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Updated on 15 January 2020
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The Legend of Lust

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The Legend of Lust

User Rating: 4/5
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The Legend of Lust is a 2D-Style Sex Game set in Hell by PGSPOTSTUDIOS

There are loads of sex games that have ended up in development hell, but what a game that actually takes place in hell? Honestly, I’m surprised that there aren’t more kinky titles worth playing that take place in hell. It’s ripe with opportunity. You could make a game full of as much fucked up shit as you want and just excuse it as being like that because it takes place in the literal pits of fire degeneracy. And I was in the mood for some kinky, fucked-up porn. So, I went out searching for a title that brought me down like Dante into the inferno. My search led me through many different shitty games, but I eventually came across one that hit nearly every mark I was looking for. The Legend of Lust is a sex game where you get to play as a horny lust demon on the second layer of hell. There’s a bit more to it than that, but I’ll let you in on all of those sexy details here in a minute. What you cucks should know is that this game has been in development since mid-2018 by a talented team of developers known as PGSPOTSTUDIOS. Yep, that’s in all caps intentionally. You can find more details about this game by heading over to

Grab a copy of the Full Game for Free!

Here you can see all of the new updates for the game as well as contribute to the project. Dishing out dosh isn’t necessary to download the full up-to-date game, but it is necessary for unlocking some of the sweet Patron bonuses. But don’t you poor betas fret. You can unlock the Patron version of the game for a measly donation of just $1 a month. I think most of you guys can at least scrounge together that much. You start off this game on the infamous second level of hell called Lust. You’re playing as a pathetic little munchkin of a lust demon. All that you can think about is pussy, pussy, pussy. I can’t say I blame the little dude. That’s usually all that’s on my mind as well. Luckily, you have a kinky demon succubus slut as your guide. She walks you through the basics of being a sex-addicted pussy hound by giving you a fresh cunt to fuck.

Explore Hell as a Lust Demon and Fuck as Many Bitches as You Can

You suckle down some of this poor slut’s pussy juices and use your newfound abilities to upgrade your cock, which gives you a dick that has to be at least a foot or two long. You can then fuck this helpless whore until you’ve blasted every hole she has full of your demon seed. With her newly cum-addled mind, she becomes a demon bitch that is now under your service. With this new sex slave in tow, you can venture out in the nearby caves to fight your way through demons in the hopes of finding even hotter sluts to creampie. You see, you can only gain that initial upgrade from a babe once. You need a fresh pussy each time you want to increase your cock-size, cum amount, or body stats. Though that doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and plow any horny demon slut you have whenever you want. This game starts out right with the sex scenes. You won’t ever be waiting long for some high-quality fetish scenes.

Enjoy Light RPG Elements and Turn-Based Combat

Battles consist of some pretty basic turn-based combat, though it does get more complex as you amass more allies and more powerful magic abilities. Each day you can expend a bit of energy to fuck, fight, or try and learn new skills. Resting refreshes everything, and you’re not on any sort of intense time crunch. So, you can take the game at whatever pace is comfortable for you. It’s not overly brutal, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting through battles and shit. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still challenging. It’s just that it’s not trying to punish you for the slightest mistake like some other games out there. The gameplay reminds me most of games like Adventure Quest. It’s a 2D-style game that melds point-and-click exploration with turn-based combat. Surprisingly, this results in a damn good experience. You get some RPG elements in terms of stat upgrades and item farming. You can even use the lust you earn from fucking demons to upgrade their appearance. Give these sluts big tits, plump lips, and big clits. While you can’t customize things too much, I liked how this system added some customization elements to the already layered experiences.

Fetish-Filled, Uncensored, Fully-Animated and Controllable Sex Scenes to Fap to

Expect a fuck ton of fetish content. You’ll meet plenty of different demon sluts to fuck. There’s a cowgirl, nun, fallen angel, and many more to find. The visuals for The Legend of Lust remind of old-school flash games but done professionally. I loved the art style. It’s unique. It’s incredibly detailed. I like a game that isn’t afraid to embrace and show off its own individual style instead of copying everybody else out there. You’ll be blown away by how kinky the character designs are for every whore you meet. That brings me to the sex scenes. This shit does not disappoint in the least. Each scene will be fully animated and completely uncensored. The animation is fluid and infinitely satisfying to watch as your hung demon gapes the holes of whoever he fucks. You can control the speed of your thrusts as well as which hole you want to fuck. Hell, you can hope from every hole as quickly as you want while shooting your goo in each one. It’s fucking great. You even get some hot audio with sultry moans, demonic cries, and sexy squelching to really put the cherry on top of this quality content.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This game has a premise that I can get behind. Fuck other games that make you go through hours upon hours of boring bullshit before you get to see a nip slip. The Legend of Lust thrusts you right into the degeneracy and debauchery of hell without holding your hand or making you do a ton of boring filler quests. The entire game is a no holds barred fetish fuck fest that never stops hitting you with incredibly fapworthy content. Fuck, say that sentence five times fast. Goddamn, the sex scenes will keep you fapping for hours. This is one of the few games that just might keep me coming back for more. That’s the kind of kinky staying power that I love to see in a sex game. You’re getting uncensored, fully-animated, controllable sex scenes bursting with fucked up fetish content. That’s all I’ve ever asked for in a game. I think you horny gamers will feel the same way when you give this free game a shot.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

This game sets out and accomplishes exactly what it set out to do—be a kinky demon fucking extravaganza. The writing is solid. The visuals are great. The gameplay is smooth. My only minor complaint is that the combat gets a bit stale after a while, but that’s hard to avoid when it comes to turn-based combat as a whole. I’d also suggest that they release this game on Android at some point. The format is perfect for a mobile game! I’d love to take this kinky content with me on the go. Other than that, this was a damn good experience on all accounts.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, you horny gamers should already be in the process of downloading The Legend of Lust. It’s an absolute must-play for any of you fappers who love kinky content. But I really think that this shit has something for everyone. It’s not so brutal or hardcore as to turn anybody away. You don’t have to deal with any “nasty” fetishes. It’s just full of quality fucking action with kinks like BDSM, lactation, monster-girls, rape, and more! It’s free to download and full of some of the best sex scenes that I’ve seen in a while. I highly recommend you all check this game out!

BestPornGames Likes The Legend of Lust
  • Fully-animated, uncensored, fetish-filled fuck scenes
  • Loads of kinky babes to fuck and dominate
  • Unique visual design and streamlined gameplay
  • Play the full game for free!
  • A fun story with a unique premise
BestPornGames Hates The Legend of Lust
  • It’s not finished yet!