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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Taboo Request

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Taboo Request

User Rating: 4/5
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Ever heard of ICSTOR? Of course you have. That’s the studio behind Milfy City, one of the greatest and most desired porn games on the internet. But, you’ll notice that ICSTOR don’t refer to Taboo Request anywhere, especially not on their Patreon. What’s the catch? Well, Taboo Request is one of their original games from way back in the day when they were just figuring out how to perfect 3D nipples. But, most importantly, Taboo Request came long before Patreon banned any and all incest content from their platform. Yes, this is an incest themed game. Not just that, it is a 3D pre-rendered incest themed game with RPG Maker gameplay. Yup, it’s one of those. Look, even the greatest porn game developers have to start somewhere. I’ve always said that RPG Maker has no place in the porn game world. The engine’s a goddamn joke and whatever gameplay comes with it is absolutely boring and kills any hope of me having an erection. But, one way or another, Taboo Request serves up a ton of quality smut. It’s not on par with Milfy City, far from it. But, it’s still ICSTOR’s work, so you can expect to see a ton of quality tits and asses. This game in particular focuses on the protagonist’s mother and your undying wish to put your dick in her ass. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because she’s the hottest piece of ass in a five-mile radius. Either that or ICSTOR has mommy issues. I don’t know. What I do know is, this game comes with a ton of hot sex scenes and since the main bitch isn’t my mother, I’m ok with fucking her.

Too Much RPG Maker

I can’t go on for much longer without complaining about the goddamn gameplay. For some reason that I do not understand, 99% of this game has you navigating default RPG Maker assets of a city. You get to run around an open world and perform tasks that invariably lead to you putting cum on, in and around your mom. Ok, I’ve gotten over the mommy thing – she’s hot, I get it. Plus, your best friend wants to fuck her too, so it’s very much public opinion, your mother’s a babe. I get that. But, why the whole running around town thing? Also, why the hell did they make the town large and spacious? Did ICSTOR think that people would enjoy exploring this vast and expansive open world and everything it had to offer? Fuck that. These RPG Maker assets don’t make me happy or inquisitive – they make me angry. They’re ugly, boring and just depressing to look at. Even if I know that I’m going to get pussy at the end of it all, I don’t want to be playing this goddamn game. It makes me angry. Plus, if you get stuck in this game and you don’t want to cheat, that means you’re looking at many minutes of your life lost exploring a default RPG Maker world for … random items or lines of dialogue. NLT did something similar with Visiting Aunt Sara, but at least he had the decency to confine that game to one tiny house, so you wouldn’t have to run around for literal hours on end. In this game you have a whole town to work with. This is the polar opposite of fun. It makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

A Chad Protagonist

I mean this in a good way and in a bad way – the protagonist is a Chad. He’s a young, presumably 18-year-old dude-bro with no personality and a giant cock. He’s ok-looking and decently smart, but the only thing that stands out about him is the fact that his penis is larger and longer than his brain. I’m not knocking large dicks, mind you. I have a large dick too. The thing is, if the size of his penis is literally the only personality trait he gets and this game is made in RPG Maker, that’s kind of fucking dumb. It leaves you nothing to work with. You’re straight up running errands so that you’re eventually rewarded with a couple of pre-rendered cutscenes. It would be better to just download the images from the game then fire up Counter Strike and reward yourself with a new image every time you kill an enemy. You’ll definitely have more fun that way, I’ll say that much. Oh and before you accuse me of being negative, let me just remind you that this game has roughly 200 images. 60 minutes of grueling RPG Maker gameplay for 200 images? I’d literally rather just pay $10 for the images and call it a day.

A Hot Mom

ICSTOR might have dropped the ball with RPG Maker, but he definitely didn’t let anyone down with the high quality titties. This mom character is hot shit and I would walk a mile through broken glass to sniff her asshole. She’s the kind of 10/10 cougar that only really exists inside the imaginations of porn game producers and of course inside the actual porn games they make. I’ve never seen a MILF of this caliber before. I don’t even think it’s possible for tits that massive to stay that perky well into old age. Hell, I’ve seen 20-year-old broads struggle to keep their double Ds pointing forward. Either way, this mom character is an absolute star. She really is the only reason you might feel motivated to keep playing this game. Her body alone will motivate you to sit through the worst gameplay you’ve ever experienced in any porn game. But, this sort of brings me back to my point, I’d rather just watch images of her than play this game. I’d feel bad for knocking ICSTOR, but the truth is, he’s come such a long way that he probably doesn’t care. He’s working on Milfy City and that game has 0 RPG Maker content in it. Also, the tits in that game are so amazing they make real women look like RPG Maker assets. So, there, make of that what you will.

The Sex Scenes

As is tradition with these kinds of incest themed games, the sex scenes start extremely innocent, with a backrub here and a hand touch there, then they quickly devolve into Triple-X hardcore penetration with cum flying everywhere. It’s clear that your mom really wants your cum in this game for reasons that I will never entirely understand. I can kind of understand why the main character wants to do his mom – she’s a 10. But, why does she want him? Is it the giant cock? It can’t be anything else; the motherfucker has no personality. I guess it’s the cock. Anyways, the sex scenes go from mild touching, to casual handjobs, to titty fucking and finally you get to stick your cock in her pussy and just wrap things up with a bang. She loves this so much she acts like she’s never had sex before. And, we know she’s had sex before because she’s had you so… I don’t know what her problem is. Are housewives really this horny all the time? And if so, where the hell can I find them? Please do send them my way, ok? I’ll take good care of them.

Worth Playing?

Kind of. Look, take my advice: If you’re going to be playing Taboo Request, then get the goddamn walkthrough. You’re not going to spoil yourself, you’re not missing out, you’re just saving yourself some grief. Plus, the game is like 50 minutes long if you don’t dawdle. So, that means you can get a good 3-4 fap sessions out of it, if you ration it out. I’d rather you have that than 3-4 frustrations while you get lost in a two-dimensional city that you’d rather not be in. Another upside – the game is free to play. It’s been free to play for years and at this point you can’t find an official link for it. I believe ICSTOR abandoned it completely. I’m not surprised. There are tons of unofficial links for it, though, so the game is still very much alive as abandonware. Also, even though it might look extremely high definition and all that, it’s entirely pre-rendered, so I’d venture to guess that it would run on a toaster. As long as you’re running Windows, you can run this game. I also think the game got an APK release, for Android phones. That’s worth looking into. The game might actually look a lot better on mobile screens, what with the smaller screen size. I think the assets will really pop. Plus, it can be really hot, carrying around an entire porn game’s worth of smut on your phone. It might make your bathroom breaks a lot longer than usual, though.

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