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Updated on 15 January 2020
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There ain’t nothing more reliable and trustworthy than a random reviewer on the internet trying to get you to play a self-proclaimed “best sex game” on the internet, right? Totally. Anyways, why don’t I get straight into telling you more about this previously mentioned best sex game? Actually, I’m not sure if this is really a game or not, but what I do know is that this is a pretty cool virtual world that has anything and everything in 3D. Utherverse.

It’s a little social media network that you can use if you want to leave the currently shitty world and the reality that we live in. Utherverse is probably the world that you can go to if you don’t have the cool Virtual Reality gear that a lot of people seem to own. Why wouldn’t you want to become a persona that you created online to avoid how shitty your life is right now, am I right? Oh, but before you get into that world, do listen to what I have to say.

Utherverse is the utopia that you can go to if you want to get into a pseudo-reality with almost all of the adult activities in real life. You know, the services of nightclubs, bars, love hotels, adult movie theaters, and a fuckton of hot and heavy action. Utherverse is the perfect place for lonely perverted fucks like you and me to escape to because that’s probably the closest we could ever get to getting our dicks wet. Or you could go for the social aspect.

My Experience With The Website

Here we go with another “freemium” service from a game that doesn’t really have world-changing features. I mean, sure you get a good base experience, but you won’t get the full package and the full enjoyment of the game unless you get the premium VIP membership. They’re going to charge you for all of the premium services you chose, which is quite a lot because many of those services aren’t available in the standard “free” membership.

So, in order to create your own identity in a virtual world like Utherverse, it’s pretty much a standard for you to create your personal account. Within that account, you’d have to choose some edgy or very basic username and gender that will be assigned to your 3D avatar. You’re going to have to go through the basic shit of creating an account with the whole email and password mumbo-jumbo, but it’ll be smooth sailing from that point onwards.

You do need to download the 3D software in which the whole Utherverse world runs through, opening the software will take you to the welcome screen. From the welcome screen, you can choose the destination you wish to travel to or escape to, like a Red Light District based on the actual area in Amsterdam, Virtual Vancouver, and last but not least, Rude Virtual. If you want the adult experiences, then I suggest getting the full premium VIP membership.

What’s great about the virtual world of Utherverse is that it kind of actually reflects how most sexual relationships are created. You know, if you aren’t a douchebag asshat, you can pretty much get into bed with anyone – you could only wish that it were that easy. If you’re in the right places and in the right element, you can have virtual sex with anyone, even with sex workers for a low, low price of just $10 dollars – in-game or not, that’s pretty cheap!

The Annoying Paywall Of Utherverse

A virtual world where you get to have endless virtual sex with anyone and everyone is a bit too powerful, don’t you think? The developers’ solution to this little dilemma was setting up a paywall to stop the freeloading, shut-in losers from abusing whatever they can get in the game. Though there are numerous ways in which Utherverse incorporated the sexual content for the standard free users, like a movie theater streaming porn and other things of the like.

Not only are you paying for the sexual content, but you are also paying for the greater graphics and limitless character customizability. Utherverse is basically The Sims if it were a game that can get all of the characters to fuck and interact with each other in English! If you have a fat wallet and a lot of spare money to spend, then I’m not against you paying a little for the premium VIP membership to get all of the sexy content that Utherverse offers.

The Possibilities That A Premium VIP Membership Can Offer

As I already highlighted to you a fuckton of times – only if you paid attention to what I was saying until this point. Then you would know that there are a shitload more things you could do with the full premium VIP membership. Having that full membership gives you the choice of interacting and having sex with all of the other characters in the game – which is probably the only reason you even downloaded this “best sex game,” right?

You get all of the erotic animations and sex features with the premium VIP membership, which ultimately increases your overall enjoyment. Not only do you get the sexy, erotic shit, but you also get access to areas that are exclusive to those who even had the balls to waste money on a seemingly worthless membership. You get a nice feature with your friends in Utherverse, which is to get naked with them, whoop-de-doo.

Again, we’re talking about a virtual world that is only relevant because of the very option that I have kept talking about for the last 6 paragraphs. You get to have hot and heavy virtual sex in top-tier 3D graphics with pretty much anyone and everyone you please. However, it’s far from an actual simulation for you. It’s probably the most action you’ll get if you want to become somewhat promiscuous.

What I Like About Utherverse

Getting into the virtual world of Utherverse is basically getting into an open-world sandbox where you’re free to do whatever you want, even having sex with anyone that you encounter. Having that freedom in a game like this is pretty fucking amazing, especially in these trying times with the whole quarantining bullshit. In our current situation, where going out for sexual pleasure is very difficult, Utherverse has bypassed that dilemma with what they offer.

For those who can’t afford or just don’t want to buy the premium VIP membership, then you can still use Utherverse for its social media aspect. All of the members on here, be it free or premium, are quite welcoming and very accommodating, helping you whenever you need it and giving you advice if you ask for it. This friendly environment actually gives you the option to escape into the virtual world where you have a connection with everyone else.

What I Don’t Like About Utherverse

The one major thing that a lot of people can probably agree with me on is the fucking paywall of the game. It’s bad enough that just their free membership and content of the game is way too bare and not substantial, but the majority of the good shit is blocked by a 20-30 dollar paywall. I mean, probably the main reason why people decided to download this game was for the whole sexual content. Still, because of the paywall, they can’t experience it.

There’s also the graphic quality. Yeah sure, they have an open-world virtual sandbox where you connect with people, but the graphics look like something the developers pulled out of the 1990s Tomb Raider. It doesn’t look very appealing. If it looks pretty shit, to begin with, how can I enjoy the sexual content if I finally decide to get the full premium VIP membership? Shitty graphics equals shitty overall gameplay experience.

The user interface and controls are probably going to be your very first obstacles when playing the game. Forget the exclusive content. If you can’t even control your character properly, then what’s the point of even playing the damn game in the first place, right? This learning curve will probably keep the new players from staying on the game. The easiest solution to that little problem is by making the game fucking easier to play!


If you’re part of the more mature audiences who somehow manage to tune into these random porn game reviews, you probably have the high patience to even deal with a game like this. If you’re more mature and can deal with Utherverse, then you have the money to get the full experience. If you’re the complete opposite, then I don’t know what to tell you. You stumbled upon the game and found out that it was shit; that’s just on you, buddy.

BestPornGames Likes Utherverse
  • It’s an open-world sandbox
  • A lot of sexual content to go through
  • A welcoming community
BestPornGames Hates Utherverse
  • Shitty background music
  • The damn paywall
  • The 1990s Tomb Raider graphics