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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Twists Of My Life

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Twists Of My Life

User Rating: 3/5
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Wouldn’t you like to be an alpha male that gets almost every woman he can? Why don’t you delve into this new game we’re about to discuss! Twists of My Life is a visual novel dating simulator-ish 3D game. With its easy-to-understand storyline, top-notch porn scenes, and a hell of a lot of sex without sugar-coating anything, I wouldn’t blame you for anything if you were to just drop your pants to your ankles and just jack off while playing the game!

Twists of My Life was developed by Novel; though they are a small development team, they still managed to release a porn game that gives you 3D porn with no holds barred. What makes Twists of My Life even better is that they advertised it to not have any bad endings or game overs. Instead, you get different endings depending on your choices throughout the game. No game overs with lots of sex? A formula to become one of the best sex games!

Since I’ve already mentioned how this game is a visual novel/dating simulator, then you probably already have an idea as to what game engine has been used to create this masterpiece. Ren’Py has been a staple to creating visual novels of any and every style you can think of! Oh, Twists of My Life is a completed game, so you don’t have to worry about subscribing to a Patreon to wait for any updates. A completed game is always a bonus!

A Completed Game Up For Free Downloads

Disregarding that second-to-last sentence, you actually have to go to Novel’s Patreon page to download the game – don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for the download nor for access to the content. An alternative is just going to and search for the title “Twists of My Life.” I’m sure something will pop up since Fap-Nation is also a great place to download 3D-style visual novels. They’ve been a reliable source for my sex game needs.

You read the sub-heading correctly! It’s a free completed game! You won’t have to spare money out of your card to get this heavenly content, though I do recommend subscribing to Novel’s Patreon if you like the feel of the game. You can get similar games from the same developer anyway, so what’s the harm in dishing out a dollar for some great games?

Anyways, Twists of My Life is a visual novel. Like many of the visual novels we have today, they add many endings to spice up your gameplay more than once! Meaning, there’s an excellent replayability factor for you. In turn, you get more than just one material for your “snake charming” sessions alone in front of your monitor. From what I’ve played, there are 4 different girls for you to mess around with, meaning 4 times the fap material you have!

Go Through A Daily Routine, Switch Things Up With Dates, and Be A Casanova!

Oh, I didn’t mention what kind of character you’ll be playing as a clean-looking(the complete opposite of you shitbags) 21-year-old law school student who was expelled from his previous school because he – let’s just say he just ate and played around with the wrong fruit from the garden of Eden. You move to a family-owned apartment, and you pretty much just have to pay rent like any regular citizen. We carry on from this point onwards in the game.

Why a daily routine? Well, that’s what you’ll be going through most of the time you’re playing. Your day almost always starts out the same way and has this pattern throughout the day, and it always ends up the same way. You start your day by waking up(that much is obvious), you go get yourself cleaned up, eat a little, spend most of the day at school, go home, sleep, and repeat that entire process. Kind of boring, I know.

Make use of your first few days in law school because this is where you’ll be meeting your classmates/schoolmates, so don’t be a fuck up. This goes without saying, but almost all of your classmates are voluptuous women dressed up like harlots – sluts, if you will. With tight shirts, their breasts are just begging to pop out. The characters are just begging for your attention with short skirts or tight dresses, just like any great porn game character will do!

Great Potential Of Replayability Where Your Decisions Are Important

Make sure you don’t fuck up on any of the certain days where you can trigger an event if you want a smooth first playthrough. You’ll know something is up because your routine will be altered in one way or another, and you have to make sure you deal with this change accordingly. You might end up with the story arc that you don’t want. These altered events could be just you running into a classmate or meeting a cute gym instructor.

Twists of My Life is quite the chill game where you don’t really need to channel more than 2 of your working brain cells. You just have to go on dates, do the whole “single and ready to mingle” business, and you know, occasionally have those extremely erotic sex scenes. Don’t worry, I did mention that you’ll have a boring daily routine earlier, but trust me, something will always happen, like catching your slutty roommate masturbating in the living room.

Why are your decisions important? Well, just like the game’s nature in having many different endings, the characters have their own personalities, with different goals and desires. I’m not one to really judge the writing of a game even if it’s iffy, especially after finding out that the developer doesn’t have English as a first language. If the character does a great job of portraying the personality trait they have, then they are a well fleshed-out character for me.

Getting back to the character’s personalities and how they have their own desires and whatnot, you need to sort of a mind reader here and think of what they would like satisfied in bed. You know, with their carnal desires and sexual needs. Meaning it’ll be hard to be the exact type that women want but don’t worry. The saving grace of a walkthrough will help you breeze through the game if you want to quickly get to the boning sessions.

Remember the reason why you got kicked out of your previous school? It was because you were being such a “Chad,” and you decided to go and fuck the wrong girl causing you to get expelled. So, what point am I getting at? Don’t be a fucking Chad again and fuck the wrong girl because you probably don’t want that shit to happen again, right?

My Favorite Features In Twists Of My Life

I always enjoy a porn game that has many different endings since there is a high replayability value. I don’t have to play this game just once, then dump it out because I’ve already had my quick meat-beating session. Having the game change because of your decisions means that you have to savor your time playing, so you don’t fuck up through your first or second playthrough. Not to mention how there isn’t really a bad ending with any of the story arcs.

It’s an easy-to-play and easy-to-understand 3D visual novel, what’s not to like about it? It’s got all of the aspects that make it a wonderful game for 3D porn lovers and a little something for the visual novel lovers out there. Though you do need the help of a walkthrough to progress a little faster and more smoothly in the game, though that is to be expected in visual novel games with a split-ending theme.

My Recommendations For Improvement

I already mentioned one of the issues that could have been improved or maybe just tweaked a little, which is the language issue. Not to be a nit-picker, but I feel like the whole story and character execution would have been better if the developer used proper grammar and better terms. The art also needs a little tweaking despite already being fap-worthy. Maybe they could have made it a little more life-like, something a little more fluid. Perhaps some audio, any fucking audio would have been nice – It felt really awkward without it.


I like the general direction that Twist of My Life has taken. The game has a lot to offer – with the whole many endings thing, which also adds to the replayability factor. As a fan of 3D style visual novels, I feel like Twist of My Life has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention how it is accessible to all – with it being a free game and downloadable and compatible with Android phones. I would give this game a solid 3.5 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes Twists Of My Life
  • Long and enjoyable playthrough.
  • Great replayability factor.
  • Uncensored sex scenes in 3D!
  • Straightforward gameplay.
BestPornGames Hates Twists Of My Life
  • Having no audio makes it awkward.
  • The story writing is a little iffy.
  • Models don’t move fluidly.