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Updated on 15 January 2020
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What’s up, motherfuckers! Back at it again with a fucked up review. However, what we’re going to take head-on today is something that most horny readers are going to fucking enjoy! It’s called VNDB, or to others that don’t know what it is, it means the Visual Novel Database. You just need to sit in your chair, where your balls are normally played, and find the right game to please your fucking dick. The platform is perfect for motherfuckers who want to be a hentai enthusiast at a higher level. And note that you can interact with your databases on this complimentary dick website. See how great it is? You may literally construct or compose digital novels for the wildest sex experience. Let’s dive down to this whole shit of a mess, let’s go!

What To Expect From The Site

When you access the website, the short history details will be provided. I am telling you that when I read it and see the cutest anime character collection like the wallpaper of the web, the assholes, my horny cells were instantly energized. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan of anime, and I’m just so thankful for such a website. My dick is literally fucking screaming. Moreover, let’s just say that there’s more than fucking enough here for any average son of a bitch.

A Site that Goes Straight to The Point

It’s just how it’s goddamned is. The whole layout of the website is simple to use. Yeah, it’s just like the template in your hands, no misdirection, and no-nonsense, obviously. As you reach their homepage, you can see a number of essential visual novels at once. I assure you that, when it comes to this kick-ass porn platform, if you have no goddamn clue about Hentai, Holy Fuck planet, that does not matter. It will expose you to the characters with which you may fall in love. When I said, falling in love with the bitches in many ways, I meant the love of fucking them.

A Fetish For Every Horny Bastard

Check at the category page of most porn websites, and what do you see? There is a very common fetish category, such as lesbian, oral, blowjob, whether you are lucky, teens, or taboo. It’s not what you see in VNDB’s catalog of pornographic content. It’s just an ordinary Hentai spot, and you know what kind of kinky things I’m thinking about when you visit one.

For one, I will toggle the Japanese off: they make up the largest amount of modern kinks and morbid fetishes for a very tiny nation to stroke your dick. You will find 445 incest graphic novels and 58 elderly sex in users’ sexual materials, along with different kinds of Futanari rapers. The darker sexual resources include gore, violence, and hideous body condition. Looking for every rising penis, numerous penis, unnecessary sperm, or hate sex? This goddamn website has everything!

A Tiring Advanced Searching Options

Tagging is the easiest feature to mention here, whether pornographic or not, on the Internet. This is obviously the easiest way to organize pictures, but most porn consumers still know some disadvantages. Bad tagging means a weak system. This kind of issue may not seem to have VNDB. I don’t see any related tags or nonsense troubling a variety of user accounts. I’ve never seen anything on neckbeard pages like Reddit’s obsessivity level here that says a lot. Call it nerdy if you like, but some of the perverts will make much use of all the research weeaboo geeks do to list all this crap.

Moreover, has one of the largest collections of graphic novels that have ever been released in the damn world. We’ve identified more than 15,000 of them with pornographic content, several of them with the kinkiest stuff anybody has ever thought of. There’s nothing in this forum, but it’s typically heading in the right direction if you see something you like to try.

A Site That Wants You to Interact With

With its cute physical attributes, world-like boobs, and heart-shaped buttocks, let me tell you in advance that you will fall for the chicks in a particular game. I usually watch several anime dramas in a day. I fell for a specific character at once, but this website fucks me so hard. I like how those characters portray various sexual contents. To get the site’s best experience, give your ass some shot to play a specific game. I can promise to you that you will never get bored because you will just fuck and fuck until your saliva dripped.

The website also shows hundreds of usernames and indicates when they registered. So, you will notice and evaluate the popularity of the site. Part of my site’s evaluation is to read the discussion board, and I’m happy that the site features it. Thus, I read those comments and discussions from those registered fuckwhores, and actually, it’s not bad. I just read some minor errors regarding the site, and they are trying to address it to make the best user experience.

What I Like About the Site

It’s fucking awesome, this site is so cool. Don’t you believe me? Wait until you get a load of this. Firstly, I’m more than fucking happy to point out that the overall design of VNBD is fantastic. I mean, it’s not you always expect from any other fucking porn site, it really catches your eye, thus making you more interested in what the site has to offer. Not to mention that the characters they made in all of its contents are really fucking hot, it really fucking turns you on just by looking at it. It’s that good.

Furthermore, I really loved the fact that everything you’re going to encounter in this fucking site is pretty straightforward. Do you want the download link? Here’s the fucking link! Do you want to know more about the content you’ve opened? Here’s a fucking description of it! It goes straight to the point, unlike the other sites that drive you to other shitty places before it gets to the one that you fucking one. Moreover, the site developers also give other users a chance to collaborate with the team and the developers behind the content. Not to mention that VNDB is a porn content portal, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Recommendations for Improvements

Okay, let’s get this straight, I really don’t like the fact that there are contents in the site that are not fucking English. I mean, did they even try to filter out the games and the majority of the content to only publish English-based games? Or at least, they could’ve made a translated version of it or some shit like that. Anyway, the other thing that I didn’t like about the site is that it uses third-party shit to access the downloads.

Furthermore, let me the fucking one to point out that there are listed contents on the site that are not even fucking available anywhere. I mean, what the fuck is up with that? Why the hell would you fucking put a title in the list if it’s not even fucking available? Anyway, I also find the registration to be quite useless. When I first tried to register on their platform, I expected to gain some premium benefits that only members can access, but it doesn’t. The registration is there because the developers felt the need to put one for some fucked up reason! Do something in regards to all of the shit that I’ve complained, then this site would be fucking golden!


Jeez, congrats, piece of shit! You actually made it to the conclusion of this motherfucking review. Huge props, not everybody, would get such a strong focus. Why have I mentioned this? Ok, VNB is very tiresome to look at, and it won’t be the usual porn platform that you can see a detailed list of the sex games you sell. No, it would only display a traditional list, it would not fucking here. No videos, no GiFs, no demos.

Anyway, despite the website’s glitches, the site is still the one most fuckers are searching for. Hundred and hundreds of Hentai videos are sexually immoral, which you won’t be able to find in the actual fucking world. In any scenario, in their broad index, you will find all the information you want for every visual novel and most of its contents. It’s really the best place to work (if you know what I mean). All in all, I would totally rate this shit a solid 4 out 5 fucking stars, it’s that fucking awesome.

BestPornGames Likes VNDB
  • Wonderful website design
  • The character models are really seductive
  • Everything is straight to the point, no bullshit
  • You have the chance to collaborate with the database
  • It's a porn portal, what's not to fucking like?
BestPornGames Hates VNDB
  • There are games that are not in English
  • The site uses third-party platforms for the downloads
  • Some listed content is not fucking available
  • Registration is somehow useless