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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Super Seducer 2

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Super Seducer 2

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From the pussy-destroying mind of Richard La Ruina comes Super Seducer 2, the sequel to, well, the fucking first one. Isn’t it obvious? The mad man made another one and I hear a third is actually in the works. So what is Super Seducer and how does the sequel differ from the original? It’s as original as it is cookie cutter – it’s nothing more than a dating visual novel. But there’s a catch. There are no drawn graphics. Instead, it’s all film. The dude dead-ass hired a bunch of chicks and sets and recorded himself wooing women on camera. Then, he put the scenes together and gave you a bunch of choices.

That’s the shtick. You start off a scene, Richard walks into frame and you decide how to proceed. Do you walk straight up to the cutie at the park or do you dog whistle at her and hope she finds you charming? That’s what Super Seducer’s all about. As for how this one is different from the original, well, this one’s a lot more self-aware. A lot of people thought that the first Super Seducer was cringe inducing. It kind of was. It took itself too seriously. The sequel doesn’t have that problem. You can tell that Richard is really taking the piss out of the whole setup. He wants you to laugh, he wants you to cry and most of all he wants you to cringe along. As for fapping… well, I’ll get into that. < h3>The Original Was Weird

The original Super Seducer was a bit of a cringe-fest. I know that Richard is supposedly a legendary pick up artist. The dude’s written books on picking up women, but his books are … a bit juvenile. Take it from a guy who never sleeps alone, you can’t pick up a chick with tricks. Both his books and the original game are full of shit like negging. You know, when you beat a woman’s confidence down so that she looks up to you so you can sweep her off her feet afterwards. That shit doesn’t work in real life. It’s stalkerish, it’s weird and it’s more likely to get you a restraining order than a lay. Real women have brains. They don’t often use them, but that’s beside the point.

If you want to get with a real woman, you have to learn how to present your best self forward. If you have something to offer, serve that shit up and be confident. Women don’t like fuck-boys. Now, Richard is by no means a fuck-boy, but the original will have you thinking otherwise. The most successful way of getting inside a woman’s panties in the original is to just treat her like shit until she falls in line. This would work fine if he also made fun of himself so you knew it was all one big joke, but he really didn’t. The original took itself seriously. It was as if Richard was suggesting that you should try acting like a dick in order to get laid. It was just weird. I’m not saying you shouldn’t play the original, I’m just saying it was sleazy and awkward.

The Sequel is a Smash Hit

Ok, so, how is Super Seducer 2 any different? Well, it’s exactly the fucking same, but with self-awareness and humor. Suddenly, there’s memes everywhere and the game’s presentation comes across as one big joke. It no longer feels like it’s training you how to be a super-seducer. Now, it feels like it’s showing you what not to do, but it’s letting you have fun acting like a weirdo. Plus, the scenarios are ten times funnier than they were in the original game. They’re outrageous and they barely make any sense. You’d think that this would cripple the story, but this game doesn’t have a story. It’s more of a loosely connected sequences of funny scenes that feature gorgeous girls. I like it that way.

Another thing the community really liked about the second game is that there are tons of ridiculous choices in the dialogue. Naturally, there are the correct ones that have you say normal shit. You can woo the girls with regular flirty pick-up lines. But, if you wanna have some random ass fun and see what happens if you act like a complete asshole, you can. You can tell them you’re a murderer and you’re going to cut up their families in teeny tiny pieces. Why is this in the game? For shits and giggles, of course. Seriously, this game doesn’t take itself very … seriously.

The Girls and the Graphics

What can I say? It’s real life. Everything was recorded on a high quality cinematic camera, so it very much feels like you’re watching a movie. Plus, you can tell that Richard is at least partly loaded, because some of the set pieces are insanely expensive. There’s a scene that dead-ass opens with him rolling up in a tank. Yes, the motherfucker managed to get an actual tank. Again, it’s not clear how and why. Hell, there’s even a scene in which he launches a bunch of missiles to blow up a YouTuber convention. I guess he’s kind of angry at them for the bad reviews? The point is, everything’s expensive and everything’s pretty, the girls especially.

The girls are all either models or pornstars, I can’t honestly tell the difference at this point. They’re all varying degrees of hot, especially the ones that you get to romance. There are also tons of girls just sort of thrown in for decoration, which is nice, I guess. You’re always staring at some pretty girl in this game. You don’t go long listening to Richard speak. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see any nude women in this game. There are some raunchy scenes and a ton of lingerie shots, but the scenes always cut off before you get to the good stuff. That’s kind of the reason why this is a seduction game, but not a porn game. It’s on Steam, but it’s not listed as a porn game, so you can pretty much recommend this game to teenagers – technically. It’s also not the kind of game you have to hide from people. It’s all above board and innocent. On the one hand, that means it’s really hard to fap to it. On the other, it means that the game’s there for laughs. You can play it for the comedic value. Plus, it’s not very expensive, all things considered. I mean, a lot of money went into making these scenes. They’re no joke.

Richard’s Advice

Pretty much every single time you make a decision in this game, Richard interrupts you from what I can only guess is his underground harem, to give you stroking advice. If you say something creepy, he’ll tell you it’s creepy. He’ll also warn you about the dangers of restraining orders. If make all the right calls, he follows up with advice on how this might work in real life and why being respectful is a good thing.

It’s funny that the scenes make no sense and don’t remind you of real life at all, but the advice is solid. I mean, Richard says that you should approach women head on and introduce yourself. Be nice, be respectful and talk about things you care about. That’s great advice. But, he does this kind of shit in the weirdest places and then just takes the girls home afterwards. That doesn’t happen in real life. Yeah, you can pick a girl up at a bar, if you want to fuck. But, picking up women off the street and hoping they’ll become your girlfriends down the line doesn’t work. So, his advice makes perfect sense, but the game does not.

Is It Offensive?

Fuck no. So many activists have tried to get this game taken down for being offensive to women and I don’t get it. I mean, if you so much as look at a woman the wrong way, Richard interrupts you to tell you that you’re being a creep and you shouldn’t do that. This guy will pretty much bellyache about every little mistake. You can’t disrespect women in this game without being called out for it. Hell, even just straight up asking a woman if she wants to fuck is frowned upon.

As far as I’m concerned, this game respects women to the fullest degree. You talk to them, you get to know them, you stay honest and cool and you get to date beautiful women. That’s all this game is, just a fun romp through some half-serious situations. I don’t understand how anyone could ever consider this game offensive. It’s almost identical to Saturday morning cartoons, that’s how innocent it is. Check it out on Steam. Richard seems like a cool dude and his games are definitely worth playing.

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