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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Urban Demons

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Urban Demons

User Rating: 4/5
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Urban Demons is a Kinky Hypno-Fetish Game With Heavy Incest Themes

Sometimes it’s nice to relive your younger, more innocent days. Though I don’t know if any of you degenerates could have been considered “innocent.” You were probably checking out your Mom’s cleavage and spying on your sister when she showered for as long as you’ve been alive. Some of you poor fucks just can’t seem to help yourselves. Either way, there’s something nostalgic about the horniness of youth. It was a time when you fap-addicts didn’t need to watch anal-gape amputee porn just to get your micro-cock at half-mast.

So, I went out and found a game that captured that youthful lust. That’s a weird fucking sentence. Remind me never to say that shit again. Anyway, the game is called Urban Demons. It’s been in development since 2016 by this kinky fuck that calls himself Nergal’s Nest. The game just launched the “the end” version of the game here in June 2020. So, yeah, this shit has been churning through the development cycle for nearly five years now.

Download the Recently Completed Version of the Game for Free!

Thankfully, this game won’t cost you a goddamn dime. I couldn’t even find a Patreon for this cuck. I think he’s the first developer I’ve run into in a while that didn’t have one. Man, fuck that. I’d be raking in dosh anyway I could if I put nearly 5 years into a project. You can find a free download for the game over at Nergalsnest.blogspot.com. It’s that easy. Just head on over there to read about the game and get your copy!

This game has a wild premise. Like any good RPG Maker game, it starts off with one of your parent’s deaths. Seriously, porn games just love killing off the father. It cracks me up. You’re playing as a younger kid named Peter Solomon who is on his way to live with his Mom and Sister since his Dad passed away. Talk about a bummer. At least they live in a dope city where there’s a lot of places to explore.

Recover from a Sudden Car Crash that Grants you Mysterious, Kinky Powers

You arrive and are crossing the street to meet up with them when you get hit by a goddamn car. You know, I can’t say that I expected that particular twist. You’re transported to this strange dark-realm that might be hell. I don’t want to give too much away. A strange voice asks you a series of questions about how you want to approach the game. I really liked this. It fit the thematics of the game while giving you some pretty big choices.

You can decide if you want to have more in-depth romance choices or if you want to skip that shit in favor of simple dialog lines. You can decide if you want to be naughty, nice, or make every choice as it comes to you. You can even choose to take out mini-games if you don’t want to, you know, play the goddamn game. These options are good for those of you who are impatient and just want to get to the hot sex scenes as quickly as humanly possible.

Explore, Meet Hot Babes, and Decide if You’ll be Naughty or Nice

Thankfully, the car crash doesn’t kill you. You wake up in the hospital and get to go home. It’s just that, well, everyone is a lot more attractive to you now. You find yourself getting rock hard at the very thought of your mom or sister. Yeah, that’s right, this game has a lot of content for you incest-loving freaks out there. Though there are many more characters that you can take to pound town. You’re not limited to just your busty family members.

The game revolves around going to school, meeting new people, and finding ways to get your dick wet. You’ll need to find special items to give to certain people in order to unlock scenes. All of your usual fetch-quest shit that comes standard with RPG Maker games. Though Urban Demons does break up the monotony up a bit by having some small, engaging mini-games. They really help the pacing of the game feel natural. Plus, I’m here to play something. I don’t want to just click my way to victory or whatever with no real challenge.

Every Babe has Absolutely Massive Tits

Oh, and I hope you like big tits. It’s the main selling point of this game. Every single slut in this fucking story has such massive, gravity-defying, mouth-watering milkers. It’s insane. I like big-titted bitches as much as the next fapper, but, man, even I have my limits. I’d like to see a few babes with slightly different body types. Where are my athletic girls? Where are the petite bitches? Where are the sluts with big booties? Adding in some more types of girls would help draw more horny fappers into the game.

The writing is pretty solid. I found myself getting more engaged in the story than I thought I would be. The whole otherworldly realm aspect of the game starts becoming a bigger role as you get further into the story. You even get some magical abilities that make getting laid much, much easier. After all, you’ll need a little bit of help if you’re to get your stuck-up prude of a sister to ride your dick.

Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

But enough about all of that shit. You horny fappers are dying to know about the sex scenes. They’re fully animated and uncensored! And, man, I’m a big fan of this art style. It’s got a high-quality, glossy cartoonish look to it. You get to see every curve and motion of these bodacious bitches. Though you cucks should know that the whole game is built around shota porn. I’m sure your kid is somehow 18+, but be prepared for those scenes. And there are loads of different fetishes packed into this game. Drugging, hypnosis, rape, incest, and dozens more. It’s fucking wild.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Man, this game has some crazy fetish content. I’ll be honest, shota incest porn isn’t usually my go-to when looking to jerk off. But I know some damn good porn when I see it. You horny gamers are going to go fucking wild when you get to see this kinky shit. Plus, every single scene has amazing, fluid animations that will blow you away. Again, you’ll be in fucking nirvana as long as you like big babes with huge tits. And, well, who the fuck doesn’t?

Also, the gameplay was pretty damn solid. Sure, a lot of sounds and assets are your basic RPG Maker shit, but the premise was fairly well executed. There are plenty of areas to explore and characters to talk to without the world feeling too overwhelming. Some porn games just give you too many places to go, and I end up getting lost. I hate that shit. Give me a handful of places and a clear direction. That’s all I need.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I would have liked to see some more unique assets, especially in terms of audio. I hate when you get the same basic-ass menu sounds that every RPG Maker game has. I also wish that you had a start menu. I couldn’t fucking find one. You can quicksave by hitting F5, but I would have liked some audio toggles for sound effects. The controls, in general, were confusing. Finding out that “s” enabled running took me fucking forever. I would recommend throwing in a control cheat sheet. You know, that thing that every other game has?

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Urban Demons is a fetish-filled shota incest game that you degenerates will fucking love. It’s a solid game on every front. The visuals are stunning. The hot babes all have massive tits. The gameplay is pretty seamless, and the pacing is on-point. Hell, this game even manages to have a surprisingly engaging story in it. Oh, and every single scene will be fully animated and uncensored. You can’t beat that. Oh, wait, yes you can. It’s also free! Stop whatever boring shit you’re doing and go download this awesome game.

BestPornGames Likes Urban Demons
  • Hypno, incest, rape, and shota fetish themes
  • A wild, twisting story focused on player choices
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • It’s completely free to download and play!
  • Dozens of hot babes to fuck
BestPornGames Hates Urban Demons
  • The control scheme is a tad clunky
  • Basic RPG Maker audio assets