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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Tales Of Androgyny

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Tales Of Androgyny

User Rating: 4/5
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Now for those weaker in the department of English, allow me to educate you on what the word “androgyny” means – if you’re too lazy to search it in google for yourself. Basically(I’m dumbing it down to the very simple English), it’s when someone takes both masculine and feminine characteristics into one ambiguous form – meaning you can’t really tell if they are male or female. They can either be a male with feminine traits or vice versa.

Now with that out of the way, welcome! A warm greeting from me to you as I go on and ramble about one of the best sex games out there, independently developed by a creator by the name of Majalis. It’s called Tales Of Androgyny(if you read the title of this review, it’s probably already evident). So come one, come all, if you are a big fan of interacting with any and every single one of the erotic species this sex game has to show to you.

According to the official site that Majalis posted themselves, it is a pornographic game that features plenty of androgynous characters, either male or female, or others? Hence the name of the game. You’re a guy with feminine features(therefore androgynous yourself), and you get to have your way with men, women, monster men, monster women, and others? Just sit back, keep your eyes peeled open, and allow me to break one of the best sex games down.

A Fantasy World

Of course, you’d expect to be put into a fantasy world whenever you read about androgynous monster men, women, slime, and others, right? It’s the only solution you can think of whenever you think of living in harmony with these incredibly lewd and erotic creatures! Don’t be too hopeful, though. You’re definitely going to encounter tons of combat against a variety of enemies as you go on your adventure. They all want to fuck you, by the way.

That’s right! An adventure! What kind of RPG doesn’t put at least some sort of adventure in their gameplay, right? Well, here you get exactly that right here in Tales Of Androgyny! I don’t really know if you’re a hero or something. Still, you definitely are an adventurer – You don’t really go around saving people or doing heroic stuff. You just explore the forests and manage your hunger and health to keep exploring, you wouldn’t want to fuck on an empty stomach!

Tales Of Androgyny’s Gameplay

It’s as much role-playing as a role-playing game can get! You get almost all of the elements you would expect from any other triple-A role-playing game – with the erotic events that you encounter. You have different classes, equipment, items, spells, stats, and a whole lot more. What I find kind of cool though, is their great job of pulling off integrated sex scenes. They’re not cutscenes you have to go through but rather, is part of the whole gameplay!

“Does that mean I can control what goes on in the sex scene?” that tiny little voice in your head might be asking. Well, that tiny little voice is absolutely fucking correct! Everything that goes on in the sex scenes is all under your control! You can control the animation of asses, pussies, dick-sucking, pussies, and a whole lot of fucking! Sometimes you can even get fucked before, during, and after fighting! Not to mention being fucked from behind!

To explain it more clearly, you are partaking in a stance-based combat system that is sort of turn-based as well. I say turn-based because you have to focus on your enemy’s stance and act accordingly, if you don’t, you’re just going to lose health and fatigue as you progress through the fight. If you lost fatigue, that means you have to get down on your knees to recover, and you might just get a good mouth-fucking. It depends if you want that or not.

User’s Experience

Well, I don’t know about you, but one thing that really makes a game great to me is if it can be replayed again and again. That means if I had a great overall gameplay experience, I liked the game and might play it again sometime in the future. If the game has great replayability potential, it means the users will have a great time playing the entire game. While Tales Of Androgyny is still in its Alpha stages, it already has great potential in my eyes.

One thing Majalis included in Tales Of Androgyny that makes it more fun to play is their free-form play mode. Do you know what that means? Let me explain for your little pea brains. Free-form play means you can travel anywhere in the game to do whatever the fuck pleases your little junior downstairs – your penis. What does that entail? Unlimited travel to any place in that world to fuck any creature you want, senseless. Isn’t that fucking amazing?

What I Like About Tales of Androgyny

We have now reached the point where I can say my unfiltered opinions about one of the so-called best sex games. Here is the part where either I start kissing the asses of the people in the Majalis team or I start kicking the game under the curb because this hasn’t really been a review so far, I just went on and on about the game itself. If you were here to find out why you should or shouldn’t play the game, here is where we start. Let’s talk positives for now.

Firstly, let’s cover the graphics of the game. I am an absolute fan of the artwork in Tales Of Androgyny, so I have to give it a high score – maybe an 8? I really have to give credit to Alis for the ever-so erotic scenes of centaurs, goblins, warriors, and other magical species with such fuckable asses! It must have been hard to pull off with them keeping the whole androgyny theme, but it was pulled off amazingly. I have no complaints in this department.

Secondly, the writing of the game. There’s nothing like well-written content to accompany the amazing artwork, right? If the writing was shit, then the effort put into the artwork would have been all for naught. Maj’s amazing writing skill is what really sells the animations and scenes, they just receive this whole new life to them! Like a renowned book author, Maj really knows how to include humor in extremely lewd events – which are polar opposites.

Like I said earlier, it has a great replayability. You can play the game to completion if you’d like, and once you do, you’ll get the knack of things – the combat, the areas for each monster, and the scenes you can encounter. If you’ve got the knowledge, then you can play the game all you’d like just to encounter those erotic scenes you like so you can jack off until your heart is content and your balls have been drained dry of its milk resource.

What I Don’t Like About Tales Of Androgyny

There’s nothing much for me to cover when it comes to what I don’t like about the game. I mean, I did kind of mention how I’ll probably kick this game to the curb. Still, I actually had a really pleasant time playing Tales Of Androgyny, especially with the free-form play mode. It’s an erotic game that perfectly pulled off its game description and can completely satisfy all of the perverted adult’s lust and spells of dryness—a pretty great achievement to brag about.


Personally, I actually regard Tales Of Androgyny to be one of the best sex games I’ve played – currently, at least. I had a great experience playing the game with it’s take on stance-based combat and great immersive writing. Not only is there immersive writing but amazing fucking artwork that will definitely do the job if you want to beat your meat to some great material. I’d probably give this game a 3.9 out of 5, even if it isn’t fully completed yet.

I’d actually prefer it if you would try out the game for yourself instead of reading this whole wall of text telling you what’s good and bad about the game. Stop wasting your time here and actually set out to download and play the game, all for free, by the way! You don’t have to worry about being excluded from discussions of the best sex games on the internet because you can have your own contender right after playing this game! Plus, it’s a great time waster!

BestPornGames Likes Tales Of Androgyny
  • Extremely fun gameplay.
  • Free-form play.
  • Great immersive writing.
  • Amazing erotic artwork.
  • Plenty of 2D asses and titties.
BestPornGames Hates Tales Of Androgyny
  • Not too many variations when it comes to the overall gameplay.
  • It has very limited erotic scenes.
  • The lack of titties was kind of disappointing.