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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Uprising is a Gritty Superhero Game Full of Choices by Kaliyo

We all want to be the hero. I know you pathetic betas try and be the white knight in any forum board that you come across. You are the supposed protectors of the female gender, even if you do go and jerk off later as you call them foids on your incel group chat. But, hey, that’s neither here nor there. All I’m saying is that you fucks relish the idea of saving a babe from evil. Who can blame you? I think about the same shit. I’d love to have super strength, flight, or whatever the fuck else would get me even more pussy. I’ve already got the charisma and dick to back it up. You can live out that fantasy with the game I have for you guys today. It’s called Uprising. It’s all about playing as some fuck who stumbles across a strange serum that turns him into a superhero, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself here. Let’s dial it back and talk about this game’s development history. I’ll be straight with you fucks—it seems as though the game has been abandoned by the Kaliyo, the developer.

Access to the Game Will Cost You a Staggering $25 Patreon Contribution

It started out pretty strong in 2017, but it hasn’t been updated since January of 2018. Now, despite being abandoned there’s still a fuck ton of content. I just think he stopped updating it when his other project Roundscape Adorevia went fucking viral. If I were bringing in 14k on my Patreon, then I might ditch that shit too. It’ll take a p[ledge of 25 bucks or more on Patreon.com/Roundscape to get yourself a copy of this game. That sounds steep, but you do get access to all of this fuck’s games for that price. Let’s see if it’s worth the steep asking price. You play as a dude named Chris who is just skating by in life. He’s a bartender at the local bar. He’s got a studio apartment. You’re just out there living your best life when you get a strange phone call from your sister, who has been pretty shady and elusive lately. She’s working on some strange project that she can’t tell you shit about. But this phone call sounds frantic, and she asks you to rush over to her apartment to help her.

Will You Embrace Your New Superpowers or Use them for Evil?

You’re too late. The place has been ransacked and your sister is nowhere to be found. You find a strange serum with a note about how you maybe, probably shouldn’t inject it into you. But it also says to not let anyone get their hands on it no matter what. So, when your girlfriend who happens to be a detective bursts through the door and demands you drop it, well, you have a decision to make. Do you take it or hand it over? I injected that shit, but there’s some interesting stuff that happens if you don’t. I don’t want to go spoiling it for you story-loving fucks out there. I’ll just give you the low-down on my choice. I picked super strength as my power because screw any other lame-ass powers. You run into these thugs who kidnap a girl right in front of you. I beat through wave after wave of them in their hideout and rescued the babe. And, of course, she agrees to suck your dick right there as payment for saving her life.

Fight Bad Guys in Real-Time!

This game has an interesting mix of gameplay elements. You get a lot of story choices, and many of the scenes feel like something out of a visual novel. But then you have real-time combat where you have to use your powers to beat the fuck out of people. They made a good choice with this combat system. It’s fast-paced. It’s challenging. It feels so fucking satisfying, too. You explore these dungeon-style buildings and areas that are full of bad guys, puzzles, and fuckable babes! That’s a damn good trifecta in my book. Uprising looks fantastic. I dug the western illustration style that they take. It looks like something out of a gritty graphic novel, which this game kind of is. This isn’t a game where you become the shining example of hero justice. You’re a deep, dark vigilante struggling with the side effects of this strange and powerful serum. On that same note, the writing is great. The characters feel real and dynamic. The descriptions are solid. The setting is immersive. They did a damn good job with the story in this one. It’s a shame that it got abandoned before the world and the plot could be fully realized.

Fap to Uncensored, Lightly-Animated Sex Scenes!

But I know you horny gamers want nothing more than to hear about the sex scenes. Don’t worry, I’ve got the scoop. Each one will be fully animated, well, kind of. It’s the kind of animation where there’s one repetitive movement that is sped up or slowed down. You don’t get fluid animations where these babes move around or anything like that. That being said, these scenes are still fappable as fuck. It’s all uncensored. The art style is incredibly hot and detailed. And you get loads of kinky sound effects to boost your immersion to the next level! I just wish these scenes were a tad more frequent. It, generally, took me around half an hour to unlock each scene. It’s slow going, but the story and combat make up for that a bit. I just found myself getting impatient waiting to see some bitch get fucked by my super cock. But it could be worse. At least you’re getting some solid scenes to jerk your dick to. I can’t say the same about some of the other abandoned titles out there.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I really enjoyed the premise of this game. It’s fucking unique, that’s for damn sure. I don’t see any other gritty superhero games out there that you can fap to. That alone puts this game ahead of a lot of the competition. And the developer actually managed to execute on the idea without fucking it up. The story is engaging. The characters are dynamic. The art style is detailed and immersive. It really feels like the world outside of your character and story is alive. I don’t get that feeling from most other games in the genre. While the sex scenes aren’t technically fully-animated, they are fapworthy as fuck. The scenes are full of detail and hot sound effects that will drive you horny bastards wild. Each one will be uncensored and have multiple lightly animated scenes for you to get off to. Most of them will also have line after line of erotic dialog. It’s fucking great. This dude knows how to craft a sexy fuck scene.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

The sex scenes take a little while to make their appearance. You get a scattering of them throughout the game, but I found myself wanting more. I think having some plain illustrations to bridge the space between fully-fledged scenes would have been a good idea. Also, please, for the love of everything please increase the walking speed. You move around so fucking slow in the dungeons. Sure, you can get a little bit of a speed boost by “running.” But that barely does a damn thing. It takes forever to traverse these expansive areas, especially if you happen to go the wrong way a few times. It can quickly get infuriating.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Uprising is a damn good superhero game. It’s on the cusp of being a must-play, but I can’t take it to that level since it’s been abandoned. There’s almost no hope of any new updates, fixes, or features to come down the pipeline. The creator has moved on to bigger and better things that you should definitely check out. But, as for this game, I still highly recommend it for those of you out there looking for a kinky superhero game with a gritty story and dynamic characters. But the real question is if you can afford the high asking price to get your hands on it. Personally, I think they need to lower that price to somewhere in the 5 dollar range.

BestPornGames Likes Uprising
  • A gritty story full of dynamic characters
  • The fun real-time combat system
  • Loads of important choices to make that shape the story
  • Uncensored, lightly-animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Uprising
  • A very steep $25 asking price
  • Sex scenes take a while to unlock