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Updated on 15 January 2020
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The Legend Of Versyl

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The Legend Of Versyl

User Rating: 3/5
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Hey, you! Yes, the skinny little bastard at the back trying to discreetly jerk off his pathetic little dick! Are you tired of playing the same old boring games, over and over again? Well, you should celebrate now as I’m going to show you something that may save your sorry excuse for a dick from impending doom. On the 24th day of April 2017, a developer had created a game that will forever be marked in history. Ever since that day, there are literally thousands of people who played the game and ended up losing sleep. Why? Because of all the pleasure this game offers, it’s more than fucking enough to keep a man awake for days!

If you’re already drooling from the build-up, wait until you get to hear the rest of what the game offers. So, without further, let me fucking introduce to you The Legend Of Versyl. If your life is currently dark, dull, boring, or unexciting, this game might be the perfect opportunity to get your life back together. Especially your fucking sexual life. This game offers fantasy, adventure, role-playing mechanics, seduction, bondage, corruption, fetishes, and many fucking titties. Oh, I’m already talking too much, let’s just take a deep dive into what this game is all about, shall we?

Turn Your Damn Life Around

It’s guaranteed that this game will make your pathetic little dicks scream, especially if you are into fetishes and science fiction games. The Legendary Versyl’s main story will fucking be all about you. Yeah, you, goddamn idiot! The story is about you because things differ according to your motherfucking choices. Good thing, right. At least it would be important in a playing game compared to the pain and suffering you are living in the real fucking world.

Are you fucking happy how your life’s circumstances turned out? It just collapsed and was stunned without any way to fix or bring it together again. You may have believed this game would be a major leap to your life. Well, it’s fucking real, but it will going to take a while. So, as I said, your life would take a turn at this point. And it’s all because of this fucking game. This game will make you come crawling back to the living land to experience this wonderful title that will aid you in rewriting your story.

Fucking With Immortality

So, you came and took the opportunity? With your own rules and regulations, you finally begin your fucking life. And there’s a bonus. YIn this game, you are an immortal individual with an incredible power like being able to control minds and some shit like that. But their fucking stupid question is if I would use it? Abso-fucking-lutely. Who would not profit from this kind of control? Is that a fucking dumb question? But when supreme power comes to you, you’ll be dealing with a lot of fucking responsibility. And you can be a traditional hero or a human being’s worst fucking nightmare. Well, that’s for me to know and for you to fucking find out.

Quite A Challenging Title

Well, there’s this complexity of the game that I can’t fucking understand if it’s easy or not. If you come here to dive into the fun porn of a gritty player and the fucking challenges simultaneously, this is definitely for you. However, I strongly suggest you think twice about your decision to join this fucking journey because it is a fairly hard challenge that doesn’t suit a gullible and imbecilic son of a bitch like you. If you’re only this fucking game only to enjoy the sex, then you’re in for a world of fucking hurt.

A Problematic Experience Overall

The first factor I discovered when I entered the game is the motherfucking introduction. Then, when I continue, there have been a few dumb lines and everything in fucking between. Bitch , you need a motherfucking writer to edit out some dialogue and make the fucking intro tolerable to read. The design of the game is definitely not enticing. It’s like a few hours waiting behind a fucking curtain.

What I Like About the Game

Oh, we’re already in this segment of the review? You’re going to fucking love this. Why? Because I will be stating here the reasons why I absolutely fucking loved the game. For starters, the whole damn story is amazing. I mean, if a game developer would create a fucking porn game that has RPG elements in, they should’ve, at least, make the story decent. And, oh boy, this game did not fucking disappoint when it comes to that department. Moreover, this game has kinky shits in it, especially the discretely favorite kink compared to the rest, fucking BDSM. In this fetish, you’ll be the boss, the dominatrix that would totally control all the intense fucking flow.

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that this game is fucking challenging. It’s not like one of those shitty porn games that rarely has a story and barely has any fucking gameplay. This game totally killed it in that department as well. Moreover, as I’ve previously said, you can portray as a dominatrix in the game. You can literally control everything, from the flow of the sex scene to the tools you’re using, it’s all in your fucking hands. Not to mention that your main character is a fucking dude. Yeah, you heard that right, you get to play as a dude with a massive dick whose sole purpose if to fucking bitches and bimbos extensively. It doesn’t get any fucking better than that.

Recommendations for Improvements

I know, I’ve sung a lot of fucking praises for the game. But, you can’t fucking blame for always trying to find all the bad shit in a seemingly perfect game. Anyway, unto the recommendations. Let’s start with the first one, the whole fucking presentation of the game. If the game developers are reading this, let’s just a moment of silence and contemplate why this game has so many fucking garbage in it. Especially in the whole fucking presentation of the game, it’s almost as if you’re purposely trying to mislead the fucking game players. Not to mention that the whole gameplay doesn’t seem to fucking fit in with the game’s storyline. It’s almost at the point where it won’t make any fucking sense anymore.

Furthermore, I would like to point out as to why this game is fucking difficult sometimes. I mean, It’s a good thing that it’s challenging, being a role-playing pornographic game and all. But, it’s almost at the point where the game is un-fucking-playable. It’s like the game doesn’t want the players to get to the fucking sex scenes. I mean, it’s a fucking porn game, for Pete’s sake. Not to mention that most of the models in this game don’t have smooth animations, there are even others that would make you question why it’s there and the first place. It’s really out of place, or some shit like that. Oh, this game has a combat system, right? Well, there’s this burning effect that would take too fucking long to establish. Anyway, if the game developers managed to undo all the trash talk that I’ve said, it’s guaranteed that this game will be golden.


Well, I won’t actually that go far enough to fucking say it with words like it’s fucking mind-blowing, brilliant, fantastic, and everything in-between, because the truth is, well, the game is… ok. The Legend of Versyl is just about alright. It’s competitive and strong. Has it captured my heart and made me beg for more? NFuck no. Were all parts of my being stimulated, particularly my strong large cock? Also no. Would I play it again if I had another chance? Maybe. Like I’ve said, the game is not actually that remarkable, yet.

It gives you a lot of anticipation and curiosity at first, to expect what is on the table for me, but as it progresses, it was not really that brilliant. It doesn’t hold much of its promise. Well, Okay, the hundreds of fetishes the game brings to you are going to make it stand out. It will feed your starving dick and evaporated imagination entirely. Still, nothing else could make me hold on to it other than this. If I try to explain it in stupid terms, it’s like a match stick, you ignite it, and it’s fun; however, it wouldn’t last long. Anyway, if I were to rate this game, I would totally give it a solid 3 out of 5 stars. That rating would go up even higher if the developers managed to fix all the shitty things this game has.

BestPornGames Likes The Legend Of Versyl
  • The whole story is amazing
  • Amazing brutality of BDSM scenes
  • The game is challenging overall
  • Be the main dude in the game
  • Total control of the treatment of your partner
BestPornGames Hates The Legend Of Versyl
  • Presentation of the game is dull
  • The gameplay and storyline doesn't seem to fit
  • The overall difficulty is fucking hard
  • The burn effects of combat are slow
  • Game animators didn't go all the way with game's models