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Updated on 15 January 2020
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VR Kanojo

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VR Kanojo

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Once you’ve taken a step back to admire and respect the progress that technology has come, you can really see that it’s been so damn overwhelming. If we’re just talking about the pornographic side of games, we have definitely come a long fucking way. Game developers today are bringing beautiful, cute, sexy, and definitely fuckable 3D Japanese schoolgirls right in your home through the use of virtual reality technology!

Owning the full virtual reality gear and playing something like VR Kanojo gives you the whole visual and audio experience of what having a Japanese schoolgirl as a girlfriend is like. It’s the next best thing for our generation since we don’t use or buy sex dolls too often, right? This is probably what you beta cucks would love doing since you can’t communicate with women for the sake of the world – escaping to the virtual world with a pre-programmed AI.

Also, just because having the full virtual reality gear pretty much guarantees almost the whole experience of what having a girlfriend is like, you’re not going to get much of the actual contact. If your mind is strong enough to imagine what love and affection feel like coming from a pre-programmed AI, nothing is stopping you. Though I do suggest that you should opt-out to buying an automatic masturbating machine so you can feel even more.

Get Yourself A Hookup With The Same Girl Repeatedly

Unless you develop genuine feelings for a girl, then you shouldn’t really be sticking to one girl – if your goal is to only fuck as many bitches as you can just to fuel your ego. Enjoying the single life by having multiple partners is why you even choose to take that path, right? Be it in the virtual world, the fantasy world, or even the real world. You drop off your package then go on to the next, it’d be strange for you to stay awhile after your “delivery,” am I right?

That’s not so much the case with VR Kanojo. In one of the best sex games in virtual reality where you can control whatever the fuck you want to control, you only get to have fun with one chick. There’s nothing wrong with her, don’t get me wrong, but variety, new looks, and new faces are going to keep the game fresh and enjoyable. Though that’s not really going to stop me from wanting to rearrange this girl’s guts, without a doubt.

Here’s the thing, you’re paying $60 on Steam to get this game, and you’re only getting one girl the entire time. Imagine having a lap-dance from one girl over and over, yes it’s enjoyable, but it will quickly get boring. So don’t you think it’d be great to get a little variation every now and then? Give yourself a little space for exploration of new partners and a little new excitement. If you don’t, it’s like you’re paying $60 for a one-sided relationship.

The Wonders of VR

Getting over my irrational fear of commitment(even if it is in the virtual world) was quite tricky, but getting over it for a little while just to play this game was actually entirely worth it. It’s no exaggeration when people say that the controls for virtual reality games are extremely difficult to learn and get used to. Still, once you’ve gotten used to them, it actually makes sense for VR Kanojo to have those detailed controls to make everything feel smooth.

You’re in her house? Or your house? I’m not sure, but you can definitely do whatever the fuck you want to do. Legit, there’s a fuckton of possibilities if you have the imagination and patience to do so. Though you just start by being a horny little shit and doing pervy-sage stuff to her while she does her business. As you progress through the game, you get to unlock more shit leaving you with an extensive list of sexual activities! That’s right, sex!

Admittedly, the scenes are quite generic and feel very scripted. To compensate for that, you have to get into the actor role and play the whole scenario out with your girlfriend in virtual reality. It might be hard to do that since all you really have to move around are your hands? Arms? Whatever the fuck you probably see most of the time in virtual reality. Not much variation in your animations, either. Select a scene, play it out, no personalizations.

The developers actually did something quite considerate when it comes to prolonged VR usage. They did this thing with the fade-in, fade-out transition to ease it out on your eyes, sort of like a mechanism to prevent motion sickness. It kind of phases you out of the whole immersion, but I can see how that is a positive thing and how a lot of VR users would love that feature. Those little moments of transitions remind you that you are alone, not in her home.

If You Can Think Of The Sex Scene, It’s Probably There!

To compensate for the scenes’ choppiness and how there’s no continuous flow to the game, the developers made sure to include a fuckton. I mean a fuckton of sex scenes for you to cycle through and enjoy. Meaning you’re going to have your hands full with trying to unlock everything to experience it instead of worrying about anything else. Though she is technically your girlfriend, you don’t have time for any wholesome bullshit.

They’re all erotic, they’re all sexy, they’re all fappable content. You won’t have to worry about the pleasantries when it comes to having a girlfriend. Just think of it like the girl is infinitely hornier than you are. She has an incredibly high sex drive, or turn it even kinkier and think of her as a cock-hungry slut that wants nothing else but the pleasures of having sex. Nothing too far from what you’d typically see in the hentai that you absolutely love watching.

I hoped that there would be a feature for you to move the girl in any way you desired or even choose any of the holes to put your dick in. Much of my displeasure, VR Kanojo didn’t have that feature, and the girl kind of just gets fixed to a single position. You’re going to have to make do with whatever hole you can insert your dick in. The experience of immersion is already pretty good, but imagine how much more you can achieve with those features!

When you’ve unlocked everything there is to unlock, I know you’ll find your favorites faster than your favorite waifu can say ‘yamete’ because you’re here to fap, beat your meat, drain your balls dry, masturbate, and whatever other synonyms there are for jacking off. So you’ll probably just be playing those scenes over and over until you’ve had your satisfaction.

Top-Notch, Top-Tier Graphics

Here is the part of this whole article where I can continuously praise the game because VR Kanojo actually deserves it. So much so that I’d be willing to call this one of the best sex games when it comes to the whole pornographic virtual reality games. You know how VR Games generally have a bad reputation for having shitty graphics and not providing a good experience for the users because it’s either too lacking or gives them seizures.

I especially loved how they stuck to the whole homely environment because there was absolutely no need for them to expand the entire playing field. If they did that, the whole game would become something else – more like an open-world sandbox type of situation like Waifu Sex Simulator. VR Kanojo does a great job of balancing good frame rates with good graphic quality, so that’s another thing that they get praised for. Though it’s nothing major.

They did an excellent job with the girl’s whole clarity since your focus is on her most of the time. It’d be hard to enjoy your time with your virtual girlfriend if she looked like a cluster of pixels belonging to a different hentai game. I normally wouldn’t give two fucks about this, but since she’s always close to your dick or face, it’s hard not to commend the feat that the developing team pulled off.


There isn’t any other game that I’d recommend to lonely weeaboo fucks other than VR Kanojo. It sort of supplements you with the human interaction that you so clearly lack. It also gives you the relationship, love, and affection that you’ve been lacking your whole life. Though most of you will have a hard time racking up the $60 to buy the game in the first place, I still think you should save up for it. It’s in my list of the best sex games, to be honest.

BestPornGames Likes VR Kanojo
  • Incredible graphics
  • Good balance of frame rate with graphic quality
  • A fuckton of sex scenes to enjoy
BestPornGames Hates VR Kanojo
  • Quite pricey
  • The gameplay is way too straightforward
  • You only have one girl