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Updated on 15 January 2020
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On this site, I tend to focus either on pornographic video games or websites which host and sell them. However, I feel I should talk about a third category of site – platforms to chat with people about your favorite explicit games.

Compared to general fap discussion forums, there aren’t that many message boards that focus on gaming specifically. I have managed to find a few platforms that have sections specific to these discussions; however, one of the noteworthy ones is the Adult Gaming section on the now famous website Viper Girls.

What You Need to Know About Viper Girls

The first thing we need to talk about is that this forum has been around since sometime around the start of the 2010s as far as I can tell, but some of the history is hazy. However, one thing that could verify is that this site had a massive following by 2013.

In those days, about half as many threads focused on general smut but had not yet expanded to include more niche pages like vid games. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t until the end of 2016 that the webmasters added a designated corner of the site to talk about explicit video games.

However, when that part of the site was added, dozens of threads erupted on the forum and got a ton of community engagement, too. To give you an idea of how fast this part of the site expanded, the Adult Games section came out in the summer of 2016 and, by February 2017, had a hundred threads and thousands of responses.

What Makes the Adult Game Threads Different

On the face of it, there isn’t anything terribly special about the pages on this forum. However, upon closer examination, I found there are some things which are worth noting.

For one, the variety of threads are quite diverse and include recommendations for games to play, new releases, and where to find them. Some of those discussion pages are very generalized, while others are more specific i.e., a thread for visuals novels, threads of 3D games, etc. When it comes to most posts about games, you’ll also be treated to free preview pictures, so you get to see what you are in for.

As far as I know, most if not all of the links are safe, and the moderators are good about keeping posters on the up and up.

The Mobile Version Looks Different But Runs Well All the Same

When doing there reviews, I feel compelled to always compare how a game runs or what a hosting platform looks like on various devices. After all, it’s no longer the nineties; the majority of internet traffic is accessed through handheld devices.

So, to focus on the mobile version of Viper Girls looks markedly different in more ways than one. Instead of using a burgundy-light grey color scheme, they use a blue-white pattern. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it doesn’t detract from the website experience.

As with properly optimized websites, the mobile version of Viper Girls is appropriately simplified, and as with the desktop version, you aren’t going to be bombarded with adverts. It is a minor thing that kind of irked me, but media pages open up in a separate window. Furthermore, they have far more adverts on those pages for some reason.

Still, you shouldn’t have any issue enjoying this site when it comes to the net-capable devices you use.

Registering for an Account Is Super Easy

It is an option to pay to get a premium account, and doing that does have some nice perks, but none of them are terribly relevant to this part of the site.

Instead, I’d say you should stick to getting a free account, which doesn’t require too much effort at all. Besides all of the usual stuff – that being coming up with a username, password, and verifying your email – you have to prove you’re not a bot, select your timezone, and that’s almost everything.

However, there is a little bit of a catch, but you need to pay attention to it. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, webmasters are more careful than ever to let you know two things – you’re being tracked with cookies, and you agree to their terms of service.

When you signup to become a Viper Girls’ member, I strongly advise you to go through their TOS and forum rules before finishing your registration. It’ll take a little bit of time to read through, though there is nothing that is outrageous or onerous.

To sum up, the stuff that you need to know, don’t dox people, don’t be a jerk, and don’t spam. When it comes to that last guideline, you can link to stuff offsite, but be careful. As with other forums, the mods on this site don’t want you linking to malware-laden pages, illegal stuff, or shady torrent platforms.

Another thing to watch out for is the media that you upload. Even stuff that seems legal might get pulled if there is a copyright claim. To get around this problem, upload pictures of whatever game you are playing, which are your own screenshots. By law, these are considered to be unique to the player and thus aren’t subject to DMCA or similar legal claims.

There Are Things Which Were Nice to See

As I said, it is cool that there is so much content uploaded and, amazingly, even the busiest threads have fresh posts added to them almost daily. This can make it a little difficult to track some conversations since there are threads with dozens or even hundreds of pages of posts.

When it comes to the community, everyone seems pretty friendly, and the moderators seem to be on top of it when it comes to keeping things civil. Furthermore, unlike some other forums and similar sex-centered websites, the mods aren’t overly aggressive or unfair when it comes to reprimanding or banning people.

While I am focusing on the gaming section, I should bring up the fact that being a member has some excellent bonuses, which I alluded to. For example, dozens of other discussion boards are packed with free porn.

Lastly, while there are some adverts, you aren’t going to have to deal with too many on any of the pages of this part of the rest of the forum. Along with that, there isn’t a pop-up problem, and I haven’t seen too many suspicious links posted by the users.

There Are a Few Things Which I Would Like to See

Since there are so many threads in this section, I do think that the webmasters would do the users a favor by splitting the adult section into several sub-sections. After all, Viper Girls has five separate pages just for porno photos.

So, instead of placing all of the gaming threads in a single section in the Miscellaneous Content, I would put it in another super section. The sub-pages I’d divide the various threads into would include 2D Game Collections, 3D Games, Visual Novels, and General Gaming Discussions, or something similar.

Another thing which would be nice to see would be a clean up of posts which have all media removed or come off as spammy. Sure, that would take a lot of work, but I think it would spruce this website up quite a bit.

Compared to Other Forums, Should You Sign Up For This One

Having weighed all of the different factors, I’ve come down to three ways to rate this website out of my scale of five hands. To begin, I think that if you’re a hardcore gamer who occasionally gets into sex games, this is probably a forum to skip. On those grounds, I’d give this forum just two hands.

Not saying that Viper Girls is bad overall, far from it, but there just isn’t enough to justify even a free account for some gamers.

On the other hand, if you’re a massive smut enthusiast who also enjoys video games, you are going to love being a member of Viper Girls. Besides the adult game threads, there are several other bonus features if you’re a free or premium member.

On those grounds, I could give Viper Girls five hands, but again, that’s only for a specific slice of consumers.

To come to some form of coherent conclusion, I do think you should give this forum a look. And to come to a final rating, I give Viper Girls’ adult gaming section three and a half hands. But as always, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

BestPornGames Likes ViperGirls
  • There are hundreds of threads which cover a variety of topics
  • Members are friendly and provide a ton of adult gaming recommendations
  • You can sign up for free and start contributing almost immediately
BestPornGames Hates ViperGirls
  • There aren’t any subsections which are specific to certain games
  • Some threads are so long they can be cumbersome to keep up with
  • A lot of media and links have been removed from various pages