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Updated on 15 January 2020
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The Northwood Lair

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The Northwood Lair

User Rating: 4/5
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The Northwood Lair is a Dark Vocaloid Fetish Game by Stratovarius

Let’s get into the good shit. I’m not talking about vanilla-ass games where you watch a couple fuck a few times and call it quits. I want to feel powerful. I want to use some sluts as sex toys without them being able to do a damn thing to stop me. You fucks know what I’m talking about. I’m always up for some kinky domination, humiliation, and BDSM fetish games. But, man, there just aren’t a whole lot of them out there that stand up to scrutiny. I can’t say for sure that I found one that will stand up to my high expectations, but it looks pretty damn promising. Let’s check it out.

Ever want to fuck a Vocaloid? Yeah, that one. The girl with the blue pigtails that seems to be every weebs dream waifu. Yeah, well this game has her in it. It’s called The Northwood lair, and it’s all about sexually torturing and fucking hot Vocaloid sluts. Fuck yeah. I knew that would make you perk up. Stick with me and I will let you in on all of the glorious, diabolical details that this game has in store for you.

Grab a Copy of this In-Development Project for just $1!

It’s nowhere near finished. It’s been in the works since 2017 and is still only on version 1.1a, whatever that means. Granted, this is one ambitious project. You’ll see why here in a bit. The man behind the game is called Stratovarius and you can get your greasy mitts on this game by visiting Luckily for you cheap betas, it will only cost you $1 to get full access to the latest version of the game as well as copies of whatever else this sick fuck is working on.

You play as some nameless fuck who lives in a lair. Nothing in terms of the story is clear in this title. It’s all still in the works. There is a story mode on the main menu, but that just gives you a combat beta with no real conclusion. But I did like this combat beta. You play as some hero with all of these cool abilities and moves.

A Few Demo Features & Ideas that You can Play around With

The music is epic. The visuals are solid. I hope to see this sort of awesome combat integrated into the full game. But, obviously, it’s not in the game yet. So, yeah, I don’t know what the fuck is going on with that. So, that leaves the freeplay and RPG modes. The latter is a side-scrolling game where you beat up other babes as Hatsune Miku and get fucked when you get knocked down.

But all of that is just a test zone as well. It’s a pretty damn test zone though. You can run through this dungeon and watch as your fellow Vocaloids get their pussies pounded. I wonder what all they plan to do with this game. Is it still just a game? This project is already starting to feel like 5 projects all smashed together into one thing. But, anyway, that narrows it down. The main game must be in the freeplay section then.

Freeplay Mode has the Most Content

Ding, ding, ding! I was right. The freeplay section gives you free access to your mysterious lair full of sluts. It’s by far the most complete area of this game. Though that’s not a very high bar to beat. There’s no story or plot structure to the game as of right now. It’s essentially a sex simulator. You can pop around to different locations inside and outside of the mansion.

It’s hard to say what the fuck this game is. You can click from location to location and view hot sex scenes. There’s no real gameplay to speak of unless you count picking and choosing who you want to see fuck for you. I can see that there are some scenes that need to be unlocked, but I can’t tell you how the fuck you would begin going about that. The game doesn’t tell you what or how to accomplish that. But at least the game isn’t lacking in already unlocked sex scenes. Fucking hell, there are so many different characters and positions to choose from.

Enjoy Loads of Hot, Fucked-Up Fetish Scenes

If you were worried about there not being enough fetish content, then let me assuage your concerns. There are some crazy fetish scenes in here. You can summon a swarm of insects to fuck the brains out of this one babe as she struggles and screams. There are slave play scenes where a hot slut lets you do whatever you want to her. This game is all about forcing these sluts to fuck each other or you.

But let’s dial back and talk about how The Northwood Lair looks. On the face of it, it’s fucking amazing. You get sleek and shiny 3D models of these hot vocaloids. The backgrounds are dynamically lit. You can control camera angles during any scene you come across. There’s this epic intro animation with flames and sparks that looks so cool. It really set my expectations for the rest of the game. And, for the most part, it does not disappoint. It delivers some genuinely stunning visuals and character models.

Fap to Hot, Uncensored, Voiced, and Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

There’s only a little bit of jank. The animations are incredible. You get moody, dark music to accompany the voiced cries of whatever Vocaloid you are fucking in these fully animated scenes. Hell, you can even control the speed of the action and the camera angles! That’s dope. But the animations start coming apart a bit when you look closely. The edges are blocky. The movements are jerky. They aren’t bad, but they could use some final polishing. Which, of course, this game has plenty of time to do. It’s just another thing to add to their laundry list of updates.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

You betas know that I fuck with some dark fetish content. This game doesn’t go as hard in the paint as some, which I think was a good call. The vast majority of you horny gamers will find hot content to jerk off to without being turned away by the more fucked-up fetishes out there. But, yeah, this is one of the few games out there where you can watch a Vocaloid whore get fucked by giant bugs, so it has that going for it.

The sex scenes are fappable as fuck. You get the good shit. Each scene is fully uncensored, voiced, and jam-packed full of fetish content. You can even take control of the camera and toggle the speed of the action. No matter what this game becomes, the scenes will always be dope. There are so many already! You can squeeze out quite a few fap seshes to all of the kinky content packed into this in-development game.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Fucking find some direction. I don’t have a clue what this game is supposed to be or what it will end up being. It has a story mode, sex simulator, and side-scroller all thrown together. Which will be the main game? I say ditch two and focus on one at a time. As is, this shit is going to take 10 goddamn years before it’s in a finished state. Knocking one portion out at a time will go a long way in drawing new people in too. Other than that, take a second look at some of the animations. There are a few that feel off or janky. Polish those up and you’ll be well on your way.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Northwood lair should be high on your list of sex games to play. It only costs a dollar and is full of some of the kinkiest fetish fuck scenes that you can find. I hesitate to call it a must-download since it’s in such shambles development-wise. I’m not confident that the developer will pull all of the strings together and turn all of these loose ideas and demos into a fully-fledged h-game, but I hope he proves me wrong. I’d love to see this game become an absolute powerhouse in the fetish game community. But only time will tell. For now, pick it up if you want to fap to Vocaloids getting brutally fucked.

BestPornGames Likes The Northwood Lair
  • Brutal fetish fuck scenes featuring Vocaloids
  • Fully-animated, uncensored, and voiced sex scenes
  • Lots of demos and features to play around with
  • It only costs $1!
BestPornGames Hates The Northwood Lair
  • No plot or direction
  • Some janky bits of animation