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Updated on 15 January 2020
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SVS Games

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Hey fuckless loser, why the long face? I suggest that you get rid of that ugliness you’re frequently showing and pay attention to what I’m about to present. What I have here is a site that will help take all those sadness away and sexually heal you from all the sex you’ll never experience. Although, the games that this site is housing could probably help you with your sex life by teaching you a thing or two about what it feels like to date a real woman. So, stop whining you impatient pussy because you’re going to have a blast. is a porn game hub aiming to be one of the best porn websites that houses quality, interactive porn games with different kinds of nut-worthy content. SVS Games welcomes everyone of various fetishes and passion for porn games with their vast collection of sex games. The site has almost every adult game from 3D games and 2D games to VR games, android games, erotic games, hentai games, Japanese games, BDSM, MILF, and many more.

All the games are also free for any horny fuckers around the world to download and play. You have to make sure you have a stable internet connection, a fast computer, a powerful phone, and plenty of tissues because you’ll often be coming back to this site. So, let’s not waste a moment and experience what a paradise full of wonders feels like.

Initial Impressions of SVS Games

After opening SVS Games, the popular authors and PC adult games section greeted me with a warm welcome due to the various tags they contain. I immediately thought that I wouldn’t have trouble navigating through the site because the site owner sorted out all the games with genre tags. Merely looking at the homepage of is enough to let you forget about the frustration that you accumulated from other sites that don’t have proper sorting. No, I’m not exaggerating. The site owner sorted out every game by categorizing them and providing adequate genre tags.

Excuse me from my fascination with genre tags since SVS Games is one of the first porn game sites that understand what I’m looking for in a site that houses thousands of games. On the other hand, you can also see a header menu with a search bar at the top of the homepage that categorizes the games from adult, porn, hentai, Japanese, and Android. Further, the search bar also has a settings icon that will transfer you to another page that shows the filtering options. The filtering options of the site’s search capability allow you to search the games by content, author, and category.

There’s also a popular games tab on the homepage that shows a few popular games to save you from thinking about what game to play. If you scroll down the website, you’ll see a lengthy introduction from the site owner telling you about his thoughts and all the games he has on his porn game hub. Moreover, if you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find most of the game’s genre tags, starting from 2D and 3D to letters A until Z. But wait, there’s more. You’ll also find a link at the bottom of all those tags that you can click to show all the tags.

What to Expect from their Games is putting an effort to become one of the best porn game hubs on the internet by housing plenty of interactive sex games and sorting all of them with tags. Most of the genres of games you’ll find on SVS Games will be worth your time because the site provides you with over 100 genre tags to jump to the type of fetish you want in a game. All the game titles also show their respective versions.

Clicking on a particular game will bring you to a landing page that shows the game’s information, including the download link. What’s good about each of the game’s information is that they show you the developer, censorship, operating system, language, genre, and how to install it. Going back to all the games of SVS Games, you’ll find 27 games per page with a total of 449 pages. If you’re still not satisfied with all the information given to you so far, I’ll provide you brief information on some of their popular games. The Twist

The Twist is a 3D visual novel and choice-based dating simulator in real-time 3D developed by KsTGames. The Twist is a game filled with mother-son and brother-sister sex with plenty of voyeurism, BDSM, and anal. Moreover, the game is currently in active development, and you can only play it on Windows. Play as Jason, a high school student, on a quest to find his birth parents. Earn money, increase Jason’s stats, build your relationship with your foster mom and sister to earn the chance of fucking them any time you want. Kunoichi Trainer

Kunoichi Trainer is a hentai-themed visual novel parody game based on the popular Anime series, Naruto. You’ll be playing a male protagonist who is a ninja teacher that the sixth Hokage recruited to train the female shinobis from the Hidden Leaf Village. You are free to choose the name for your character, which all NPCs will use to address you. Of course, building a relationship with the female shinobis won’t be easy because, similar to the Anime series, the female shinobis already have someone they like. For instance, Hinata likes Naruto, Sakura likes Sasuke, and Ino likes Sai.

Familiarize yourself with all the Jutsu hand signs and perform various Jutsus to manipulate the Hidden Leaf Village’s three hot hentai babes. Experience what it’s like to live in the Hidden Leaf Village and build your relationship with the female shinobis as you train them to gain the opportunity of fucking their brains out. Harem Hotel

Run the Harem Hotel you inherited and make your way to the top by upgrading your hotel. Harem Hotel is a 3DCG dating-sim filled with harem, lesbianism, cosplay, creampie, group sex, and many more. You can play this game on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. The gameplay involves building your relationship with the eight girls staying in your hotel. Follow the stories of these eight girls and train the maids working in your hotel to create a wonderful world of harem.

Navigating Through the Site

The SVS Games website organization is above average because you can easily browse through the site using author tags, genre tags, and the search bar with filtering options. The navigation menu at the top of the page also allows you to categorize the games between adult games, porn games, hentai games, Japanese games, and android. However, the site failed to categorize the games when it comes to most-played, top-rated, most-discussed, and most-recent.

I admire how the site owner categorized the games in terms of their type of playable platform or language. I think that classifying the games in terms of most-played, top-rated, most-discussed, and most-recent is more effective. The reason being is that people could quickly jump to the games that other people rated or frequently play. If the people don’t know which games are popular, blindly playing games with their desired fetish without knowing that they’re unpopular or bad is a complete waste of time.

On the other hand, the search bar that provides filtering options is also an excellent feature because it’s the only place where they can find the games with proper categorization. Although the filtering options have all those features, having people go through all that shit along with the confusing drop-down menus is also time-consuming. Still, the site owner’s effort is commendable because I’ve been to plenty of sites with an extensive collection of porn games but have the shittiest navigating experience.

What I Like About the Site

Have you not been paying attention to all the real shit I mentioned in the previous paragraphs? Wake up you pathetic dependent fucking virgin. SVS Games has a beautiful collection of quality, interactive porn games that you can easily find using the author tags, genre tags, and search bar with filtering options. I also like that they provide all the information about the games, including their changelog versions.

My Recommendations for Improvement

To improve the overall experience of SVS Games, the site owner should categorize the games in terms of top-rated, most-played, most-discussed, and most-recent. Categorizing the games in that manner would allow everyone to navigate the site easier and even find the games other people like. Moreover, the site owner should also fix the genre tags by naming them appropriately. After clicking the “show all tags,” I found plenty of repeated tags, a complete waste of space.


Overall, SVS Games is a great place to play porn games because you have plenty of 2D and 3D games to download and play endlessly. Further, you also won’t have much trouble navigating through the site even though the pages of games total up to 499. The author tags, genre tags, and search bar with filtering options are there to help you jump right to the games with your desired fetish. Further, the site owner provided all the information on each of the games with screenshots of their gameplay to let you know what will be happening once you play the game.A

BestPornGames Likes SVS Games
  • Plenty of free 2D and 3D sex games
  • Has a lot of mobile compatible games
  • Every game has an author tag and genre tag
  • Has a search bar with filtering options
BestPornGames Hates SVS Games
  • No proper organization of games based on the ratings and times played
  • Dull website layout and colors
  • Plenty of repetitive genre tags