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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Tower of Trample

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Tower of Trample

User Rating: 4/5
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Tower of Trample is a Femdom-Focused Sex Game by Bo Wei

Sometimes you just want to be abused like the pathetic beta that you are. If you lay awake fantasizing about having a hot dominatrix step on you, torture you, or shove your face into her pussy then you’ll be eager to see what I have for you fucks today. Alphas can skip this shit. I want you submissive twinks and actual cucks to come and get a piece of this action.

It’s not often that I find a game built around male humiliation, domination, and submission. But, damn, I have got a pretty good treat for you guys. Lock those chastity cages and throw away the key, because you’ll be hard as fucking diamonds by the time you’re done with this game.

Download and Play the Full Game for Only $2!

It’s a fetish-filled game called Tower of Trample. The whole game is about ascending a massive tower full of dominatrix sluts who will use and abuse your poor hero, but I’ll jump into further details here soon. This game has been in development since early 2018 by a talented dude named Bo Wei. The game is currently on version and gets new additions to it every month. Every single one of those updates adds a new babe to face-off against in the tower, so you can expect lots of content to keep on coming.

You can read more about the development cycle over at He only has a single Patron tier for $2 a month that gives you access to every release of the game. Fuck yeah. Finally, a simple system without a baker’s dozen worth of useless tiers. With that being his only tier, he still brings in nearly 4 thousand dollars a month. Holy shit that’s impressive when you consider that all of that is from $2 monthly contributions.

Fight Your Way Through Babe after Babe

The start of this game is simple. You play as an intrepid hero who has traveled from his village to save his allies who have been kidnapped and placed in this strange monolithic tower. You venture in to find one of your friends trapped on the first floor in a cell. He tells you to leave and turn back. He’s pretty fucking ominous about. I thought I was going to go up there and face down against death itself with the way this cuck was going on about it. Instead, you come face to face with a spandex-clad MILF in high heels. She towers above your meager frame.

To get to the next floor, you need to take her down. But there’s a catch. This isn’t some basic-ass combat system where you spam attacks until this bitch goes down. It is turn-based, but I was so impressed with how much Bo Wei accomplished with this seemingly simple approach—you are meant to lose. There’s no way to win your first encounter with this babe. She’ll wrestle you down with some kinky femdom-oriented wrestling moves until you’re drained of your cum and will to continue on.

Lose Repeatedly until You Muster Enough Power to Succeed

Regardless of whether you win or lose, each combat will reward you with a letter rank from F-A and some items. You start off with your fists, but if you get far enough in these battles then you’ll start collecting ingredients necessary for crafting swords and armor. You’ll also level up! Levels make your attacks stronger across the board while giving you better bonuses to your HP and mana. But this game isn’t about recklessly throwing yourself at these sluts.

Every battle will be predictable once you start memorizing the enemy’s attack patterns. To a point, each battle will be the same. You’ll need to know when to block, attack, and dodge grab attacks to stand a chance at beating these babes down. It’s a load of fun. It’s nice to see a developer put some actual effort into it when it comes to their combat system. And there are loads of different babes. This tower just keeps climbing and climbing. There are dominatrix sluts that fit all sorts of fetishes like feet, humiliation, farting, pissing, mind-control, and so much more. Any and all of you femdom lovers will find something kinky to fap to in this game.

Memorize Fight Patterns and Weaknesses

And the same approach won’t work for every dominatrix. You’ll really need to figure out what works best against each slut. The first babe will really show you the ropes. The second one was pretty easy for me, but that’s just because there’s an easy trick for taking her down. From there, the difficulty crests and remains pretty tough. And, man, there’s a lot of content here. Each floor will have a unique babe with her own personality, desires, and goals for the battle. The way they are written makes them feel dynamic and fleshed out even though you’re just there to fight them. You can even have side conversations that tell you a little more about them and the mystery surrounding why the tower is even there.

Loads of Uncensored, Animated, Fetish-Filled Fuck Scenes to Fap to

But you horny bastards want to know about the sex scenes, right? I’m sure one of you would have spoken up to interrupt me by now if you weren’t such timid betas. I’m sure your hearts are thumping in your chests just thinking about telling me to get on with it already. They’re pretty fucking great. These scenes are more about humiliation and degradation than they are about nudity and fucking. These sluts will sit on your face, ball-bust you, and all kinds of kinky shit like that. Despite not always having nudity, these scenes are beautifully illustrated and animated. You can expect many different scenes per encounter. There are dozens of animated scenes to find in this game, and every single one is fapworthy. There will be hot sound effects, laughs, moans, gasps, music, and all of that good shit to really help you blow your load. These scenes are definitely different from your regular h-scene, but damn they are so fucking good.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Finally, an indie porn game with a unique premise and excellent execution. It’s a shame that those two factors don’t usually work hand in hand. I liked that Tower of Trample stuck to its guns and came out with something all its own. It’s a damn good fetish game full of submission, humiliation, corruption, and so much more. It’s about time that a game like this came out for you submissive cucks out there. And, again, Bo Wei fucking nailed it when it comes to the combat, pacing, and story of this title.

Of course, I have to talk about those sex scenes one more time before this is over: they’re so fucking fappable. The art-style is incredibly detailed. That coupled with the quality sound design and the erotic dialog will have you cucks drooling. The corruption element of the game was solid, too. You get more susceptible to certain fetish attacks if you get hit by them too much, so the game rewards memorizing attack patterns and shit like that./

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I don’t have any major issues with this game at all. It’s paced well. The writing is solid. The art is fucking incredible. I do wish that there was more nudity right from the start, but the lack of it plays into the whole edging/blue-balled shit that you cucks really love. I’d love to see a slutty boss in this game centered around JOI. I’m sure lots of you cucks would kill for that shit. So, yeah, this game is kickass.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Tower of Trample is a must-play for any of you submissive dudes out there. If you want nothing more than for a kinky babe to make you suck on her toes and sniff her farts, then this is the game for you. It’s also a shit ton of content for just two bucks. Each boss will have different stages to play through once you beat them the first time, and there are so many floors to explore. It’s a goddamn steal is what it is. If you’re looking to fap to hot dominatrix sluts telling you what a pathetic sack of shit you are, then you should go and give this kinky fetish game a shot!

BestPornGames Likes Tower of Trample
  • A femdom-filled sex game
  • The in-depth, fun combat system
  • A unique story full of interesting characters
  • Uncensored sex scenes full of fetish content
  • It only costs $2!
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