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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Treasure Hunter Claire

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Treasure Hunter Claire

User Rating: 4/5
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I’m kind of lukewarm on this game, because on the one hand, it’s not an RPG Maker game, but on the other hand it fucking looks and plays and smells like one. It’s one of those cases of “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck”. Apparently this is game was made in the Wolf RPG engine, which is more recent and has a bunch of technical advancements like animated textures and what have you, but my god, for a recent game it’s still retro as all hell. At the very least it means we get to have proper high-resolution sex scenes, even if they’re not animated.

Ok, let’s dial down on the bitching and moaning for a second. Treasure Hunter Claire is a decent game with a large fan following. It came out in 2018 on Steam of all places and it’s still up there for $20. Is that a worthwhile price to pay for what you find within? We’ll get into that. For now, let’s just say that it’s a quality RPG with a ton of wonderful assets a semi-original story and many reasons for you to try it out. There are also countless flaws that I’m going to complain about until I’m blue in the face. Let’s dig into this bad boy, piece by piece.

MC Whore Potential

Let’s start with the protagonist. Claire is a blonde bombshell with a very likable personality. She’s bubbly, enthusiastic and above all, an absolute fucking prude. At least, that’s her at the start of the game. You see, the game keeps track of all of Claire’s stats and alters them depending on how you play the game. I’m not talking about her strength and dexterity, that’s very much implied and largely fucking pointless. I’m talking about her shame points.

That’s right. Your innocent little schoolgirl with the cute ponytails can slowly be shamed into becoming a cock-hungry slut, if you play your cards right. But, if you do that, people might look down on you. Oh no, what a fucking compromise. I get that porn games are supposed to give you a bit of challenge and all, but why do they keep encouraging me to play as a fucking prude. I swear, every porn RPG with a female protagonist comes with this shit. Sure, you can hoover up every cock in a five-mile radius, but people will throw poop at you if you walk through the streets.

Well, it doesn’t get that bad in Treasure Hunter Claire, but I still don’t like the fact that I have to earn the right to take her clothes off when they’re basically my clothes. It’s my character. I should have the power to decide what she does and does not wear. But no, if you try to strip the bitch, even if she’s alone, she’ll refuse, because she isn’t enough of a shameful whore. My main incentive in playing this game was demolishing her self-esteem so I could prance her around in the nude. There was also an actual story, but I was more focused on the stripping if I’m being honest.

The Actual Story

It’s two parts cookie cutter RPG nonsense and one-part pussy. I’ll recap the story as I remember it. There was once a great evil and it was vanquished, but now there’s a new even greater evil and it’s trying to get its hands on the ultimate power. You meet a goddess who tells you that you have the potential for great power within you, but you must also steal the ultimate power for yourself, before the big baddie can get their hands on it. If the big baddie succeeds and beats you to the ultimate power, the world as you know it will be destroyed. Your response to all this is that you’ll go along with it, but you’re mostly just concerned about the treasure. So am I, Claire. So am I.

Once all of that exposition gets dumped on you, you get released on your own recognizance to prance around the world of Alstroemeria. Try saying that three times really fast. It doesn’t get any less ridiculous sounding. Anyways, you set out into the great wild world and realize that most of your problems can be solved by bending over for cock. It’s a great world to live in, especially if you’re a dude. But you’re not a dude. You’re Claire. And you’re also trying hard not to get dicked repeatedly by every Tom Dick and Harry that comes your way. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about Tom’s Hairy Dick, but it isn’t coming to me.

Easy Gameplay

Treasure Hunter Claire is an open world game in a modern 2D RPG engine, so you pretty much get to go wherever the hell you want to in any order you choose. There are some caveats. Like, you can’t go to the perverted village unless you’re horny or whatever, but for the most part the playable map opens up pretty fast. You move around the place meeting all kinds of hot babes with varying degrees of giant tits and you have nice chats about their vaginas. If you’re particularly nice, they might even let you touch their vaginas. It’s great incentive to explore further.

You can also deputize these babes to join you on your quest of vanquishing evil, though it’s kind of pointless from a gameplay perspective. Don’t get me wrong. I like befriending large breasted cunts, it’s just that, there’s no point in having extra party members. For some reason that I cannot wrap my head around, Claire is overpowered as shit. If you get into combat in this game, you should just spam Claire’s attacks without thinking. You’ll win, every single time, guaranteed. Having party members next to Claire makes no sense because they do not contribute. Their power pales in comparison to Claire’s almighty devastation. I don’t know why she’s so strong. She couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds soaking wet. But, she punches like a fucking sledgehammer.

The thing I really don’t get on top of all this is why equipment doesn’t actually confer any noteworthy stat bonus. You could get through Treasure Hunter Claire with your starter gear. Why have combat in an RPG if there’s no real point or challenge to it? To pad out the length? That’s not really necessary. I’m not playing this game for the plot, I’m playing it for the “plot” and by “plot” I mean tits. Giant tits.

Extremely Hot Sex Scenes

Here comes the Hail Mary – Treasure Hunter Claire’s sex scenes are top notch, 10/10, would fap again and recommend to my friends. They’re ridiculously hot, ok? The art style is extremely original, albeit with a strong hentai vibe and the sex scenes are so well drawn that you’ll want to stare at them for hours. They’re in a high resolution, they show you all the action in detail and the babes even moan properly. Oh, speaking of moans, this game actually has voice acting, but no-one really cares. It’s only partial and it’s in Japanese. 99% of the communication is still just textual, so feel free to gloss over that.

By the way, make sure to download the official uncensored patch from the developer’s site. Look up Kagura Games. They have a dedicated page just for the patch. You’ll need it. Playing this game with the censorship left in is a fucking blue ball. You deserve better than that.

Other Goodies

There are a bunch of little bits and bobbles here and there that give this game some additional flare, to make up for the fact that the core gameplay is bland and repetitive. First up, I gotta note, the soundtrack is dank as all hell. It’s really entertaining, has a retro RPG vibe to it and there are a lot of tracks. Then, there’s the overworld map. It’s really cute and lets you select where you want to go. No more trekking across the vast pointless wilds. You just click where you want to go and you appear there.

Then, there are the menus. I really like the menus in this game. They’re extremely modern and easy to use. You’d think that this wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but it fucking did for me, especially when I was stripping Claire and checking on her pussy stats. It’s really nice to get these high quality breakdowns of your character. I’m tired of reading text prompts. I’m a visual learned and I want to see tits on screen. That’s what the interface is all about. – Titty goodness. I’m not sure this game is worth the $20 they’re charging for it, but it’s still a damn decent porn RPG and it’s far from the worst within the genre. If you catch it on sale, you should probably get your hands on it. Do not forget the anti-censorship patch, I’m not kidding. It’s not worth playing without it.

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  • Pointless repetitive combat