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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Violated Heroine

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Violated Heroine

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Playing and drowning in porn games is the only way for you to forget that you’re a virgin and a lifeless motherfucker who lives in his mother’s basement with a life-sized sex doll. If you want to change your ways and start to feel better about yourselves, I can’t help you. What I can help you with is providing you with another porn game that you’ll most likely spend most of your time on and keep cumming your balls dry. If you like erotic 2D action games and RPG, you’re going to have a blast playing Violated Heroine.

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the porn game’s title is Violated Heroine. Violated Heroine is an erotic 2D action RPG about a young country girl aspiring to be the best adventurer. Although the original game is in Japanese, you search around the deepest corners of the internet to find an English version. A group of anonymous individuals created the game using the RPG Maker 2000 engine and abandoned the game’s development after a while. As a result, the translation of the game is incomplete, and even most parts of the game are incomplete as you progress. Fortunately, various game developers continued the translation and the storyline of the game, but it’s still far from complete.

Putting all that incomplete shit aside. Violated Heroine is a fun erotic RPG because you can find various elements from different game developers in Violated Heroine. So, if you’re not a bitch about playing an incomplete game and love RPG filled with erotic hentai sluts, start warming your dicks. On the other hand, if you’re a sensitive thumb-sucking virgin who always bitches about low-quality artwork and RPG gameplay, then fuck off to another porn game. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with this highly porn-tertaining review.

Violated But Still A Heroine

Violated Heroine’s main characters are Nanako and Serena. Nanako is an ambitious waifu who strives to be a brave heroine, conquering ruler, and a warrior loved by many. Nanako didn’t know about the real world because there are plenty of evil human beings and monsters with sex-crazed minds. All these factors that could happen to Nanako troubles her mind as she’s an innocent maiden who’s fighting extremely hard to protect her chastity. The world of Violated Heroine is vast, and everywhere you go poses a danger to your hymen, that could turn your character into a decadent slut.

The other main character is Serena Grazia, the second daughter of a royal house of nobles, who is off on an adventure after being unable to find her family’s heirloom. Serena has to retrieve their family’s treasure to honor her royal name. However, Serena is too chivalrous, dignified, and refined that she has no idea of what the outside world is like and the danger of the lecherous environment can do to her. You have to do everything you can to be two steps ahead of the sex-crazed villains and predatory monsters to prevent Serena from losing herself to the tide of temptation.

Since the game is incomplete, Violated Heroine would find itself in the hands of porn game developers with creative minds to improve the game and add their kinks. One result of these improvements is the addition of a few more heroines. The goal of the game is to set off on an adventure while saving yourself from predatory men and monsters who aren’t only after your life but also your vagina, anus, and mouth. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which action your heroine should take. You have to keep in mind that a simple mistake in the field or within the seedy towns can instantly put your heroine’s precious holes at risk.

With the previous paragraph in mind, the game’s greatest challenge is to keep your chosen heroine’s hymen unharmed. But, since you heartless motherfucking virgins have the wildest fantasies and the craziest minds, you’re probably going to let monsters and men gangbang your heroine. Since the various game developers passed the game around and added their features and kinks, you can find various fetishes in Violated Heroine. One of those prominent features is that humans can take your heroine’s virginity and cephalopods, dragons, dogs, goblins, orcs, slimes, and many more.

Even though the game is in 2D and not the modern, high-quality artwork, you’ll enjoy plenty of hot pixel-grinding action. One of the unique features in Violated Heroine is that the more your heroine receives hard fucking, the more she’ll crave that sensation. I also admire how realistic the fucking is because first-time sex experience is always painful and traumatic. But, the more the sex-crazed monster and predatory villains fuck the heroine, the more the fucking becomes enticing and pleasurable.

The Gameplay

Since the game is about heroines’ adventure, there are plenty of quests available for your heroine to get stronger, earn money, and learn more skills. Before you start a particular quest, you have to read a quest book to get an idea of what the quest is about and immediately head to the guild master to start the quest. Another problem that might arise when starting a quest from a specific guild is that several guilds require you to become a member. The only way you can join a guild is to speak to their guild master, which will also ask a few gold coins from you for the membership fee.

There are also several side jobs that you can take, such as dancing at the local tavern, tutoring a few children while their mother is away, or hunting for groups of monsters. But, there’s a twist. The twist with these side jobs is that there’s always fucking, blowjobs, gangbangs, rape, anals, or anything sexual involved. For instance, if you tutor a group of kids in the morning, you can teach them a couple of naughty things at night. Another example is if you hunt for a group of monsters, there’s always a chance that they’ll capture you and eventually fuck you to turn you into their brood mother.

Combat System

Violated Heroine has a combat system that is different from the typical turn-based battles of action RPG. Instead, the game has real-time grid-based battles where the enemy you encounter has to move one square at a time and can only attack you by going to your current square. The combat system is weird, but you can always think of it as playing chess. The enemy won’t only attack you to deal damage; they also attempt to remove your clothing one at a time. With that in mind, if your heroine becomes surrounded by a group of enemies, your heroine can get naked in no time.

If your heroine is nude during a battle, monsters and predatory villains will always fuck you. Consequently, failing to beat an enemy or a group of enemies will lead them to fuck the brains out of your heroine.

Birth System

I mentioned earlier that monsters and humans could impregnate you, and that’s true. After every sexual intercourse, your heroine will always have interesting side-effects that could hinder her maximum performance. Further, if monsters and humans always fuck your heroine that always ends with a creampie, your heroine will become pregnant in no time. The offspring can only receive the traits of the last person or monster that fuck you last.

I find the birth system interesting because you’ll notice your heroine will begin to have signs that the fetus is developing. You’ll notice that whenever your heroine wakes up in the morning, she’ll feel nauseous. Aside from that, you’ll also notice the spontaneous presence of fat in her stomach.

What I Like About the Game

There are plenty of things to like about Violated Heroine, despite the game being incomplete and outdated. One of the most likable factors about the game is that there’s always sexual intercourse happening. Although it’s quite sadistic that there is rape, gangbang, and all that sexual assault is happening in the world of Violated Heroine. You can’t resist the fact that all of those sexual intercourses are pleasurable, especially with the theme of the game.

Moreover, I commend the game developers for adding their features to the game, given that the original group of anonymous developers abandoned the game.

My Recommendations for Improvement

I doubt that various developers will add more shit to Violated Heroine, but if there’s one thing that they have to improve, it’s the translation. The game is playable, but most of the in-game text is in Japanese, which makes it challenging to enjoy the game thoroughly. Moreover, the graphics also need updating because the artwork looks old and unsmooth. If a group of creative porn game developers were to work on completing the game while refining all the details, Violated Heroine would drastically be one of the best erotic RPG.

My conclusion

Violated Heroine is a fun and addicting erotic 2D action role-playing game with lots of fucking, birth system, and a chess-type combat system. The creativity of different game developers adding features to the game one at a time also turned the gameplay and storyline into something unique. I highly recommend virgin nerds to download and play the game and see if other features could change or improve in the adventure of the Violated Heroine.

BestPornGames Likes Violated Heroine
  • Realistic storyline about female adventurers
  • Various heroines to choose and play
  • Straightforward combat system that leads to fucking
  • Naught side jobs and quests
  • Realistic birth system
BestPornGames Hates Violated Heroine
  • Incomplete translation makes it challenging to play
  • Needs improvement in graphics