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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Taimanin Asagi

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Taimanin Asagi

User Rating: 4/5
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Whether you’re a lover of fucking ninjas, upgraded cyber-robots, ghosts, ghoul, and other scary shit, this might be the fucking game for you. All right, there’s nothing to do in a futuristic Japan except battling the shitty crawlies. Or, in more casual words, you must take care of female shinobi or ninjas. Don’t fear though, the ninjas you will use are the best of the strongest and can I promise they are smoking hot and are maybe willing to let you do anything to them. Don’t stick those fucking shurikens just yet as there’s more to it than meets the fucking eye. So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

Initial Impressions of the Game

Of course, the first thing which I noticed during Taimanin’s Asagi Arena was the beautiful artwork. For a while, I admired the art of this company. The women are drop-dead gorgeous. You wear skin-tight ninja costumes and expose you to the extreme. Those girls are designed to cause men’s sexual desire from their relaxed courtesy to their rude slut faces. It’s a great joy to kill the lovely, evil creatures. The tales portrayed by Black Lilith are essentially the same, but represented by various protagonists and fetishes: noble heroines fight courageously to protect universal values, yet the antagonists are more sophisticated. The evil guys are catching girls and pushing them to wither humiliating gang rapes, which test their spirits and intimate parts of their body.

Kill, Fuck, and Repeat

Taimanin Asagi portrays the role of a man who seeks to free Japan from the dictatorship of three political parties in the immediate future. Devils, demons, ninjas, and the governments of this world are at odds and struggle for dominance. Its reality, sexy demons, conquered the universe. Still, the society said fighting and formed an elite ninja army to combat it. Yeah, because I hear that the government even fires them. Listen, it doesn’t have to make that much sense. You’re not playing this game for the in-depth story. You move around while fucking humans, devils, and ninjas. It’s like the usual tale of a classic hero in a story.

You would have to go through the Tutorial after you have registered, found the game on their website, or clicked on a helpful guide. A hot secretary looking slut named Tokiko is your partner in this role. She has wide hips and breasts that almost pop from her shirt. I fucking loved it. However, she leads you through the game’s fundamental principles. Second, one of the three classes in the game has to be chosen. (UFS), Ghosts or Taimanin (ninjas) Unified Alliance of Nations. I went off, whose babe was the hottest in the preview card. UFS, obviously. Not to mention that the taimanine slut was like fucking thick.

Voice Acting and Amazing Artwork

These scenes are not completely animated, but it’s such a good piece of art. When the scene unfolds, you get some frames, but not all of them. The real cherry on top is that the dialog is professionally voice acted. Fucking finally. When these porn games are quiet, I really fucking hate it. Even though the dialog is decent, I’m not just a sex-deprived motherfucker who can make a beautiful phrase. Luckily, you’re not stranded here. All the erotic Japanese talk and moans can be felt when you head through your favorite harem scenes.

Why The Fuck It’s Censored?

You play the remainder of the game after taking advantage of your hottie of choice. You will go on with the main mission, find mates, pursue tasks, play the gacha game, and get unique awards, like any other shitty game that I kept on encountering. The game can be played quickly, that’s a fact. You press on a quest, and the team must battle several enemies before meeting a boss. It’s pretty uncomplicated. Keep clicking before your stamina drops out, and you can no longer fight. If this occurs, you can wait before it returns in real-time or invests premium currency in the war. However, why is it fucking censored?

A Mobile-Compatible Site, but No Mobile App

On a mobile site, there’s not much to say about it. While I was shocked that this game didn’t have an app. At least I couldn’t locate one. In my fucking browser, the game was quite all right. You can do the same sexy shit on the desktop if you’re wondering. However, I felt it was better to get the desktop edition instead. After all, you always have to press the next key to scan for fucking breasts and some shit like that. When you can only touch the phone, less effort is required. Overall, I considered it easier because it gave me more time to concentrate on that tab every few seconds.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s get on to fucking business, shall we? Let’s start with the first fucking thing on why I loved this motherfucking game. The really hot sex scenes! I mean, the sex scenes are more of an in-your-face type of porn. Like, the first thing to happen when you launch the fucking game is a fucking scene! It doesn’t get any fucking better than that. Not to mention that you get to slay fucking demons and horny bastards in this game while having the capability to fuck your fellow ninjas until you pop your fucking load on your goddamn screen. Yes, it’s that fucking erotic, and it’s that fucking persuasive.

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that the game is really fucking easy to play with. I mean, really fucking easy. It doesn’t have some really fucking deep learning curve that would take players a couple of tries before they get the hang of it. It’s pretty straightforward and easy, which I fucking like. Moreover, I also loved the fact that this game doesn’t require you to fucking download anything for the players to enjoy it. You can simply jerk off your dick to this wonderful masterpiece with your fucking browser. Not to mention that this game totally gives some incentives for the players to keep on playing even more. Not like other games that have fucking repetitive quests and gameplay. You’ll definitely spend countless hours playing this fucking game non-stop.

Recommendations for Improvements

Okay, let me be the first to fucking say that I really hate the fact that this game has a lot of fucking bugs and glitches all over the goddamn gameplay. I mean, why the fuck is that happening? Aren’t the developers supposed to test it first before actually releasing it to the public? Damn, those bastards must be some lazy motherfuckers. Anyway, I would also like to point out how the fucking game takes quite a while to move on to the next scene. Not to mention that it’s quite a fucking hassle just to get to the motherfucking sex scenes.

Furthermore, I can’t fucking stress enough on how fucking annoyed I was when I encountered that the fucking sex scenes are censored. You have no fucking idea how fucking pissed I am. I mean, I get the whole censorship thing when it comes to Hentai from Japan. Still, this game is not that fucking close to the quality made by the majority of the fathers of Hentai. Anyway, there’s also the fucking voice acting. I mean, the voice acting is there, and it’s nice, but it’s not present in the most important part of the porn game. Yes, the motherfucking sex scenes. Every time a fucking scene comes on, it’s just moving animations of someone fucking, I can’t even fucking hear any moaning, groaning, or shouting of any fucking kind. However, if the developers managed to notice this rant and change it, this game is a fucking solid.


I will give this fucking game four out of five solid stars. I realize that there is space for actual change in the game and not because I believe it does not even lack. I assume the nerds and bitches out there would send you a complete 5 out of 7, so you’re a loser then you know because you recognize the point of reference. Anyway, this game will offer you great enjoyment and happiness, especially in adult games, if you are a severe pornographic gamer. Clearly, it may be harder to play or fool around with various situations than other games you might be accustomed to. Still, it would also provide a decent playability aspect for you, and you’ll get the game played more than fucking once.

My last remark to you, you miserable losers, is that when you actually read this and chose not to play or at least attempt, you obviously lack fucking imagination. This is one of those secrets you want to share with your kids. At the same time, they grow up with a fucking memory of your weeb life. Yeah, and I don’t imagine that you’ll ever have kids, but anytime early or at all, you’re not going to get any cunt, too sorry.

BestPornGames Likes Taimanin Asagi
  • Hot sex scenes at your face!
  • Slay demons and fuck bitches and bimbos
  • Quite easy to play
  • Won't require any download
  • Has incentives to keep on playing
BestPornGames Hates Taimanin Asagi
  • Bugs and annoying glitches
  • Takes quite a while to get to a fuck scene
  • The sex scenes are fucking censored
  • No voice acting of any kind in the sex scenes
  • It gets boring really fast