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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Vixen Wars

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Vixen Wars

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How are you today fuckface? Are you still playing those boring games of yours? You should probably forget about those games and read this review of mine, for I have in here a game that is so fun to mess with that you’ll end up wetting your underwear for some reason. You can now be horny and happy at the same time. You won’t regret the time you’ll be spending reading this one because everything that is in here will help you throughout the game.

Vixen Wars is a hentai tower defense game that is set on a magical world surrounded by monsters. You must defeat all the evil monsters blocking your way for you to complete your missions. This may look like a child’s game, but trust me when I say that this is not suitable for all ages. You will be surprised how amazing this game is despite the gameplay it has. Seeing busty bitches fighting monsters is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life.

You must know how to strategize in this game so that your characters won’t die every time you face an ugly motherfucker who is blocking your path. This is the first tower defense game I’ve tried that I find exciting and fun at the same time. You will know what to do once you’ve entered the game. You look like someone who has tried all types of games, so this one shouldn’t be a problem for dimwits like you.

Game Navigation/Controls

Learning the game’s controls is not that difficult. I know that you’re one of those geeks out there who loves playing video games all night long, so understanding the game’s controls shouldn’t bother fuckers like you. Navigating the game is so easy that you can even masturbate in front of your computer while playing the game at the same time. Games such as this one are the reason why nerd fucks like me are always horny and awake all the time.

What I Like About The Game

The challenge in this game is real. You will have to be very careful with every move you make because it might result in the death of your character. You wouldn’t want to waste a beautiful lady on a battlefield, right? I do love playing games that have a lot of challenges in it because it excites me. Some games out there don’t have this kind of factor. That’s why some gamers tend to avoid those types of games.

The animation for Vixen Wars is impressive. I love how each of the characters looks because they don’t like the typical hentai girls you see in porn videos and other porn games. I love staring at them, especially when they’re fighting monsters because they look so sexy. Who would have thought that porn games with this kind of animation can make fucktards like me very horny.

The game’s storyline is so interesting that I can’t get over it. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked by some girl who is not related to you to defend their kingdom from orc attacks and other monsters who are terrorizing their place. The unique part about this game’s storyline is that you will be able to harass the girl who asked for assistance from you. After that, more bullshits will follow that will make you want to play this game more.

Playing video games that have dull sound effects often annoy gamers like me. The sound effects that were used for this game are not dry, and they fit perfectly with the things that are happening in the game. You can hear the sword swoosh as it strikes a specific enemy. You can also hear the bitches giggle sometimes. If you don’t believe me, bitch, then I suggest that you see it for yourself.

This game is one of the few free-to-play games out there that has an excellent storyline and gameplay in it. You don’t need to worry about paying for a certain amount of money because this game was made free so that everyone has the chance to try and experience how amazing this game is. I’m so glad that the game developers did this because a lot of porn games on the internet nowadays need to be bought first before you can play with it.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

I mentioned before that this game is a free-to-play game, and I’m not lying about it. The only problem with it is that you only have limited energy to play this game. If you want to earn more energy, you will have to make some in-game purchases. This part of the game is what I hate the most because not all people can do such things because of financial stability in life.

I often complain about the characters’ appearance from the games that I’m playing because of how their bodies were designed. The bitches in this game don’t have the hentai boobs. What I meant by that is that they are not that big. Girls from hentai themed porn videos usually have enormous breasts, but the ones that are in here don’t have the right size of the breast. I guess the game developers don’t have that much talent in making hentai games.

I also don’t like its gameplay. Yes, it’s simple and not complicated, but this game is not made for all ages. Vixen Wars gameplay is so smooth that even my blind grandfather can play this one without even dying during the game’s duration. There’s no thrill or challenge in this game. I’m pretty sure that a lot of guys like me out there have the same complaints. I also know that many nerd fucks out there want to see a better version of this one.

The soundtrack that was used in this game is limited. There are certain types of music being played as you face enemies along the way. You will get hyped at first because of the background sound of the game. This kind of idea is a good strategy to keep the gamer excited throughout the fight scene. The only problem is that those music tend to repeat every time you face another monster. So you see, the hype you’re feeling is fake.

Hentai girls have that distinct voice that makes all the guys horny. You will hear some voice overs in this game as the characters speak, but they’re very limited. The people behind this game didn’t think this through. They invested so much in sound effects that they forgot to create a lot of voice-overs to speak for the game’s characters. I wouldn’t get tired of hearing bitches based on hentai because they sound cute at the same time.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

In-game purchase is a big no for gamers like me because we want to play with games that don’t involve money in it. We don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on membership and freebies. We just want to have fun and masturbate till our balls dry out. The people behind this game should consider taking out the in-game purchase rule they have because not everyone has the capabilities to pay for it.

They should also record a new set of voice-overs for the characters so that the characters will look more enticing. Some people don’t know the joys perverted fuckers like me feel every time we hear game characters that are based on hentai animations. They sound so angelic and slutty at the same time. It’s like they’re calling our names and asking us to stick our mighty cocks in their ass.

The game developers should also make adjustments on the appearance of some of the characters of the game because some of them have small tits. They should make it very big like it’s about to burst anytime. Big breasted women are my favorite. My dream is to sleep with women who have big tits because they look so delicious. They should consider adding hentai based MILF in the game.

The last thing they need to do is look for more background music to put on the game’s fight scenes. In this way, they will never have to repeat the old soundtrack they used to play whenever a fight scene is about to happen. Changes like this will make a gamer feel more excited because he can feel the thrill and excitement of the game through the music that is playing.


All in all, I can say that this game will surely fuck you up because you will be mentally challenged all throughout the game. You will have to use every bit of your brain cells if you want to clear all the obstacles in your way. Despite the issues this game has, I still recommend this one to those looking for fun games with boobs and monsters in it. This is one of those games that will keep your dick up all night.

Tower defense games are one of my favorite games because they make you think before you act. Most porn games nowadays are all about sex only. That’s why I can say that this game is proof that there are still a lot of creative game developers out there who are spending a lot of time just to create beautiful games such as this one. If you’ve come all this way, then you know what you have to do bro.

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  • Navigation
  • Challenging Tasks
  • Free-to-play
  • Amazing Sound Effects
  • Storyline
BestPornGames Hates Vixen Wars
  • In-game purchase
  • Characters have Small Tits
  • Limited Soundtrack
  • Limited Voice Overs
  • Basic Gameplay