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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Are you looking for a porn game hub to get a taste of good porn and hentai games? Yeah, Isn’t that the reason why game developers keep on making them? But, what I have here is a site that doesn’t only provide you with plenty of porn and hentai games, they also have 3D visual novels that they named “Comics.” I suggest you give me your undivided attention because I consider this site a paradise. After all, they’re housing various kinds of porn games, visual novels, and videos! Having the ultimate combination in one site will tickle your insides and bring out your excitement.

I present to you, SXSHentai. is a porn game hub where you can download not only games and visual novels but also various genres of videos. If you’re craving for fap-worthy content and not a sensitive crying bitch, you’re in for a treat because everything in SXSHentai is free for you to have fun and enjoy. Their collection of adult content can range from 3D Comics, SiteRip Comics, Adult Games, Flash Games, Hentai Games, 3D Hentai Videos, Adult Parody Videos, and Hentai Videos. If all the shit I mentioned previously didn’t excite you, you must be a heartless, picky bitch.

Initial Impressions of SXSHentai

The site owner or team behind this porn game hub lacks creativity or is too lazy to do something out of the ordinary to create an appealing website layout. The color scheme is dull is a fuck with the average template you’ll see in old-fashioned websites. Plain blue and off-white color scheme isn’t what anyone would like to see in a porn game hub that houses an extensive collection of fap-worthy content. And what the fuck is that font style? The plain sans-serif font style makes everything worse because it’s one of the basic font styles you’ll use when writing an essay.

The color scheme may be shit, but I like the site owner certainly did well with designing the site. You’ll immediately notice the navigation menu with the search bar located on the right side. However, I find it useless due to the categories menu located at the left sidebar of the layout because it already shows everything you want to see in SXS Hentai. Moreover, I also like that the site has a section for recent posts on the homepage since you get to find out the recently added games.

However, the sorting out of the games on the homepage renders the new posts section useless because porn game hubs display their latest to oldest games. On the other hand, SXSHentai also has a section for random posts under the categories located at the left sidebar to show games randomly that might pique your interest. However, I experimented a bit with that random posts section by refreshing the page or visiting other pages. I found that the random posts section wasn’t random, because when talking about random, the displaying of games in that section should change every time.

When it comes to how the site owner displays the games, I’m glad that they didn’t force the thumbnails to stretch to fit the games’ placement. Moreover, the thumbnails have an effect that’ll instantly get your dick hard and excited for what’s to come if you decide to download and play the game. On the other hand, every displayed game has proper alignment and distancing to prevent cluttering. When I say distancing, I refer to the style of encasing the games since you’ll see curved corners for each of the encased games.

Navigating Through the Site

Despite the dull, straightforward color scheme and layout of SXSHentai, they have a semi-organized navigating system. The reason being is that they have a search bar, category system, and genre tags on the homepage. However, the search bar doesn’t have any filtering options, making it quite challenging to specifically find your fetishes in a game, genre, authors, and gameplay simultaneously. We all know that advanced searching helps find games efficiently since you can pinpoint all the shit you want, and you’ll get them instantly once you hit search.

On the other hand, I’m glad that the site owner included genre tags for their games. If you don’t know where they are, you have to scroll down the homepage a bit in which you’ll find all the normal and hentai genres mixed in one tiny box. The one feature I always want in a site is to have categories such as top-rated, most-discussed, most-played, and recently-added games. I want that type of shit because it helps me find the games that people go crazy about and try the game out myself. Is that too much to ask?

After exploring the site for a while, I noticed that they also didn’t have any Android games category. But, thanks to the search bar, I found that SXSHentai is housing plenty of Android compatible games. The site owner has to keep in mind these crucial factors because weebs are becoming dumber as time goes by, making details such as Android compatible hard to find. And if we go back to the categories on the homepage, I can’t accept that the site owner left out the specifications. I mean, the site’s name is SXSHenta. Wouldn’t it be redundant to put obvious categories in the navigation menu?

What to Expect from Their Games

The games you’ll find in SXS Hentai have different genres of 3D and 2D hentai games, such as adventure, anal, BDSM, big tits, huge dicks, creampie, futanari, gangbang, and more. The number of games they have in the site and the various genres and types of artwork are enough to keep you occupied and wanting to fap on more. The only challenge you’ll face when clicking on a particular game on the site is that you won’t find a lot of information about them. Thus, leaving you to discover more about these games on other porn game hubs.

If you look back at the category section by the left sidebar of the website, you’ll immediately notice that the site owner categorized the games to Adult, Flash, and Hentai. Although the category of the games can be ambiguous, it’s safe to say that Adult refers to 3D games, while hentai refers to 2D animation games. I like how the site owner included Flash games in because we all know that the best browsers we use don’t support Adobe Flash Player anymore. What’s worse is that by the end of 2020, Adobe Flash Player will cease to exist. Thus, including the Flash games category is extremely helpful.

Hentai Videos!

If it matters, also has plenty of 3D and 2D hentai videos. The only problem with these hentai videos is that you can’t watch them on the site. Instead, you have to download the hentai videos with files as large or larger than the hentai games. Do you know what that means? You get to download 1080p hentai videos and keep them forever, so you have quality content to fap over to whenever your dick needs a good rubbing. There is also a “Hentai Videos” category where you can find plenty of hentai anime episodes and series.

What I Like About the Site

SXSHentai is a great hentai game hub because of its extensive collection of 3D and 2D games, visual novels, and videos for free! I’m a sucker for free shit. Although the games didn’t have the plot included in their description, they did have several screenshots that serve as previews. Seeing in-game previews in HD gives us an impression of whether we’ll like playing these games before downloading them. Since the games’ files are large, the screenshots also serve as a warning if it’s worth downloading huge files of a game with the gameplay we don’t know.

Also, SXSHentai didn’t annoy the fuck out of me with flashy banners, redirects, and pop-up ads, unlike most porn game hubs. Apart from this, I also like how the site has a simple navigation system and genre tags somewhere down the homepage to help us find games faster.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The navigation system is simple, but it’s also lacking. If the site owner adds categories such as top-rated, most-played, most-discussed, and recently-added, we’ll have an idea of which games other people enjoy. Another shit they should do is to add a dark theme for the site, given that the site has a mobile version. I don’t want to be looking at a bright white background as I find Android compatible games at three in the morning. Yeah, that boring white background burns your eyes.


Overall, is an okay hentai game hub that houses plenty of exciting hentai games, visual novels, and videos in 3D or 2D. If you fancy beating your stick to quality hentai games and high-definition hentai videos, this site has it all. Though, I recommend that you have a good, stable internet because the files are enormous. Also, stop wasting a lot of time and head on to SXSHentai already!

BestPornGames Likes SXSHentai
  • Plenty of free, downloadable hentai games, visual novels, and HD videos
  • The file-sharing service the site's using doesn't limit your download speed
  • Easy to navigate through due to the simple navigation system
  • Little to no annoying ads
BestPornGames Hates SXSHentai
  • The lacking specification in the categories
  • Wrong choice of website color scheme
  • Lousy website layout
  • Mobile version of the site isn't mobile-friendly