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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Teraruge is an Extreme, Highly-Stylized Fetish RPG by Meandraco

Variety is the spice of life, right? I take that literally with all of the cum-sluts I take home and fuck, but you cucks can take that notion to heart as well. Why fap to the same shit over and over again? There are so many incest, lesbian, furry, and monster-rape fetish games on the market. I’m not saying those games are bad, but I wanted something completely new. I wanted some fetish content that I had never ever considered before, and I wanted it all presented in a unique format and style. Fuck those cookie-cutter games that all look the same. I went searching for something entirely unique and full of kinky fetish content. Holy shit, I found all of that and more with a game called Teraurge. It’s been in development since early 2018 by a fucked-up fetish freak called Meandraco. This dude is a coder and artist by trade, and it fucking shows with this uniquely illustrated sexual experience of a game. But I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of the story, visuals, and gameplay here in a bit. Just know that you’ll be fucking and getting fucked by strange creatures that look straight out of a goddamn nightmare.

Download the Latest Version of the Game for Free!

You can read all about the development cycle over at Patreon.com/meandraco or Teraurge.blogspot.com. This dude doesn’t even charge you for a full copy of the latest version of the game. You can download it from either of the sites listed above without any strings attached. But, man, you guys should consider donating to his Patreon. He’s criminally under-supported. Boring-ass games that look and play like shit are bringing in 5+ times what this talented developer is. He hasn’t even broken 1k a month from this project. The game starts you off with a fairly straightforward character creator. You can be male or female and adjust your stats to suit your playstyle. You can increase your strength, agility, charisma, endurance, intelligence, and wisdom. All of these stats work essentially how you would expect them to. You can try to learn magic down the line if you have high intelligence, but strength and agility will be more immediately useful in combat.

Enjoy a Uniquely Designed Game with an Incredible Art Style

You start off with this intense series of illustrations depicting how you are sleeping when a strange vortex of blue energy sucks you into another realm. I usually wait until the end to discuss visual design, but this game is built so heavily around its style that you cucks need to know what you’re getting into. First off, it’s one of the most artfully executed porn games that I have ever fucking laid my eyes on. Meandraco blends so many styles and techniques together to make these illustrations that look like they’d belong in an expensive graphic novel. I love it. I respect this fuck for branching out and trying out a style that nobody else out there is doing. But enough going on about that. You horny gamers are likely wondering what the hell this game is even about. You play as this dude who gets sucked into a strange realm full of monsters. It’s a completely alien world, and the bone-clad researcher who looks kind of like an anthro-lizard tells you that you’re fucked. She brought you here by mistake but has no clue how to open up a return portal. If you want to go home, then you’ll need to help her find a way to send you back.

Explore a Strange World Full of Monster With Completely Alien Anatomies

She gives you some dosh and sends you out on your way into this strange new world. You can move about the world map in a hexagonal fashion. Your initial aim is to venture between a mountain pass and head into town. There you can get to know the local mayor and populace while you complete odd jobs and gear up for your journey further into the land. You’ll want to make sure to prepare because there are lots of dangerous beasts and locations out there. The writing is so fucking clean. The dialog is presented in stylized dialog boxes that bit each character’s personality and mood. Expect writing that could look right at home in a lengthy fantasy epic. You get incredible descriptions and characters with personalities that feel grounded and real. I have only seen a scant few games that even come close to this level of writing skill. This fuck knows what the hell he is doing. And you can expect a lengthy, engaging story full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat,

Strap in for Some Extreme Fetish Content

This game is all about exploration. You can find strange locations, meet horny creatures, and fight aggressive monsters. I thoroughly enjoyed the combat system. You get a large selection of moves that you can perform based on your agility and strength stats. Finding weapons or items will expand what you can do against creatures. It was unique and offered interesting challenges when compared to your regular cut-and-paste turn-based system that you see all of the time. Strap the fuck in for some wild fetish content. I’m not talking about vanilla shit like anal, facials, and gangbangs. I’m talking about some really fucking up content. You fetish-freaks will be foaming at the mouth when you see this shit. You get lots of bestiality, rape, violence, guro, xenophilia, and much more. You can beat down and rape strange creatures in whatever hole you can find, and they will do the same to you.

Beautifully Illustrated, Uncensored Fetish Fuck Scenes

Each scene will be beautifully illustrated and uncensored in a unique, roughly drawn style that will leave you eager for more. Each scene will have paragraphs of lengthy erotic descriptions that go into incredible detail on every second of the scene. Expect multiple panels, fitting music, sound effects, and much more. You’ll be rubbing yourself raw to hot scenes that you’ve never even though fucking possible.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The style of this game is by far my favorite feature. There’s no other game like it. You get a unique art style that you can just get lost in. I’m not fucking connoisseur of art, but I know quality work when I see it. But I see a lot of games that have a good style to them and nothing else. That’s not the case with Teraurge. You get a fantastic story with dynamic characters, meaningful dialog choices, and a solid exploration/combat system. It’s a very well rounded game that will satisfy even the pickiest RPG nerds out there. Fuck, I have to bring up the fetish content again. It’s simply out of this world. There’s one scene where you chase down this strange bird monster thing and fuck it’s urethra until it’s bleeding and crying out in pain, and then you can fuck it some more. There’s so much here. Hell, you can get a happy ending massage by some multi-armed bug prostitute.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Man, I’ve got nothing. I don’t have any major or minor complaints about this game at all. That’s the first time that’s happened in a good while. Seriously, it’s simply a damn good game that doesn’t compromise on any of its features or aspects. The story is great. The writing is impressive. The visuals are insane. The combat is fun. It’s got quality uncensored sex scenes full of fetish content. Hell, it’s even free to download. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Teragurge is must-play if you’re down for an incredibly kinky game. This shit isn’t for the faint of heart. But you freaky fucks out there will be in love from the moment you set eyes on this unique game. If you’re looking for a well-written game full of dynamic characters and a vast world to explore, then this is the game for you. It’s free to download, so you cheap fucks don’t have any excuses to not give this game a shot. If you like it, then I highly recommend you support this dude over on his Patreon. This is the kind of project that I would hate to see fail due to a lack of funding.

BestPornGames Likes Teraurge
  • A unique art style with incredible visuals
  • Incredibly well-written game with dynamic characters
  • Outlandish fetish content that you won’t see anywhere else
  • Uncensored sex scenes full of erotic dialog
  • It’s completely free to download and play
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