds a little unusual, but that’s what makes things so much fun. Adventures are divided into separate chapters, which you can play in any order you want. They are all integrated into the same world, but you won’t miss too much by skipping around.

And Here Is How the Gameplay Goes

Keeping with the creative, episodic format of the plot, the game mechanics range quite a bit. They’re not too tricky or in-depth, but the variety is a nice switch up from the usual video game formula. In chapter one, the first interactive portion is a music memorization game with a busty blue-haired maid who seems hellbent on busting your balls. If you manage to solve this little ditty-based riddle, you’ll move on to the blowjob video game. As you might think, as the player, you get to bounce the cerulean hair colored mistress your character’s cock. To get to completion, you have to keep an up and down rhythm to build up the cum meter. It takes a while but once you get the hang of it, the last animation of the scene ends in stick satisfaction. The rest of the game involves similar little experiences like dodging through ice caverns, summon helpful critters, and slaying vicious creatures. Of course, there are even more sexy female foes turned friends with benefits to have fun with as well.

The Visuals Have Some Appeal But Could Be Better

The art style has that same generic, anime-inspired look throughout which we’ve all seen before. Don’t get me wrong; nothing looks shitty in any way. However, I do get bored with seeing the same look on so many of these games! There are some animations throughout the chapters, but they are relatively rare. Sure they’re a nice touch, though not too many to catch my attention. To sum up, when it comes to looks, don’t expect too much from this one.

Overall, The Audio and Music Is Halfway Decent

Since these chapters have been put together by a single developer, I’m not going to insist that everything be perfect. After all, I can make loads of criticism and awesome sites to host them on, but I’m not sure if I would almost single-handedly hobble a vid game together. Anyway, each episode has its own soundtrack and nicely designed audio effects. Sure, they’re not super amazing, but given the length of each chapter, they work well enough. Furthermore, there are some sexy parts which are voice acted for the sultry co-stars. I’m not sure if it’s because of the game host or some programming issue, but I did notice that chapter one’s music gets caught on a loop.

There Is a Lot That the Community Has to Say About This Game

One thing I have to say which this fantasy has which others can’t dream of is the loyal fanbase this one has gotten. If you scour Newgrounds or the many other sites which host Summoner’s Quest chapters, you will find loads of positive feedback. On page after page, fans go on about specific stuff they found funny, their favorite parts per chapter, and even volunteer to help with future projects. I can’t say I’ve never seen this response before from an indie game before. I do think this is the first time that I’ve seen a collective response in such volume spread all over cyberspace.

Here’s What I Have to Say About This Sex Fantasy Experience

As cool as the first sexy situation was, it began to be dull and taxing. Not only can clicking and jerking the mouse be murder on your mouse and fingers, but the mechanic also seems as if it could have been programmed better. To be fair, it looks as if Ferdafs did take criticism and made following sex segments a bit more straightforward. It is appreciated that there are warnings in later chapters that you are warned when game segments are going to start, but in older versions of the game, you get jumped straight into the action without warning. When that happens, good luck spontaneously generating the skills to get through the stage. Finally, I would certainly stick to playing this game on a desktop. Obviously, you can find this game online, but there is nothing that has been optimized for mobile devices. So, if you try using your mobile phone and think digit cramps are bad normally, they worse with handheld machines.

I’ve Got Some Ideas That The Creator Should Consider

Other than what I’ve already mentioned, there are a few more things I think that Ferdafs should take under advisement. Hell, if the price is right, I might help him with these upgrades.

1.) Update and equalize all chapters To be honest, I do like how the many installments in the Summoner’s Quest saga have been released in different chapters. I even enjoy how you can go in sequential order or out of order if you’re replaying. However, not all of the characters, backgrounds, and other visuals have quite the same level of quality. Further, the amount of sound effects and their preset volume varies a lot between chapters. Of course, it doesn’t help that since this game can be found on different websites, their level of quality rises or dips quite a bit. To correct for this, all of the chapters should be cleaned up a bit, maybe a few graphics should be swapped out, and the volume should be equalized.

2.) Centralize the entire experience on a single platform It is nice that this game is free for all users, and it’s certainly helped build up the game’s following. It’s also a nice touch that new chapter previews are available before the full version comes out. With all of this media out there and a massive number of people looking forward to the next SQ, I think it would be loads better too if all updated and improved chapters could be found on an official Ferdafs’ website. I get how web hosting, particularly when game streaming is involved, can be expensive. However, with as many fans, this exciting, erotic interactive experience has right now, it should be no problem to support a branded site through a combination of ads and donations. If I were to place a bet on it, I would say that such a site would be run a profit in no time – so why let someone else soak up all of that advert revenue?

Should You Make This Sexy Adventure Your Next Quest?

With so many chapters already released on the web, all kinds of different gameplay, and the aesthetic qualities being up and down, I’m not sure how to sum this game up. Like riding a rollercoaster, I felt a series of ups and downs while playing and thinking about Summoner’s Quest. Honestly, my first instinct is to give this game a mere three hands out of five. But having thought more about it, considering the response from thousands of adoring fans, I had a change of heart. While I would like to place all chapters onto a single, branded website, I do see the appeal in hunting around for new experiences and interacting with hundreds of like-minded folks. With all of that put out there, I do think that you’ll enjoy this game if you have a thing for sex-centered fantasy. As for my official rating: four hands.

BestPornGames Likes Summoner’s Quest
  • There are a lot of different minigames to be experienced in SQ
  • Spread across multiple chapters which are still being released, the adventure is epic
  • The sound effects and music is pretty good and varies from installment
  • There is a good deal of quirky and crass humor scattered throughout
BestPornGames Hates Summoner’s Quest
  • Some of the gameplay can be tedious, even boring at times
  • Consisting of multiple mini-chapters found on several sites there’s no point in saving progress
  • The level of quality between chapters varies quite a bit as do the hosting websites
  • This game needs to be placed on a single website