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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Trials In Tainted Space

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Trials In Tainted Space

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Are you a big fan of aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures? What if I tell you that this review right here has plenty of alien shit in it, and it also involves lewd scenes that will make your cock very hard. Before we start, I would like to commend you on reading my game review. I know how lonely it can sometimes be. That’s why I suggest that you continue reading this one so that you’ll see what this fucking game can offer to nerds like us.

Trials In Tainted Space or also known as TiTS is a text-based porn game that allows the player to explore different planets while masturbating at the same time. This game is so fucked up that you would surely get addicted to it right away. This is the only game where your lonely ass gets horny after seeing monsters that have multiple breasts. Yes, you read that right. I’ll confess, this game made me cum over some ugly looking motherfuckers.

You’ll be able to explore the whole freaking universe and do stuff that you cannot do here on our planet. Imagine seeing another form of race running around with their titties out and just waiting for you to take all of them. You’ll have the freedom to choose if your character is human or not. This is your chance to dominate other planets with your hard and hungry cock. Read more of it to know what are the other things this weird game has to offer.

Character Customization

Just like any role-playing game, this one right here also allows the players to create their own character that they can use in the game. There are dozens of choices when it comes to the race, that’s why you should be wise when choosing one because you’d be stuck with that piece of shit for the rest of the game. If you choose a female character no matter what race she is, you can make her look sexy by making her breasts extremely large for her body size.

What I Like About The Game

The gameplay of this game is so unique that it would take time before you can finish the whole game. This means that you won’t be bored for a long time because this one right here can keep you company. You will have to be very patient if you want to be successful in this game. The gameplay is not that hard to comprehend, not unless you’re a mentally disabled asshole who just masturbates all day in his lonely room.

If you’re looking for an eccentric storyline like those out of this world type of shit storylines, then you came to the right place fucker. This game is so weird that you’ll see stuff you wouldn’t want to see in real life. Anyway, the uniqueness of this game storyline is what separates it from other porn games because it’s not the typical adult-themed porn game you see everyday.

I love the fact of how convenient this game is because lazy fuckers like me are not a big fan of playing porn games that need to be downloaded first. This game can be played directly to your browser, meaning there’s no waiting anymore. You can just lie around your bed, masturbating as you embark on a journey to explore planets that have surprisingly hot and wild aliens.

The game’s controls are also easy to configure because it’s just the basic navigation system you usually see in most porn games. There’s no confusion when it comes to its controls not unless you’re too dumb to understand it, but since clearly, you’re also a gamer like me, then I’m pretty sure that you won’t be having any problems with this one. It’s just as simple as making eggs on a Sunday morning.

You can always modify the appearance of your character in this game. What I like the most about this game is the transformations of the characters. You can create an alien that’s so ugly you’d wish you were never born to see it, but the good part about it is that you can also make them as sexy as the porn stars you see in porn videos. The body parts are not limited to one character only meaning there’s plenty of options for your sick and weird fetishes.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The game has plenty of shits that need to be fixed. The first thing I hate about this game is that everything is in text. When I said that all the stuff is in text, I meant that the movement is very limited. The only thing you’ll be doing is clicking on stuff and reading a lot of bullshit on your computer screen. I guess the people behind this game should have stuck with the normal porn games with an open-world theme.

There is also no animation when it comes to the scenes. You just have to imagine all the stuff you’ll see on your screen. If you’re not that imaginative, then this is not the game for you. I’m sorry, but this is how stupid this game is. The story may be unique, but other than that, there’s nothing else that I can say good about this game. This type of game annoys the shit out of me, that’s why I prefer watching porn videos than playing this one.

Playing Corruption of Champions is also not that fun because you’ll be hearing yourself reading each line, and honestly, there’s nothing sexy about it. I thought that there would be some girl narrating the text that is being shown on the screen, but instead, I end up reading them by myself, and I have a husky voice, so you see how annoyed I was when I played this fucking game.

Background music or sound effects are very important for porn games because it adds more spice and thrill to the game. The problem with this damn game is that there are no background sounds or whatsoever that would arouse your horny ass. As a normal human being, there’s no way you can imagine or visualize how aliens moan. If you can do that, then you’re one weird motherfucker.

Now, if you’re the type of pervert who wants to see sex scenes in high definition animation, then you should probably skip this one. The game’s animation sucks ass. Who the fuck wants to play porn games that have these shitty graphics. There’s no way you’ll enjoy this one, not unless you’re okay with this kind of setup. This game really needs a lot of upgrades and updates because everything about this game is garbage.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

I hate to break it to the game developers, but this game has many flaws that need immediate attention. The first issue they need to fix is the game’s graphics. They should try making them in HD so that perverted fucktards like me will have more fun messing with it. We love to see the naked bitches in high definition graphics. The animation is essential to a game, especially with this kind of theme.

They should also add some character that will narrate everything so that we won’t have to read them by ourselves using our ugly voices. It’s much better if the narrator is a girl with a kinky voice. In that way, we’ll be more focused on the game, and we get to hear some horny girl reading each line for us. Text-based games like this one should have this kind of feature so that they can provide a better gaming experience to the people playing them.

I also recommend putting some sound effects and background music so that the game won’t be boring. Until now, I still don’t get how they forgot about this one because sound effects are very important. This is one issue they need to fix right away if they want more people to notice it. Doing a lot of reading is already boring, that’s why they should just at least add some background music to it to make it more inviting.

Since this game has a lot of traveling, they should make the game more exciting by adding more movements. I would really appreciate it if I can move freely like walking around on a different planet and searching for a foreign species I can fuck. Games like this should have more movement so that we can interact more with other characters that are in the game. Upgrades like this one will surely attract more perverts to play this game.


Overall, I still think that this game has the potential to become the best text-based porn game on the internet if the people behind this game will fix all the flaws it has. I actually enjoyed playing this one, and I’m not the type of guy who loves to read dialogues, but surprisingly I had fun with it. The thought of exploring other planets and fucking aliens with abnormal bodies makes me happy and excited.

If you’re planning on playing this game, then I suggest that you internalize everything you read to understand the story of the game. I swear that if you don’t follow the story, you won’t fully understand the next stages or scenes of this game. The game developers are really creative because they made a game that actually might happen in the near future.

BestPornGames Likes Trials In Tainted Space
  • Character Customization
  • Unique Storyline
  • Browser Ready Game
  • Easy Navigation
  • Sexy Looking Aliens
BestPornGames Hates Trials In Tainted Space
  • Limited Movements
  • No Backgrounds Sounds
  • Dry as Hell Dialogues
  • All Things are In Text
  • No Animation for Sex Scenes