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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Tentacles Thrive

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Tentacles Thrive

User Rating: 4/5
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Oh boy, do I have a lot to say about Tentacles Thrive. You know how you have bad games, good games and the select few that challenge industry standards by blowing every expectation you had out of the water? Well, that’s what Tentacles Thrive does and then some. Let me start by saying that these dudes are straight up making the big bucks on Patreon – over six grand a month. They don’t get that money for sitting on their asses. They work real hard on this bad boy. First off, their game is loaded with content. Second, it’s original as all hell. There are some mild Pokemon vibes, but none of the boring RPG nonsense. Plus, Tentacles Thrive actually has a better story than Pokemon, so there’s that.

This game has an original story, original gameplay and most importantly, original art, including some of the best 2D smut animations I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit, it took me a little while to actually discover this game. I don’t understand why it’s not more famous. Games like Summertime Saga seem to be raking in the big bucks on Patreon. But, games with super-original content like Tentacles Thrive sort of take second stage. I don’t think that’s fair, but then again, the public wants what the public wants. I can’t tell people what to jack off to. What I can do is give you a play by play on what makes Tentacles Thrive an absolute award winner for me. This game really blew my fucking mind.

The Story

Normally, when I talk about the stories to these kinds of porn games, it’s symbolic. Simulation porn games rarely have real storylines that matter, unless the entire game is textual. Then, they have nothing but story. Well, Tentacles Thrive is a visual game, with a ton of fun gameplay and an amazing story on top of that. Seriously, everything this game does feels like Christmas morning. I’m unwrapping my presents and drooling at the same time, because there’s titties in every box.

Anyways, the story revolves around a bitch named Lilith, who is some sort of royal biology genius, but she’s also a tailor at the same time. How does that work? Well, in this medieval-inspired world, there are humans and there are tentacle monsters. Now, the tentacles come in different breeds, not unlike dogs do in real life. They can fuck each other to make new weird tentacle monster types, but I’ll get to that later.

Lilith is renowned for making amazing clothing out of some sort of secretive scaly material that is revealed to be tentacle skin. She only uses the dead skin, though, so I’m guessing these bad boys shed a lot. She makes entire dresses as well as lingerie. Anyways, the tentacles don’t seem to mind this very much and she pretty much befriends them and starts her own menagerie. She collects the tentacles all the while communicating with them and trying to collect as many as she can get her hands on. Meanwhile, the tentacles are overjoyed. They consider her their queen. Yeah, that’s probably because she’s got gigantic tits and she’s literally wearing tentacle skin. Oh well, they don’t know any better. All the humans living in this world are too stupid to figure out how tentacles work so they generally stay away from them. They’re also in the middle of a losing war against monsters or some shit. Apparently they’re also too stupid to figure out how warfare works, so they’re just sort of hoping that the war will eventually go away and leave them alone. Go figure.

Herding, Breeding and also Tentacle Sex

So what do you actually do in this game? Well, you instruct Lilith around her menagerie, getting your hands on as many tentacles as you can find and breeding them with each other. The more tentacles you breed, the more tentacles you have and they also inherit the traits from their parents – you invent new tentacles by fucking random tentacles together. This reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to smash my G.I. Joes against my neighbor’s Barbies’ assholes in hopes of creating a G.I. Barbie doll. That never actually happened, because toys can’t procreate. Also, the anal fixation probably didn’t help. Anyways, that’s the core gameplay here.

But wait, there’s more. There’s also a combat sequence that serves as the secondary main gameplay, which I’ve never actually seen in a porn game before. I mean I’ve seen combat; I’ve just never seen it as a secondary form of main gameplay. Usually, developers just pick one trick and stick to it. These guys either have too much time on their hands or they feel a compulsive need to cram all of their genius ideas into one game. The combat gameplay reminds me of Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s got lanes, it’s got a grid system and enemies fight left to right. The enemies are tentacles. You also command tentacles. You place your tentacles next to the other tentacles and they fight until one side perishes. It’s pretty straightforward, but it works really well, because it lets you use tentacles that you yourself have bred. You kind of get attached to these little fellows. It’s cute.

Fucking the Offspring

Here’s where shit gets weird and also super-fucking-fun. Lilith is a drop-dead gorgeous bombshell of a woman with giant tits, a fuckable ass and eyes that scream “Fuck my throat until I pass out”. She’s the perfect woman, is what I’m trying to say. Anyways, she can fuck the tentacles. Yay. Which tentacles? All the tentacles. I’m not quite sure how this system works since there are over 50 different unique species that you can breed, but I guess that means that they made over 50 sets of sex animations, because they’re all unique.

The tentacles don’t look alike. They literally look like different species across all the variations. So, naturally, they each fuck Lilith in a different way. Some of them look like snakes and they coil around her body like a sort of sex-vice. Others look like cockroaches that stick their… cocks into her snatch. Then there’s the ones that look like rock formations. Some even look like flowers. Either way, they all have at least one moving tentacle, though there are usually more. Lilith gets her holes plugged on the daily by these things and it’s always hot shit. One thing I kind of feel bad about, though is that there isn’t nearly enough anal sex if at all. From what I saw, the tentacles always end up in her pussy. That’s nice, but, what about the ass? Do not neglect the ass, for fuck’s sakes. Part of the beauty of fucking tentacle monsters is that you can get all of your holes plugged at once. This is tentacle sex 101.

Amazing Art

You can pretty much tell that they’ve got a dedicated artist working on Tentacles Thrive. There are over a handful of people working on these game and I’m glad there’s one person whose entire job it is to just draw the sex scenes. Plus, the damn things are properly animated. Sure, it’s all 2D, but it’s good 2D. I’ll take good 2D over half-assed 3D any day. I mentioned that Lilith has a perfect body. I also don’t care much about the tentacles. They’re not hot. They can’t be. They look like snakes and roaches. But, they fuck the shit out of her with gusto and that’s what counts. So, as far as I’m concerned, these tentacles are my bros.

Anyways, the art during the sex scenes is a lot like the art during the rest of the game – it’s outstanding 10/10 quality art production that you only really get from triple A games. These guys really knew what they were doing when they hired their artist. I should mention, there’s one artist for the characters and another for the monsters, so I guess that was pretty clever. One person provides the dicks, the other, the pussies. I’m very happy that they divvied up the work.

These sex scenes cannot be ignored. Every single one of them oozes boner vibes. Plus, you need to remember, this is tentacle sex, not tentacle rape, so it’s really fun to see Lilith actually enjoying herself. I find it kind of hard to believe that she enjoys every single one of these experiences, but fuck it, I’m not here to judge. She can take gigantic tentacles up her pussy, even though they’re bigger than her fucking thighs. She’s an absolute trooper in my book. So, to sum up, this game has amazing original gameplay with high quality art, mind-boggling sex scenes and a studio that is actively working to bring new content into the game, all while keeping everything completely free. Go over to Patreon and give these guys a shekel or two already. And by god, play this fucking game.

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