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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Timestamps, Unconditional Love

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Timestamps, Unconditional Love

User Rating: 4/5
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I’ll never get tired of these 3D pre-rendered visual novels. Seriously. I know it’s all one big cop-out to make you believe that the tits in these games are actually animated and then you realize that all you get are static images. And yes, I know that sometimes these babes give off strong uncanny valley vibes, but fuck me, I can’t get enough of these games. They’re addicting. And also, they’re fun to jack off to. Timestamps, Unconditional Love is one of the best entries to the long list of quality 3D porn games. As well it should be a fucking legend – it’s made by the same guy who created the Unity VNgine. That’s a plugin for Unity that lets you make your own visual novels, by the way.

Anyways, the team behind the game is called Motkeyz and they’re currently working on a sequel for this bad boy. They’ve got quite a lot of backers and they managed to finish the first game on time, so I expect to see great things from the sequel, if I’m being honest. My expectations are very high. I love finding indie teams like these that buckle down to actually finish a fucking game instead of giving up halfway. All right, let’s dig into Timestamps, Unconditional Love. This here game comes with a shitton of basic ass, generic story elements that you’ve heard a thousand times before, plus a bit of time travel and quite a bit of incest, maybe. Depends. We’ll get into that.

Back in Time

You play as a random young nobody who has managed to fuck up his life or at least that’s what the game’s official description says. I personally didn’t find this dude’s life to be that bad. Either way, his, or should I say your best friend developed a time machine in his basement. Why? How? Who the fuck knows. You’re going to be using that bad boy to go back to your youth and experience your glory days all-over again. Except, this time, you’re going to do things right. And by that I mean you are going to have sex with your mother and your sister. Doesn’t that sound like a genius plan?

Honest to God, I do not understand why people are so fucking obsessed with incest port as of late. It’s all-over the fucking place. And if it’s not your sister, then it’s your step-sister. We get it, you’re just trying to make your way around the censorship. But why? Why fuck your own mother when you can fuck someone else’s mother? It boggles my fucking mind. Anyways, this game needed to slip through Patreon’s cracks, so they had to get rid of the incest, completely. So what did they do? Can you fucking guess? They just packaged the actual incest phrasing into a teeny tiny file that you get on the developer’s website. The game is still exactly the fucking same, except they changed some of the words that actually reveal who it is you are fucking. Sister becomes roommate, mother becomes step-mother and so on. You should be used to this crap by now. Get the patch, restore the incest, don’t tell anyone you jack off to incest porn.

It’s Hot as Lava

On the one hand, I hate the incest shit. On the other hand, I’d fuck every single one of these babes if they were real, end of story. They’re so fucking perfect; it blows my fucking mind. I also like how they’re not sporting breasts that are bigger than their heads. I mean, not all of them, at least. Don’t get me wrong, I love giant tits as much as the next guy. It’s just, sometimes you want a bit of variety. So, instead of making all the breasts gigantic, they just shrunk the waists. It works well as far as I’m concerned. It makes the tits larger without giving the girls back problems.

Let’s talk about the sucking and fucking. There’s a lot of both in Timestamps, Unconditional Love. For some reason, everyone’s bending over backwards to please you sexually in this game. I don’t know why. The main character looks like a fucking dweeb. Then again, these kinds of games are played by all kinds of people, so I guess they figured it would be easier for dweebs to relate to a nerdy looking character. At the very least they had the common sense to give him abs and a gigantic penis. Now that makes it easier for me to relate, what with my 12-inch python and all.

Simple Gameplay

This game sports all of the bells and whistles that you commonly see in visual novels, but without the boring bits. In other words, you jump from one scene to another, seamlessly, without having to listen to a woman yap about her problems for more than 10 seconds at a time. It’s great. It’s nothing like a hentai game. In those games you have to fix a girl’s entire broken fucking psyche and cure her of her daddy issues before she’ll let you see her clit. In this game, you have the same daddy so there’s no chance she’ll cry on your dick. She’ll just hoover the damn thing up with her mouth like it’s going out of style and then you’ll cover her in semen. That’s the way God intended, after all.

So, you click through the scenes, people talk about how much they want to bang you and then they bang you. It’s the best kind of gameplay as far as I’m concerned. I’m a simple man. I want to get my dick in between some titties. Your actual input into the gameplay is getting to choose where to go and who to fuck at any given time and these choices matter, sort of. The game is made to be replayable so that you can fuck your way through the entire female roster, but it’s not like you can fail or anything. Think of this game as an interactive porn movie. You choose who to fuck and then you jack off while the action goes on. That’s exactly the kind of shit I’m in for.

It’s Worth Playing

Because it’s free and it’s loaded with quality pussy. Seriously. You’d have to be gay not to play Timestamps, Unconditional Love. Either that or you just have bad taste. I mean, just look at the fucking screenshots. This game comes with a ton of hot, busty females who are all constantly wet. They have no off switch. If they don’t get dicked for more than an hour at a time, they start to get antsy. They need cock in order to survive. You know how real people need oxygen to breathe? Well, not these girls. They need cum and they need it now. And, you are going to be providing it.

What I especially love about this game is that unlike most other games in this genre, it’s actually fucking finished. Seriously, this shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is. All my other favorite 3D visual novels have been in production for over 2 years and they’re still not finished. Well, Motkeyz know how to fucking wrap up a title. That’s why they ended this shit and moved onto the sequel, instead of dragging shit out further and further. This game is complete and it’s just waiting for you to give it a try. Plus, it’s popular as all hell, so if you need cheats or a walkthrough, you will find one without having to look very hard.

Some Sexy Details

This game features a bunch of different fetishes, sprinkled throughout the gameplay. You already know about the incest so I won’t get into that. There are also a ton of milfs that you are not related to and they too are ripe for the dicking. There’s also some sort of secret sex society bullshit going on underneath the surface and you can dive into that as well. Anything to get your hands on more pussy, am I right? Oh and before I forget, this game has romantic subplots as well, but who the fuck cares?

The second chapter of Timestamps, Unconditional Love, which is the sequel, is currently in production and you need to check that out too when you’re done with this game. In that game you go back to the future, yes, I’m serious. You return to see how you’ve managed to fuck up the timeline with all of your semen dispensing in the past. I honestly think that this one has even more potential than the original, but I’m not gonna get too far into it until it’s properly finished. Both of the games are available for free so I very much recommend that you try them both asap. They’ll run on just about any Windows PC you’ve got handy, so you don’t have to worry about minimum requirements. Just unzip your fly and let your instincts take over.

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