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Updated on 15 January 2020
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This Romantic World

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This Romantic World

User Rating: 4/5
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This Romantic World is a Lewd Visual Novel Based on the Switchverse Comics

Don’t you ever wish that you had a little bit of an extra hand when it came to getting laid? I know you poor betas struggle with getting a hot dime piece to even talk to you, let alone let you plow her pussy until she’s weak in the knees. It’s a struggle. I get it. If you can believe it, even I’ve had a dry spell or two in my life. I once went one whole week without getting laid. It was the worst week of my fucking life. I daydreamed about having an upper hand or advantage of some sort. But what if you could play a game where you did have that upper hand? Do you like the sound of that? Well, I may have found just the title for you.

This Romantic World is a lewd visual novel that has you play the role of some chump who was just going about his day when something incredibly odd and unexpected happens that will change his life. What happened? Oh, you’ll have to keep reading to find out what the hell I’m going on about. First, let’s talk about development. The game is still chugging along through its alpha version. It’s currently on version 0.55, and it has been in development since late 2018. But don’t let that version number fool you. There’s still a ton of quality content packed into this game.

Download and Play the Public Version of the Game for $1 a Month

The whole game is based on the developer Reinbach’s popular lewd webcomic “Switchverse.” If you’re familiar with that comic, then you’ll be right at home with this kinky game. Brace yourselves, because getting access to this game is going to cost you money. It will run you a whole $1 a month for the latest update. Fuck. I know you poor cucks are probably digging into your cum-crusted futon trying to scrounge up a dollar, but I’m sure you will manage. It’s definitely worth it for the level of quality content that you’re getting. If you really like the game, then consider paying out a bit more for some exclusive content and features.

You play as this beta named Issac Marx who is just going about his usual business and contemplating how he can go about getting some pussy. Suddenly, the ground erupts and a massive, naked, purple demon appears before him. Being a logical person, he runs the fuck away. Cut to a few weeks later and he’s discovered that the demon’s name is Switch. She’s a kinky babe who has enlisted Issacs help in uncovering a deep, dark plot going on in town.

Fuck Your Way Through Every Slut in Town to Find a Hidden Demon

Apparently, some bitch in town is possessed by an actually evil demon. It’s your job to get close to and fuck every slut in town so that you can find out who is harboring the evil creature. Hell, sign me the fuck up. I’d take that same job any day of the week, and it seems as though Issac is on the same page. But there’s a bit of a catch. It could be anyone in town—that includes your petite babe of a sister and your busty drunk of a mom.

So, suffice it to say that morals start to turn a bit grey in this game. There’s some magic mumbo jumbo that makes it so you might not really be fucking your mom and sister, but it’s real enough to attract all of you porn-addicted incest addicts out there. Your nearby school is full of sluts. This whole town loves fucking more than anything. You’ll walk into classrooms where some babe is getting creampied on the teacher’s desk and nobody bats a fucking eye. Man, I wish my school experience was more like that.

Simple, yet Engaging Gameplay Full of Likable Characters & Clever Writing

The gameplay comes down to managing your time each day. It’s up to you how and when you want to pursue a certain babe. You need to spend time with them and actually go on a few dates before you can start to rule them out of harboring a demon. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to pay attention to details. The ones who are the most suspicious sometimes end up just being regular babes.

But you won’t have to deal with any clunky resource management features or any grinding combat. It’s all about mingling with the sluts in the community, and you’ll have Switch to guide you through your quest every step of the way. So, you’ll never get to a point where you’re at a complete loss. The game isn’t trying to be brutal or overly challenging. There’s plenty of freedom in how you approach the story.

A Vibrant, Stylistic Art Style Reminiscent of the Original Comic

Man, This Romantic World looks so fucking good. I love Reinbach’s art style. That may just be because I’m a fan of his comics, but his style is so well-done. It’s a unique cartoonish style that really works well for the setting and premise of the game. It doesn’t look quite like any other game out there, which is good since the market is so full of cut-and-paste titles. And the writing is full of humor and clever lines. It doesn’t sound like it was written by some 40-year-old virgin, which already puts this game a few steps higher on the writing ladder than most.

Fap to HD, Uncensored, Lightly-Animated Sex Scenes

Get ready to whip out those dicks and start jerking off, because this game has high-quality sex scenes that will blow you away. These have some fucking style to them. You get multi-panel scenes where some panels are animated. It’s like if a comic book came to life. I really like the approach that Reinback took here. And, of course, every kinky scene will be fully uncensored. Fuck, this game is full of fetish content. Expect loads of voyeurism, incest, corruption, and more! You poor fucks will be draining yourselves dry again and again.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s unique. I haven’t played another porn game with this same premise, especially not one as stylish and well written as this one. It’s simply a unique experience that you won’t get from any other eroge title on the market. I know that doesn’t sound like it, but that’s a pretty damn high bar to hit. Most games end up being slogs of boring shit with more boring shit tacked on until you finally blow your load to some lame-ass hentai art that you could find online for free. This is not one of those games.

Plus, it’s got some damn good sex scenes. There’s nothing traditional about these fapworthy moments either. You can definitely see the inspiration that this game takes from the original comic series that it was based on. Despite that, you don’t get many plain still images. Each scene is full of animated moments, hot sound effects, and kinky fetishes.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that there was more sound in this game. It’s not completely quiet, but sometimes the only sounds you get will be bells ringing or doors closing. I feel like it’s almost always a safe bet to have some light music playing in the background. It makes for a much more immersive experience. I also wouldn’t mind some voice acting during the sex scenes. I want to hear these cumsluts moan and cry out for more. I get not wanting to break the comic immersion by having a full cast of voiced characters, but I don’t think that extra flair during the lewd scenes would hurt.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, This Romantic World is a definite must-play for fans of the original Switchverse comic series. But I’d go as far to say that most of you cucks would love this game. It’s stylish. It’s full of fetish content. And, best of all, you can jerk your dicks to some incredibly hot, uncensored sex scenes. You get all of that amazing content for just a $1 contribution every month. That’s fucking chump change. Even the poorest of you betas could scrounge that together for such a quality game. Go give it a download and let me know how right I was!

BestPornGames Likes This Romantic World
  • Stylish game based on a popular comic series
  • Uncensored, lightly-animated sex scenes
  • Fetish content galore
  • Lots of different paths to take
BestPornGames Hates This Romantic World
  • The sound design could use some work