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Updated on 15 January 2020
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One porn game is never enough, right? To satisfy your lust for animated pussy, web developers, and game developers out there are on the job. However, what we’re going to talk about today is something that would have come out from a fucking fiction book. Yes, it’s that too good to be true! Thus, I welcome you to, a wonderful place for every horny bastard out there to enjoy and jerk their dicks into. It’s filled with more than a thousand games, and it’s fucking growing each day. If you’re already wet from that, then wait until you experience the whole shit. So, without further ado, let’s start this motherfucking review.

Experience the Best Games this Site Offers

There’s a fuck-ton of content on this site. It is like discovering a dildo inside a haystack trying to determine the porn title to pursue. However, the community really can help determine the porn games if you can’t see the distinction. As I said, the site is a Wikipedia for games, and hence there’s a lot of details on all the games on this platform. Moreover, you’ll find out more about the story, the overview, the characters, and the games. There are also the most common porn names, and if you use the details on this site, you can never get stuck with a porn boss.

I believe one of the strongest aspects of the site’s amazing games is that the community is behind them. The forum offers more details about TFGames that I can gather. And whatever details you get about a game is from a person who played and enjoyed it. But for games or other nonsense like this, no sly advertisements can be found anywhere. This is what I want, this site needs this to keep on going! It’s very interesting and enjoyable.

The Engaging Community of Horny Bastards

The community is created by the user of every porn forum. I must admit that the TFGames community is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen. There are so many ratings of all the games on this page. Both reviews of the games are very detailed and supportive. In fact, the community also responds to all the game data. And the site will always be fucked without the community! The community provides all the useful details regarding the games, and all the gamers are so supportive in this forum. I can’t applaud the group enough!

I typically consider the layout of the website when I look at a porn site because it is always shitty. I can’t bear most porn sites because they’re too outdated, boring, and annoying overall. But if the community is rich at the site, I’m glad to waive such feelings of design. They earn huge redemption of their concept in the TFGames case. When a forum community allows the platform that I believe does, it doesn’t even matter to have such a ridiculous interface as the one on this fucking site.

A Free Platform for Porn Game Developers

My best aspect of this site is that the site offers game creators with a fully free forum to produce adult games. Through such a devoted community, these creators are continuing to create fresh, innovative, and creative material that you rarely see anywhere. It also allows the platform in the form of web games to be extremely well structured and complete. Everybody gets the credit, and all the necessary details for users are available. It is a robust framework that provides consumers and developers with an outstanding experience.

A Surprising Platform for Mobile Devices

I was delighted to see that an effort was made on mobile devices to make the interface functional. Normally, in that field, a community-supported platform such as this is missing. It’s all pretty grizzling, so it’s stronger than I fucking imagined. The website links are sufficiently wide to be accessible without zooming in. Although some of it can be appropriate if you wish to access sites such as the forum. The game pages are not super structured, but if you have the correct computer programs, you can still access and perform games. Not to mention that, depending on the title, you might encounter bugs.

What I Like About the Site

Are you seriously asking me as to why I fucking loved TFGames? Of course, I’m more than happy to tell you the reason why. So, let’s start with the first fucking reason, the content. I honestly can’t help but notice as to why there are so many fucking contents in this site, it’s like one of those porn game sites that seems too good to be true. Anyway, the developers of the site boasted their massive list of porn games, which is more than 1,000 titles. Not to mention that new games will get added to the site regularly. You know what that means, right? Yes, motherfucker, it means that their massive list of games will never fucking stop growing.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of ways to get involved with the site’s community. I really mean a whole fucking lot. Can you fucking imagine that? There’s the discord community, the forums, and the fucking chatrooms, all of which are people gathered together to talk about the same shit, the fucking porn. To any horny son of a bitch out there, it doesn’t get any better than that. Moreover, I like the fact that whenever I click on something that I find intriguing, it always loads really fast. Thus results in the user not waiting a long fucking time just to play a goddamn porn game. Not to mention that there’s a lot of great shit to choose from in the site’s massive list of games.

Recommendations for Improvements

Nobody is perfect, right? The same goes for everything else, especially a porn site. Anyway, to start it off, let’s begin with the fucking font style of the whole website. Let me be the first to say that whoever fucking decided to go with that style of text is a complete idiot, and you should fire him. No, I’m not fucking joking. The font style is a complete eyesore, and the developers should change it fucking immediately. Moreover, I would like to point out that the overall design of TFGames is a bit dull and boring. Yes, I know that the main focus is on the porn, but who the fuck would want to explore more on what the website offers if it’s not fucking engaging.

Furthermore, I would like to fucking point out that the color scheme of the whole theme is stupid. The developers must have assigned this task to someone who is fucking color blind or some shit like that. Not to mention that navigating through this whole shit is a fucking pain in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, the whole shit for the site’s navigation is there, it’s not just nearly as optimized as to what you usually expect with any fucking site. Moreover, there’s one aspect about this site that I have a love-hate relationship of, it’s the fucking mobile app for TFGames. I mean, it’s good that they managed to make it compatible with mobile devices, but it fucking sucks.


The website might not be the leading website when it comes to its navigation, interface, design. However, one of the reasons they are still in business to this day is a strong quality and a steady rise in their games and ratings. Not to mention that they also have a rising community. The major problem I found on this platform is the design and layout. Even though they can fucking upgrade it, it will make a huge difference and definitely have an effect.

All and all, is now one of my top list of best porn game sites. I enjoy games of this sort, and I’ve never known that so many people had made such intriguing ones. There were so many. The content on this platform is not just exclusive and erotic, it’s a fucking nice place as well. There are no huge and glaring issues. Not to mention that you will freely upload your own material and access games for others. Choose your own fantasy games or flash games or something else like that if you are for sexy gaming, so head on to this site now!

BestPornGames Likes TFGames
  • 1,000+ games to choose from
  • A lot of ways to get involved in their community
  • New games get published regularly
  • The content loads quickly
  • A lot of great shit to choose from
BestPornGames Hates TFGames
  • Whoever decided the site's Font Style is an idiot
  • The overall layout design is a bit bland
  • The color scheme of the theme is annoying
  • Navigating through this shit is exhausting
  • The site's mobile version could use some work