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Updated on 15 January 2020
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A lot of porn games have their own dedicated subreddits, but not are nearly as important as VAMScenes. This sub is basically a must-visit destination if you want to enjoy Virt-A-Mate. That’s what the acronym stands for, if that wasn’t clear. The game is one of if not the greatest sex simulators in VR. Hell, it’s possibly the best VR porn game to date. I’ve talked about it at length before, so I won’t get into the specifics of how the game works. It’s super-hot and you can do damn near anything you’d like. But, unlike other porn games, Virt-A-Mate is entirely dependent on its subreddit to stay alive. Why? Well, because the game comes with next to no premade assets inside. Yes, there are a few demos that come out with each version, but if you’ve paid for Virt-A-Mate, the last thing you want to see is that you’re going to run out of content in a matter of days. Then, you’d have to make your own content. I mean, literally, you would have to make your own babes, in a very unintuitive and difficult to use interface. The game’s editor feels more like a programming engine than a tool. It’s not polished. It feels like something you’d need an engineering degree to handle. That’s where the sub comes in. The sub is the best place to find other people’s content being hosted for you to enjoy. So, if you’re looking to bang more than just the stock models in Virt-A-Mate, you need VAMScenes.

Custom Models

This is probably how VAMScenes first took off. People realized that the game encourages you to make your own 3D babes, inject them into the game then fuck their brains out. All the 3D-savvy modelers jumped on the opportunity to have their babes included in the game and fucked by as many perverts as possible. For some reason that I do not entirely understand, pervert modelers love the idea of other dudes cumming to their creations. I guess it’s kind of like parenting, but like, extremely weird and confusing. I am not complaining, though. They’re giving us tons of hot babes to fuck in VR. I’m grateful. So, VAMScenes quickly became the premier destination for people to share their creations with the world. Whenever a modeler would make a particularly sexy babe, they’d showcase her on the sub. Partly, this was so that they could get input on how to make their babes better. But, partly it was about sharing her with everyone so that they could inject her into their own game. The game welcomes external 3D models and they’re more or less easy to rig to work within the game, if you know what you’re doing. It’s not the type of thing you want to be doing every time you play the game, but if you’re a modeler, you’re used to rigging babes to skeletons, so they do all the hard work. You just download a ready-to-go file of a babe and she’s fuckable in the game. It’s literally that simple.

Tons of Scenes

You’ll notice VAMScenes has scenes, not models. That’s because Virt-A-Mate loads entire rooms for you, along with environment assets and a bunch of settings. It’s the complete experience. Now, you can make a model and just plop her into an empty nothingness, that’s fine too. But, more often than not, people will also prepare a scene. It’s also important to keep in mind that the scene contains all the info about where the girl is standing and what she is doing. A model in this game is completely useless if she’s just standing there. I mean, you could grope her or whatever, but what if you want to fuck? Also, what if you want her to actually move like a real woman. Well, you can’t have that with just the bare model. You need a scene. You can see this behavior in all of the demos. You get the same experience with the scenes you grab over on VAMScenes. The idea is, the girl comes with one or more sexual positions in an environment that’s perfect for some sexy times. So, you can load her in and have her bent over, ready to take your cock and also ready to sway back and forth in response to your body weight. They even add moaning and voice lines sometimes, but that’s rare. Most of these guys are dudes and they can’t be assed to hire actual voice actresses. But, getting ready free voice assets isn’t out of the question. I’m sure there are tons of clips of girls moaning out there.

Paying Cash

Making models is hard work. Animating them in perfect sexy scenes is even harder. That’s why almost every single person that’s making babes on VAMScenes expects to be paid before they give you access to the goods. Luckily, they’re not selling them one by one, that would be even more expensive. No, they went for a smarter approach. Most of them have their own Patreons where you can pledge to pay them regularly. This works great, because if you find a guy with a particularly high level of talent at making 3D pussy, you can get his entire collection with one pledge. On the other hand, this is kind of annoying if you want to get a bunch of different babes. You’d have to pay a bunch of different dudes at once. Plus, getting 10 babes from 10 different creators is several times more expensive than the actual money you paid on Virt-A-Mate. You can kind of make the argument that this is unfair. I mean, you paid the big bucks for a proper VR game and now they’re telling you that you have to pay extra for every girl. It feels like a scam. I can pretty much guarantee, though, that the developers are not to blame. It’s not like they planned this. They made an amazing simulator that gives you all the ability to make your own pussy. Plus, they included a bunch of ready assets for you to have fun with. There are more than a dozen babes packaged with the game with several rooms and scenes to explore. But, the community realized that they can cash in on quality productions and that’s exactly what they did. VAMScenes has turned into a marketplace because of this. I mean sure, you can go on the sub for inspiration, to sift through all the creations. But, if you want to see them in your game, you have to pay up. It’s very depressing, but I guess Virt-A-Mate is a game for the rich.

Everyone’s Pretty Damn Nice

I’d be surprised if people dared to be mean on this sub, considering most of them are out for your money. So, I was glad to see they’re in fact quite respectful. They take your suggestions into consideration, they answer questions and they’re more than willing to show you screenshots of their work. Plus, you can use the sub to just chat with people about the game’s features and get to know more about Virt-A-Mate. It’s not just a marketplace, that just happens to be the most common use of the sub. It’s also worth noting that the sub is fucking huge. Virt-A-Mate really is proving to be the greatest sexual VR experience currently on the market and I’m quite glad about that. The game is very hot and it’s very well coded. I tried it on a mid-range PC and it worked like an absolute dream. No lag, no dependencies, no fuss. I just ran it and it worked. Plus, the damn thing auto-updates itself whenever there’s a new version and the devs update it regularly. I’d pretty much insist that you join the sub and follow the updates if you own the game. It feels essential. Even if you don’t spend a single cent on the custom scenes from the sub, you still need to see what other people are doing with the game. It will give you a ton of ideas on how to enjoy yourself inside the game. Plus, you’ll see the extent of the features. The demos within the game don’t really show you the full range of the possibilities. It’s the community that’s making this game an absolute timeless legend. As for the developers, well, they’re not affiliated with the sub, but they are a part of it. They’re there, always listening, posting updates and chatting with the community. I guess they’re really glad that so many people care about their game. I don’t know how they feel about all the asset selling, but it’s not like anyone’s trying to sell their work. People are just marketing their models, for use inside Virt-A-Mate. It’s the perfect porn ecosystem. If you have the money to spare, browse this sub and get your hands on some quality VR pussy.

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