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Updated on 15 January 2020
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The Twist Game

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The Twist Game

User Rating: 4/5
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The Twist is a Real-Time 3D-Style Incest Fetish Game by KsT

So many of you cucks out there are dreaming about plowing your MILF of a mom’s pussy or your sister’s tight snatch. How the fuck do I know this? Well, take a look around on any mainstream porn site. Every single goddamn page will be full of fake-ass incest porn that you pathetic betas can’t seem to get enough of. I just don’t get it. I have a whole world of horny sluts to fuck. Why the hell would I settle for a relative? Maybe it’s because these are the only women that you lardballs have ever gotten close to. You think that maybe, just maybe you could move in and finally get a pity fuck. Spoiler alert, it ain’t going to happen. And, please, don’t fucking try to make it happen. That’s how you ruin your family dynamic forever.

Download the Full Game Two Weeks After Release for Just $1 a Month

I’m not just here to kink-shame you degenerates, though I’d never turn down the opportunity. I’m actually here to fuel your addiction with yet another incest fetish game called The Twist. You play as a horny teenager who is dead set on getting his dick wet, and it seems like his parent’s relationship is on the rocks. That sounds like a perfect storm of a scenario to me. This game started development by KsT back in 2016. It’s been a long fucking road, but there’s no end in sight yet. KsT just launched version 0.39 last month. At this rate, it will be another couple of years before this fucking game is finished. To get your hands on this kinky incest game you’ll need to head over to Unfortunately for you cheap cucks, there’s no public download. The bare minimum version will run you $1 a month and get you the newest copy of the game two weeks after release.

Play as a Horny High-Schooler Trying to Get his Dick Wet

You play as this high-school kid named Jason. Like all high-school kids, he’s horny as all hell. He sneaks some glances at some of the dime pieces in school, fantasizes about his sister, and probably jerks off to the thought of nutting all over his mom’s tits. You know, the usual shit. But he’s never acted on it. I mean, it’s taboo. He can’t just go and fuck his sister, right? All of that changes when he overhears his mom and dad having a screaming match. Apparently, the dad is shooting blanks and has been for their whole relationship. That means that Jason must be adopted, or at least that’s what he thinks. I think this is more of a clever way to get around Patreon’s whole “no incest” rule when it comes to porn games. I bet your ass that the whole adoption side story will disappear if this game ever gets to a final release. But you incest-addicted betas don’t need to worry about a thing because this game is still pretty fucking heavy-handed with the incest fetish themes.

Standard Point-and-Click Gameplay With Some Added Camera Control

You get free control of Jason. There are no pressing matters or quests to undertake. It’s a dating simulator all about exploring the small town around you and finding some pussy to pound. It’s essentially a point-and-click game with controllable camera angles. You can use your map to click over to different locations where you can interact with people or objects. But, man, it is so tedious to travel in this game. You get a solid 5-10 second black loading screen every time you change locations. It’s such a fucking drag. I don’t understand what this damn game is even trying to load. I have it on “ultra” settings and it still looks like a choppy 3D-style game from 5 years ago. I’ve seen full 3D games with fully animated environments that don’t take this long to load. It’s not even half-way done and the graphics look fucking dated. That’s the problem with these long 3D game projects. If you take too long then you’re behind the competition before you even fully release the game.

A Slow-Paced Game that can get Confusing at Times

Gameplay ends up being straightforward. You have a set amount of time each day to go around and visit places, chat with people, and work jobs. There aren’t any dialog options to speak of, so you just have to keep interacting with people on different days for shit to happen. It’s one of those games where the path forward isn’t always the obvious one. You’ll need to collect items to use at certain points. I highly recommend using a walkthrough if you want to get to any sort of lewd scenes in under two hours. Otherwise, you’ll be running around not knowing what the fuck to do to progress. It’s a very slow-paced experience. You have dozens of conversations with certain babes before they start showing the slightest bit of interest in you. I wish that this game picked up the pace a little more. I’d have liked to see some dream scenes or something to help get my attention at the start. There were so many opportunities for it. Let me spy on my sister, peep at my mom, or fucking anything. It takes forever to get your relationship score up with any of these bitches.

Fully-Animated, Uncensored, Fetish Sex Scenes With Controllable Camera Angles

The sex scenes are pretty unique. The game totes this as a “real-time 3D game,” which doesn’t mean much aside from that you can fuck around with the camera during fuck scenes. They are animated, but the animations leave a lot to be desired for me. They’re fluid enough, but these 3D models just don’t look that good when compared to similar titles. And the lack of any sound in the game makes each scene feel awkward. The fairly average writing doesn’t do these scenes any favors either. I will say that KsT has plans to add audio in, but, as is, these scenes feel janky without it.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I like what this game is shooting for. After all, it’s a market ripe with you horny bastards. So, yeah, the idea itself isn’t bad. It’s just the execution that fell a bit short. All of the foundational elements are there. The world is getting fleshed out. Sound is being added to the game. And there are plenty of babes that you can romance and dick down. You just might not have a great time slogging through some of the poorly done mechanics to get to those scenes. I did like that there was a good bit of fetish content. You can expect incest, lactation, voyeurism, BDSM, sleep fucking, spanking, blackmail, and much more. If you’re not too hung up on the lack of sound, then the sex scenes are fairly fapworthy. I liked that you could fuck around with the camera and see these scenes from basically any angle you wanted. I wish more games gave you that level of control.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

This game needs a lot of work before launch, and I’m not sure if this developer is the one to get it done. The loading screens really fuck with the pacing. The graphics are already dated. Changing those would require a complete overhaul of the current game, which doesn’t seem feasible. At least there are plans to fix the audio here soon. And, hey, I may have been pretty negative, but that hasn’t stopped this fuck from bringing in nearly 7 grand a month on his Patreon. There are definitely people out there jerking off to this shit.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Twist is a decent enough game for incest fans. It might not offer a lot of fetish content right from the start, but you’ll be fucking swimming in it if you stick around and play for a couple of hours. Some frustrating features take away from the experience, but the animated incest fetish scenes are pretty fucking fapworthy. So, it’s a hard call if it’s worth that $1 a month. I wish that there was a free demo so that you could get a taste of the game first, but you’ll have to go ahead and take a leap if you’re still on the fence.

BestPornGames Likes The Twist Game
  • Incest fetish themes
  • Controllable camera during sex scenes
  • Lots of kinky fetish content
  • Plenty of hot sluts to date
BestPornGames Hates The Twist Game
  • Dated graphics
  • Long loading screens
  • Tedious gameplay