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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Ultimate Fighting Girl

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Ultimate Fighting Girl

User Rating: 4/5
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Ultimate Fighting Girl is a rare type of porn game, let me tell you. This game was originally an RPG Maker title. The developer has since grown a lot of sense and moved on to proper game engines. The game was supposed to be entirely 3D, so I’m glad he ditched RPG Maker. It didn’t exactly mesh well with the gameplay, but it got the job done. Now, there are a lot of versions of Ultimate Fighting Girl including a sequel. I won’t talk much about the sequel, but there are several editions of the original game and I’ll try to cover them all. They’re very similar, hell, they’re damn near identical, but they come with different chicks. Or rather, you come on different chicks when you play this game.

Ultimate Fighting Girl, surprise surprise, is a game in which you fight the ultimate female fighter of the time. It’s a standard brawler game. Two people enter the ring and they don’t stop throwing punches and kicks until one of them is down. After that, well, shit gets really hot. You’re a dude and your opponent’s a chick. This world also operates on porn rules, so punching a woman in the face does not land you in prison. Instead, if you punch her enough she gains some sense and realizes that sucking you off is everything she’s been missing in life. So, it’s a game in which you punch women into sex, but like, in a nice and romantic way, with honor and respect.

The Story

I was as surprised as you to learn that Ultimate Fighting Girl actually has a story. It’s a fucking ring brawler, it would have been just fine with no story at all. But, you actually get some quality backstory along with a few cutscenes here and there. It’s nothing glamorous, but it frames the action. At least it explains why you’re fighting a woman. Basically, you’re the best fighter who’s ever lived. Well, the best male fighter at least. You’ve beaten all of the best of the best male fighters and you’re the undisputed master of hand-to-hand combat. That’s until the chicks arrive.

Yes, the best female fighters from around the world flock to you, one at a time, to challenge you for the title of ultimate fighter. You only get one per game, but there’s a few releases, like I mentioned. So, there’s a few chicks gunning for your throne. You accept, of course, because you’re no coward and you face them in the ring. I don’t know if you can call this boxing or if it’s more like mixed martial arts, but it’s definitely not too brutal. I’ve seen some real life cage fights and people dead ass lose teeth during those. They come out of the ring bruised to hell, looking like inflated peaches or some shit. Well, in Ultimate Fighting Girl, you fight without holding back, but somehow, these dainty ass babes remain just as hot as they were before you … punched them in the face.

Combat to Pussy

The fights are kind of twofold. First, every time you make progress in a fight, you get a bit of a reward. It seems that these babes enjoy the idea of being dominated by you so much that when you make actual progress, like, when you manage to down them at least once, they reward you. First it’s a kiss, then there’s a bit of groping and eventually you get hardcore penetration. It comes in stages. You also come in stages.

As the fights get harder and harder, the girl you’re brawling against becomes warmer and your fighting turns into a kind of violent sex play. You’ll get your cock sucked seconds after you’ve gotten kicked in the chest. Shit gets really wild really fast. I like this story because it mixes the actual gameplay in with the sexy stuff. It would suck if they cut away to a cutscene to reward you for beating women. I just think that sends the wrong message, don’t you? So, the idea is that they want to both beat you and be beaten by you, while they’re also hot for your cock. I gotta admit, it’s not a bad world to live in. Plus, I like the idea of earning your pussy.

The Gameplay

This part of Ultimate Fighting Girl is kind of a mixed bag. The fighting is quick and responsive, but it’s so not what you’d expect. You don’t move your dude around the ring and throw punches. This ain’t no Mortal Kombat. No, instead you press button prompts in time. They appear on screen and you press them. That’s it. That’s the gist of the gameplay. You have to be quick otherwise you take damage. You also have the choice between blocking and attacking. There’s even the ability to string attacks together if you’re fast enough. You can pull off some sick combos these way and get to the pussy a lot faster.

All in all, the combat is fun and well thought out. It’s certainly a lot funner than anything else I’ve ever done in an RPG Maker game. Usually it’s all turn based shit that makes me want to kill myself. Besides, not all Ultimate Fighting Girl editions are built as an RPG at all. Some of them, the newer ones, use some other engine. I’m not sure which one. Either way, it let the developer get away with using actual 3D assets instead of pre-rendered ones. This increased the quality of the games tenfold. They still play the same, they’re just smoother. I also think they’re in a higher resolution and with a lot more frames.

Playing One-Handed

Yes, you can fap to Ultimate Fighting Girl. You could probably also fap during the actual fights, but it would be hard. The fights are challenging and you have to use your focus and reflexes. I don’t know how well you can pull that off if you’re bouncing in your seat. But, to each his own. You might as well try it out. Now, there’s a caveat. The girl isn’t nude. This can really cripple the quality of your boner. Plus, you won’t get a stiffy if you’re not into hentai. These babes are 100% 3D hentai. So, if you’re not at least partly weeb, you won’t get sexy vibes from Ultimate Fighting Girl.

On the upside though, if you are a weeb, then this game is … almost what you need. The chicks are all hot and cartoony and their tits flop around in three dimensions. They flop around a lot, especially when they’re swinging punches. Hell, I think they do it on purpose so they distract you and you forget to block shots. Anyways, this is all well and good, but they don’t take their clothes off, at least, not at first. So, for the majority of the fight you’re being assaulted by large cleavage in bouncy motion. There’s no actual nude pussy or nipple to excite you. You have to hold out. You have to punch a woman in the face to see a nipple or pussy and that’s coming way down the line. Exciting.

The Smut and Art

I’d give Ultimate Fighting Girl’s art around 7/10 points on the boner scale. The girls are well drawn and the animations are really smooth, especially considering how janky the overall game is. I mean the original was an RPG Maker game for fuck’s sakes. It’s surprising the game made it this far, if I’m being honest. So the chicks are cute and the backgrounds aren’t half bad either.

This game’s art loses points with me mostly because of the blur. I honestly can’t tell what it is – the whole game just seems blurry. I don’t know if it’s the low resolution or if it wasn’t built for modern screens, but the whole game feels kind of … well, blurry. Also the girls’ eyes never move at all and that freaks me the fuck out, but I stare at their tits most of the time so I manage to ignore it.

Either way, the developer, a dude named Boko, did a great job with Ultimate Fighting Girl, especially when it came to improving with each following title. There are currently over five releases, I think, including the sequels. There are several babes for you to fight and the game just keeps getting better. They’re not episodic or anything. They’re literally several cool fighting games that you can download entirely for free. This dude, Boko, is letting you download each and every one of the games, even today. Plus, he’s got a Patreon set up in case you’d like to throw him a coin or two. It’s always nice to see developers that survive thanks to fan appreciation. And hey, you know I love free porn games.

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  • Quick and exciting gameplay
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  • Kind of blurry and low-res