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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Are you a fan of the unusual? Or simply put it, are you a fan of something out of the ordinary? Especially when it comes to fucking porn. Well, this site may be the one for you, motherfucker. I’ve got a porn portal to satisfy all your unusually horny needs, UnusualPorn.net. It has a lot to offer to whatever porn games and porn videos you’re looking for! If you look at the name of the site, you can clearly say that it is unusual; to have that much porn game! It’s fucking ridiculous! You might go crazy if you see how much porn games they have stored for you to enjoy! So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

Initial Impressions of UnusualPorn

I instinctively noticed that it was the vast amount of games they offer; it is the best platform for me; this is my ever-go-to-porn site. Your mind is going over the selection of porn on the page. If you’re of those fucking horny bitches who get excited easily when they see nude people, then I warn you; if you visit this place, you’re going to get wild. In fact, it is one of the strongest in terms of domain management. Come forward to think about playing.

A Kinky Haven for Porn Games

Unusualporn.net has a crazy repertoire with games where I don’t feel I want the best. There are various styles to enjoy the porn games provided by the platform. You have a wide variety of sex games for various kinds of fetishes. The games are categorized from the current and are patched for the new porn titles. When you’re not hunting for new ones, you should filter it through the most played games by playing the game others want. Horny bitches like you don’t find it challenging to get to the porn pages, because they are ranked at the top. Clicking on the porn games should give you an index in the genre in sex, pornographic games and hentai play. From now on, you can fap into whatever game you like.

There Are Also Videos Here

Do you have to refresh your head back into the game? UnusualPorn has got your motherfucking back. The platform also provides extremely contented porn games and videos. Even the fucking content is rated by the users by how fucking good it is. You just have to conquer the genre and clean your cum filled asses. In order to show the whole stream, you must also download the footage, but when you have little time to do so, there is a 6-minute sample to appreciate, but is this really not enough? You’ll be the fucking judge.

What’s So Fucking Unusual With It

Alright, unless you’re a user, you can probably not see the goddamn porn on this page. First, you have to become a FileMonsters user or some fuck to show porn videos in their entirety. As the page let me do that, I’ve been watching some videos. These porn previews were HD, featured some hot ladies, and okay. Porn tons are also accessible for lesbian, bi, female, and BDSM men. It’s good that UnusualPorn has placed all the horrible pussy on their platform to make sure each pussy is horrible. Still, I have no idea why they used the name UnusualPorn, there’s nothing unusual with this site.

I didn’t mention anything about the porn in the above segment because I decided to see if porn was that special and then inform you here. I’ve seen nearly 20 porn videos, many of which can be located conveniently on a porn tube web home page! There is no porn on this site that I have found that could be considered unusual at all. I don’t know whether UnusualPorn felt it was because of porn or the odd and unusable style that they should name their websites.

All the Shit Is Categorized

I just love everything that is on the site. I love how easy it is to navigate around the site. Since everything is categorized, getting to the game that you like will be as easy as taking candy from a baby. Being easy located made it a little bit hard for me, why? Because it gave me a headache by choosing which game I should start playing first. Everything is just too tempting to play! But luckily, I was able to go around this dilemma by starting with the games that are aligned to my fetish. Yes! Fucking finally.

What I Like About the Site

Okay, let me be the fucking first to say the UnusualPorn isn’t really that unusual. I mean, it’s a fucking porn site, for Pete’s sake. If I were to name this shit, I would call it common porn. Why? Because it’s probably the same as the rest of the porn game sites. Anyway, the site is actually user-friendly overall. I mean, only a fucking idiot would able to misunderstand any of the shit that’s going on on the page. Moreover, the overall layout is actually quite amazing. I’m giving the developers my self-made seal of fucking approval for this one. I immediately appreciated the site as soon as it opened in front of my fucking eyes.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that navigating through the site’s pile of awesome shit is really a fucking breeze. I can clearly see that the developers did put an extra effort into organizing all of the contents, thus giving the users convenience of looking for the particular porn game that they fucking love. Of course, it’s fucking needed because there are literally fuck-tons of porn games and videos in this site, and I really mean a whole fucking lot. Not to mention the site itself is also available across various platforms. Windows, Mac, and Mobile platforms, this site has it fucking covered.

Recommendations for Improvements

Now, let’s get to the fucking complaints that I have with this site. I’m not saying that this site is a complete fucking dump, it’s just the site can really need some fucking makeover like the ugly bitches do to cover up their ugly-ass faces. Anyway, the first order of business, the fucking videos. Having porn videos among a massive pile of porn games in a single platform is cool and all, but what I’m actually complaining about here is that you can’t view the whole fucking video on the spot. You’re only going to get a quick preview on what the show is (like any other porn site). You have to fucking download the fucking thing to completely see the video.

Furthermore, I can clearly see that there are barely any Flash-based games on the site. However, I have noticed that there are games that should be Flash-based, judging by the fucking quality of it. And the worst part? You have to fucking download the whole thing just to play the fucking game. For Pete’s sake, it’s a porn game built for a quick fapping session, and I have to fucking download it first like a fucking idiot. Not to mention that there are no previews or brief description of the games, I have to fucking play it first before knowing what I’m getting myself into. It fucking sucks. Also, the layout is a bit outdated. Still, the developers can improve this if they change what I fucking complained about.


UnusualPorn.net is a wonderful website with many outstanding features in general. This will be on your top 100 websites anytime you choose to enter. There’s no problem wasting time here. Considering the number of videos and games held within it, it loads rapidly on the web. The database includes several specific categories from which anyone may select. The platform is accessible through your cell phone or your device. The videos and games can be accessed easily and clearly. Since there are no membership requirements, we can pick any game or video we want to play anywhere.

This platform has the best fucking template I’ve ever seen. The backdrop is neon pink and provides instant exposure, so you will have to wear shades if you were to fucking jerk off on this site. But there isn’t any need to wank on this porn site. There is no porn on this site that I would consider unusual. Basically, on a porn tube platform, all of the content here is quickly identified. Unusual Porn, I am sad to admit, isn’t exactly worth your effort! Don’t get me wrong, some porn is fine, but I wouldn’t bother with hoops and the horrible style!

BestPornGames Likes UnusualPorn
  • A user-friendly site
  • The overall layout is amazing
  • Navigating through it is a breeze
  • Fuck-ton of pornographic games and clips
  • Available on various platforms
BestPornGames Hates UnusualPorn
  • Videos need to be downloaded to view the full version
  • Games have to be downloaded to be playable
  • No previews on the games
  • The layout is a bit outdated