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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Trap Quest

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Trap Quest

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Trap Quest is one of the most fucked up porn games I’ve ever played, period. It more or less offers every single fetish you can possibly think of all neatly shoved into an awesome open-world porn game experience, albeit with some stylistic compromise – it’s a text based game. This is one of those ancient games that are built entirely within a textual world and you navigate using your keyboard, by typing out various actions. At least, that’s how the game started out. Since version 1.0, Trap Quest has gotten a bunch of visual overhauls and updates and while they’re clunky as hell, they do offer you the ability to use buttons instead of having to type shit out.

Today, Trap Quest is one of the most replayable porn games in existence, with a ton of depraved shit and fap-worthy situations to get yourself into. Plus, it’s a proper RPG with stats, dungeons, monsters and generic encounters, so you can replay it a million times over and bust a nut every single time. However, it’s not quite made for everyone. This game’s entire shtick is that it tries hard to turn you into a sissy and force you to like it. Your character starts off either as a manly woman or a straight up dude and the game slowly breaks you down and turns you into a proper sissy, with body modification and mental torture. It’s fucking incredible. If you’re not into sissification at all, you might struggle to enjoy this game, but if you’re at all interested, then you’re in for a treat.

The Backstory

It’s not particularly deep, but it sets the stage quite nicely. You play as a random boy, girl or girl with a penis, who happens to attend a gaming expo. There, you try out a new VR game that’s supposed to be about dungeon crawling or whatever. But, once you get into it you realize it’s actually a game about trying to survive a dungeon that’s actively trying to turn you into a sissy. If you’re a dude, it’s constantly shrinking your dick and balls. If you’re a chick, it’s growing out your hair and enlarging your tits. The point is, it’s going to turn you into the perfect slut, unless you focus and try to maintain control. That’s the whole shtick. The interesting part is that even though you’re trying hard to survive and avoid sexual situations, they don’t stop coming.

It gets worse, though. That VR title you’re playing isn’t just trying to turn you into a sissy within its own universe. The people behind the game are modifying your actual real body while you are playing, to match up with what’s going on in-game. So, if you manage to get yourself turned into the perfect slut inside the game, you’ll end up that way in real life, pussy and all. You’re free to get out of the game any time you want by speaking the safe-word, but if you do that you lose out on all the jewels you collected along the way. And, jewels are sort of the point. If you manage to gather a bunch of them and reach the end of the dungeon, you get a ton of money as a reward. Look, the story makes absolutely no sense, but it’s great for faps. What do you want me to say?

RPG Customization

In true RPG fashion, you get to modify the hell out of your character and your preferences before you’ve even started the game. The obvious first choice here is the gender. You can be a guy a girl or a girl with a penis. That’s all the customization I need, but there’s a ton more shit thrown in there for the hell of it. There are the mandatory options to turn off specific fetishes, in case you’re easily disgusted. So, you can toggle piss play, BDSM, vore, pregnancy and all kinds of other weird shit like tentacles. If you’re looking for the shit-play option, you won’t find it here. You’ll have to go to Diaper Quest for that. That’s right, the developer, Aika, made an entirely new game just for people who like to play with their own poop. It’s virtually identical to Trap Quest, but it smells worse.

On top of the game tweaks, you can also choose personality traits for your character, most of which will help make you more resilient in the face of constant sissification. Keep in mind that this game does actually feature conventional combat, like slaps and kicks, so you’ll need to get those stats up.

Fuck-Filled Dungeon

The game comes with a few distinct areas including a dungeon, a forest and a mansion. I haven’t really explored past them so I’m not sure what can be found on the other side. The funny thing is, I’ve already got over 30 hours in Trap Quest and I just keep lingering around the first few zones. That’s how fun this game is. It’s not my fault, I’m not lazy, I just keep getting hard.

Anyways, the dungeon you start off in gives you some starting items that are the first step towards your sissification, but they’re pretty mellow. You get some panties, dresses, bras and skirts, but nothing overtly sexual. Only a few minutes after that, once you start exploring the dungeon does it become obvious that you’re in for a world of hurt. Even though all the people that live in the dungeon are relatively friendly, they hate sluts. At first, they’ll give you a bit of a free pass. But, the dungeon is filled with traps, actual traps.

These traps will jump out of the ground and into your ass, impaling you and forcing you to enjoy anal sex. Then, there’s the pink gas. This shit will make your hair grow out and it will enlarge your tits. Plus, all of these effects simultaneously shrink your cock, if you have one. On top of that, enjoying any kind of submissive sex also ruins your cock. Eventually it might shrink so far that you end up with a vagina. It’s an ever-present danger. The dungeon denizens range from angry gladiator futas, to well-hung shopkeepers to mages who will try to turn your breasts into gigantic balloons for shits and giggles. Seriously, everyone’s out to ruin your day in this game. If you manage to keep your dignity high, most of these NPCs will be relatively friendly. You can even get items off of them and get good advice for progressing through the game. You just have to keep your wits about you.

The Technical Bits

I mentioned that this was primarily a text-based game and at its core, that’s how it remains. The developer has made a sort of visual HUD overhaul that comes on top of the game and lets you navigate all the options with buttons, but it’s all kind of half-assed. It just looks weird and outdated. Plus, all the art is random and probably comprised of free assets, so it never really meshes well together. Either way, I’m glad I don’t have to type anything. I’ll take shitty buttons over no buttons any day.

Unfortunately, the game is made in such a crappy engine that it only really works well on PC. I’m not sure if you can play Trap Quest on any other platform. Next up, we’ve got the character display. This is roughly the hottest part of the game. It’s a little window on the left that shows you what you currently look like. Given that you morph a lot in this game, every few seconds on average, it’s useful to be able to see your current state. You want to keep an eye on the tits, cock, pussy, hair situation. There’s also make-up that can creep up and jump onto your face and that’s also a hassle. No, I’m not joking. Make-up is a trap in this game. Anyways, there are several distinct art styles that you can choose from for this part of the game, but the paid version comes with what is arguably the best art style, the Strateg 3D render. You have to pledge to Aika’s Patreon to get your hands on that bad boy. It’s the exact same game as the free version, but the art is a lot better. I’d recommend that you try the free version, see how you like it, then buy the Strateg version if you’re up for more sissification.

At its heart, Trap Quest is a passion project, made by one woman (I Think), who really cares about bringing you the fantasy of slowly being turned into a slut. It’s a very addicting game that anyone can get a kick out of. I certainly think it’s worth the pocket change they’re charging for the best version. Check it out, decide for yourselves and as always, fap responsibly.

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  • Very clunky interface