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Updated on 15 January 2020
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The Fate Of Irnia

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The Fate Of Irnia

User Rating: 4/5
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The Fate of Irnia is a Fantasy Visual Novel with Hypnosis Themes by Winterlook

What if the very fate of the world was in your hands? Well, I think we’d all be fucking boned. You pathetic betas couldn’t take care of a plant let alone the whole world. But isn’t it a nice idea? Imagine having the power of fate on your side. You’d be fucking unstoppable. You’d know that whatever you did was fated to happen and that your power was nearly limitless. Now, I can’t offer you that sweet deal in real life. Re-invent online shopping and you might have some billions to work with down the line. What I can offer you is a kinky sex game where you can bend hot babes to your will.

I think that’s a close second place, yeah? Anyway, the game is called The Fate of Irnia It’s all about controlling the altering the fate of, you guessed it, the kingdom of Irnia. How are you supposed to do that? Well, stick around you impatient fucks and I’ll tell you soon. For now, you should know that this lengthy visual novel has been in the works since October of 2016. To give the developer Winterlook some credit, it does seem to be over half-way done.

Grab a Full Copy of the Game for Just $1 a Month!

The game is currently on version 0-65a, so maybe you’ll see a fully completed version launch in a year or two if nothing delays it. As with any indie porn game, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. It could fucking vanish tomorrow for no reason. Anyway, if you want to get your hands on it then you need to head over to It will cost you $1 a month to get your hands on the minimum supporter’s build. If you want the full kit with all the bells and whistles, then you’ll need to dish out at least $5 a month.

You play as some freshly 17-year-old dude who is mourning the anniversary of his father’s death. Wow, talk about a sexy intro to a game. It’s always got to start with a dad dying, doesn’t it? Fuckin hell. It’s a stereotype for these games at this point. Anyway, there’s this super special gift that you are supposed to open that’s the last thing left from your dead daddy. You crack that bitch open and find an orb with red and blue hemispheres. Alright, neat. You pocket the thing and go about your day like a normal fantasy villager.

Will You Use Your Newfound Hypno Powers for Good or Evil?

But, as you likely guessed, this isn’t just a pretty orb. It’s got spirits of some kind in it. Essentially, it’s a spherical version of the whole angel and devil on your shoulder trope. The red side can make babes super horny and want to ride your cock right then and there. The blue side is nicer and can make girls fall in love with you, but you just won’t get to fuck them as quickly. Of course, I went all in using the red side. I’m not in this game to make fucking friends or meet the love of my life. I’m here to plow pussy.

You can do exactly that. I was bending the barmaid over and spreading her cheeks faster than she could pour me a goddamn ale. I’m sure there will be repercussions for using the orb so willy nilly, but I don’t really give a fuck. Later on, an orc leader comes to town and lets you know about some nasty war shit going on. You can choose to free a dwarf slave, fuck the orc slut at a lake, and then you can amble on home.

Quick Pacing With Choices that Actually Fucking Matter

That’s when shit starts going down. Apparently, your sister is a knight who came bearing orders that you’re to now rule the fucking kingdom and handle the war against the orc incursion. Well, shit. There goes my sunny orc-fucking afternoon. You get a lot of choices to make in this politically charged story about race, love, vengeance, and lust. It’s actually very well written, and your choices will matter. I ended up getting more invested than I thought I would in the characters and narrative. You story-loving nerds will be pretty pleased with the overall writing and pacing of this game.

The gameplay is basic visual novel stuff. It’s all about making those tough decisions. Will you be a good ruler? Will you find love? Will you use the lust orb to fuck your mom? Make all of those decisions and more! But there’s no shitty filler content. You won’t be stuck doing fetch quests or piddling through lame combat encounters. It’s all about the story in this one.

Unique Art Style & Uncensored Sex scenes to Jerk off to!

The visuals are on fucking point. You get this painted, sketchy fantasy art style that stands out from the slew of cut-and-paste toon porn games out there. The world feels unique and is full of creative characters and backdrops. I’d pause on certain areas and just look at all of the subtle details going on. I can’t say I’ve done the same for many other lewd games. This shit breaks the mold. Even the character designs are well-done. You get some quality babes that don’t look like they were drawn by a horny teenager.

You unlock sex scenes quickly. You’ll be banging your mom or plowing some elven slut’s snatch in no time at all. Each scene will be fully uncensored and pack with erotic dialog lines. I do wish that there were multiple panels and/or some steamy voice acting to accompany these scenes. Sadly, you just get the single illustration. Granted, these are some hot as fuck illustrations that you fantasy-lovers should have no issue jerking your dicks to. I just still found myself wanting a little bit more from these scenes.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I could keep going on about the classic fantasy visuals, and I very well might. But what I think drives this game home and makes it so much fun to play is the emphasis placed on decisions. You have a lot of player agency in this game. Each choice you make will have a ripple effect throughout the story. It’s fucking great. It makes it feel like the world is alive and full of characters instead of the story simply functioning as a backdrop for sex scenes.

Speaking of, I fucking loved fapping to these quality uncensored sex scenes. But what I liked even more was being able to jerk my dick to these hot scenes using the developer’s official Android app. That’s right, you horny gamers can take this kinky game with you on the go. It plays exactly the same. You don’t have to deal with any lackluster features or dated Android versions. It’s all up-to-date and ready for your viewing pleasure.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The audio could use some work. The music is fine, but I wanted more than a jaunty lute solo for when I’m pumping and dumping some whore. I want to hear that bitch moan and cry out as she’s dicked down by the new lord of the land. I would have liked to see some more panels during the sex scenes. Hell, some animations would have been a nice touch. I mean, the game has been in development for nearly half a decade. I expected a little bit more in terms of high-quality lewd content.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Fate of Irnia is a must-play for fans of fantasy games or fans of hypno-fetish porn. It’s a fucking match made in heaven if you like both. It’s got a great story that will have you hooked, and it tells this story without being super long-winded. You won’t be stuck reading huge blocks of text here. It’s simple shit. The story beats hit quickly, and you don’t have to fuck around with any boring content or quests. If you’re looking for a kinky game full of hot fetish content, then you need to go and download this shit. It’ll only cost you a dollar. What the fuck are you still waiting for?

BestPornGames Likes The Fate Of Irnia
  • A well-written story with solid pacing
  • Unique art style & dynamic characters
  • Uncensored sex scenes full of erotic dialog
  • Lots of important decisions to make
  • It only costs $1
BestPornGames Hates The Fate Of Irnia
  • Sex scenes are single panels