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Updated on 15 January 2020
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This is it, boys and girls. Your promised future of high quality, realistic VR experiences. You get to fuck actual human-looking babes in this game and it all looks real as hell. You can’t touch them, since VR isn’t quite there yet, but by golly, you can fuck them to hell and back and when you get bored of one girl, you can move onto the next. This is not a story driven game. This is not an RPG. It’s also absolutely not a visual novel.

This right here is a sex simulator, plain and simple. It’s also the only sex simulator for VR that you will ever need. Once you try Virt-A-Mate, you’ll never want to go back. I swear. This thing is so well made that it covers all the bases. Everything we ever thought VR was going to bring to the table can be found entirely within this game. Hell, it’s even better than mainstream non-pornographic games, if I’m being honest. VR hasn’t been easy to code for, apparently, but the people behind Virt-A-Mate managed to break records, somehow. The game is perfectly coded, it runs amazingly well on older PCs, provided you have a good graphics card and it’s just an all-around technological marvel. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a super-active modding community? That’s right. Virt-A-Mate is only going to get bigger from here on out.

The Perfect Simulation

Let’s get into the details of what it feels like to touch a woman inside Virt-A-Mate. You load a scene, you pick a babe and you set her position. There are some premade scenes that are sort of ready to go out of the box and I’d recommend that you start with those. Let’s say that you’ve got a babe spreading her legs for you at the foot of the bed. Well, you can take your virtual cock in your hands or use a dildo if you want some more freedom. Either way, you’ll need a throbbing member.

You take that bad boy in your hands and run it across her skin, to start things off. Immediately, you’ll notice something absolutely mind-blowing – the girls have properly working skeletons. Why is that impressive? Well, if you’ve ever fucked a woman you’ll know that when you push against her thighs, they sort of motion back, from the pressure, but they also push against you and pop back into place. That’s how human bones work. My point is, her joints are responsive. Even if she’s frozen in place, her joints come with natural human responses. If you lift her hand off the ground and let go of it, it will drop down. If you push into her breasts, they’ll jiggle in response then fall back in place. Every bit of her entire body responds perfectly to everything you do to it.

So, if you hoist her on your dick and bang her against the bed, she will jiggle, nudge, shift and slide in response, but she’ll also do her best to get back to her original position. That means that all you have to worry about is, well, enjoying yourself. It’s strikingly similar to real sex, I’ll tell you that much.

Genital Stimulation

Let’s talk about that throbbing member I mentioned and all the lovely places you can shove it. Let’s tart easy. You take your cock-dildo in your hand and stick it in her mouth. You’ll notice right away that this is not some scripted sequence. Her mouth was literally programmed along with her jaw to realistically expand to take the length of the dildo down her throat. Hell, you can even see the goddamn bulge. You could also drop the damn thing down her throat if you wanted, but that’s probably not wise.

Moving further down, we’ve got the ass and pussy. These too respond like their real world equivalents, except the asses are a bit looser than I’m used to. Usually I have to lube them up and take my time until they sort of give way. Not in Virt-A-Mate. Here you can dead ass shove a 12-inch dildo down the chick’s ass and she won’t even flinch. The ass will, though. It will bend in a very satisfying way. You can also see parts of her pelvis shift to accommodate for the extra girth. It’s so fucking hot.

Finally, we’ve got the pussy. They went really deep into the details with the pussies. You can play with the pussy lips and even give them a little pinch. But, most importantly, you can shove anything you want up there and get a realistic response, same as you would in real life. They even got all the angles right. You can even shove a dildo up her ass and a finger in her snatch and have them sort of meet in the middle, if you know what I mean. It’s fucking incredible.

Infinite Women

A simulation game with preset chicks is not a simulation game, it’s a demo. Virt-A-Mate is a proper simulation, meaning you get infinite possibility to mod in as many women as you possibly want. You’re free to make your own and I encourage you to do so, but man, it’s fucking hard. You have to either model them externally, which would take actual talent and hours of work. Or, you could fiddle with the in-game sliders to slightly alter the babes that are already featured. Still, I like the fact that the game gives you a choice. You are entirely in control.

The best way to get new babes, though, is to buy them. On the one hand, fuck paying for things, on the other hand, fuck me, they’re worth every penny. Most porn games have a subreddit and Virt-A-Mate does too. The big difference here is that Virt-A-Mate’s sub is literally crucial to your enjoyment. It’s where fans go to market their creations. So, let’s say that someone’s made a particularly gorgeous babe. Let’s say they’ve sculpted the ultimate pussy and you just have to have her. Well, you can buy her and insert her into the game. Keep in mind, this is a fan-to-fan transaction, the Virt-A-Mate developers are not involved with this marketplace. I hate that I have to pay extra, but I like that I only have to pay for the specific girl that I want, so I managed to get over it.

Besides, these girls aren’t essential, they’re just a huge fucking bonus. Plus, the sub is so active that you get new babes damn near every day. For a game that was already perfect at launch, this just means it’s going to get better and better with each passing day. I wholeheartedly support infinite updates for a porn game that will ideally never get old.

Using Virt-A-Mate

I wanna get into some technical specs regarding how you actually use this game, because it’s very confusing and I think you guys need some tips. The game’s interface is very deep and detailed, but my god, it is not user-friendly. If anything, it’s a fucking nightmare to navigate your first time around. If you just want to load a scene, there’s a button for that. So, if you get someone else’s scene complete with a babe, you’re ready to go. But, if you want to change anything, you better pump the fucking brakes. If you so much as want to move a chick five feet and adjust her arm position, that’s gonna take some technical fiddling.

You straight up have to get into the game’s intricate hud and learn where everything is. This’ll take more than an hour, depending on how tech savvy you are. The game’s editing options don’t feel gamey; they feel technical as all hell. If you’re rich and lazy, buy premade scenes. Fuck using the editor. Another technical snafu is that this game isn’t actually free, even though they very much claim that it is. The demo is free. You can use the demo to fuck the built-in babes as much as you want. But, if you want to change anything or load any scenes that you purchased or got for free from the web, you can’t. You need to get the creator’s version, which means paying more than $10 on the Patreon.

Personally, I’m fine with the price, but no so much with the fact that they’re using Patreon for the purchase. I don’t know whether your subscription has to stay active in order to keep using the game. I mean, if they let you keep your version of the game after you’ve purchased it, that’s fine. But, if they want you to keep paying over and over again, I might reconsider. Either way, Virt-A-Mate has been established as the best sex simulator for VR and until we get a better addition, it’s going to remain my top recommendation if you’re looking for something realistic and infinitely satisfying.

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  • Fan content costs money