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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wagamama High Spec

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Wagamama High Spec

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How’s it going, weebs? No matter how many hentai games and visual novels I introduce to you, I know they aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger for waifus. Anyway, I have another hentai game for you to try and indulge yourself so that you can once again experience the harem life and the love of various waifus. When you think of a hentai game, you immediately feel that it will be a visual novel, and you’re right. But, it gets you excited knowing that the visual novel you’ll be playing was originally in Japanese.

The Japs mastered the arts of hentai visual novels, especially when you combine essential elements such as artwork, background music, and sound effects. Wagamama High Spec is the game’s title, and it’s a lengthy hentai visual novel with a high school setting to complement the lewd storyline. Moreover, the visual novel contains a bit of adventure and plenty of slice of life dialogue so that people can somehow relate to the main protagonist’s life. Don’t worry. You won’t have to go through the boring subjects and class time just because the setting is in a school.

Madosoft published Wagamama High Spec in April 2016, but foreigners couldn’t play the game since it was only available in Japanese. However, the efforts of Sekai Project in 2017 allowed weebs and hentai-loving motherfuckers to play the English version of the game. Another thing you should take note of before getting excited about playing the game is that it’s not free-to-play. The good news is that various sites in the weird corners of the internet provide you available download links. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with this hentai-taining review.

Become an Erotic Manga Writer with a Harem Lifestyle

The main protagonist is Narumi Kouki, and he is a full-time erotic manga writer who lives in an apartment with his sister. Since Narumi Kouki is currently a high-school student, he keeps his work a secret to prevent others from having the wrong idea. I mean, anyone in high-school would think you have a fucked up mind if you’re writing porn mangas and other perverted shit at that age. Anyway, the only people who know Narumi Kouki’s secret is his sister Toa and her best friend, Mihiro.

Narumi Kouki’s secret is part of the storyline because the other female characters you’ll be meeting as you progress through the game will play a role in his work. If you don’t get what I’m talking about, I might as well spoil some parts for you, so stop bitching and start listening. As you play through the game, you’ll meet the student council president Kaoruko. Kaoruko suddenly became a part of Kouki’s life because she found Kouki’s notebook lying on the school hallway during class time.

After Kaoruko found Kouki’s manga notebook, she couldn’t help herself but look at the odd-looking notebook’s content. The other person that will eventually find out about Kouki’s secret is Ashe. Ashe is the student council’s vice president, and she couldn’t help but force herself into finding out what’s up with Kouki. Since Ashe is the best friend of Kaoruko, she found it odd how Kaoruko became extremely friendly and close with Kouki. The four women who know about what Kouki does are the four waifus that you could choose from and ultimately fuck in the end.

The Gameplay

Before we touch on all those late-game happenings, you should first know about the happenings at the start of the visual novel to see if it fits your interest. The game starts with Narumi Kouki in his room, writing the latest chapter of his erotic manga and finalizing it before the deadline. Unfortunately, finishing his manga didn’t go as planned because an error came up in his computer, which caused it to shut down. Luckily, Kouki’s sister Toa is an expert with technology and gadgets.

Kouki hurriedly asks for Toa’s help to find out why his computer isn’t turning on anymore. The moment Kouki barges into Toa’s room, you’ll find Toa and her best friend Mihiro playing. Even at the start of the visual novel, you’ll immediately fall in love with Toa and Mihiro because they have the personality of waifus that we always dreamed of loving. After Toa analyzes Kouki’s computer, Toa informs Kouki that his hard drive is dead, and there’s an extremely low chance of retrieving the files.

Kouki’s in deep ass trouble because if he can’t finish his manuscript on time, his editor Takatsuka won’t publish his manga. Before you can publish a manga, the manuscript has to go to the illustrator. The illustrator then hands it back to the editor for finalizing and polishing. A couple of times, Kouki missed the submission deadline, which made it difficult for the illustrator to allot their time on illustrating the manuscript.

It’s time for Kouki to go to school, and he plans to finish the manuscript during a lunch break but ended up falling asleep due to staying up late last night. Moments later, Kouki woke up to the sound of the bell. Kouki didn’t know that the bell’s sound was for the resuming of classes, which means that he’s already late for his next class. As he hurries back to class, Kouki bumped into another student and unknowingly dropped his manga notebook.

Kouki finally realized that his manuscript is missing and immediately traced back his steps to find where he dropped his manga notebook. He then heard the school announcement saying that they found a notebook lying on the ground and that the student should head over to the student council room to claim it. The student council president went over the notebook while Kouki was in class, and she noticed that the handwriting in the manuscript is familiar. The reason why the manuscript’s familiar is because Kaoruko was the famous never-before-seen illustrator of Kouki’s erotic manga.

The Secret that Connects You and the Waifus

In the previous paragraphs, I mentioned that the main protagonist is trying his best to keep his full-time work a secret. But, the plot would end up dull if there weren’t any plot twists that would spice up the storyline and gameplay. Not only that, but I also found that the Japs value respect; that is why it would be dangerous for someone’s future if people were to find out that you write lewd things at a young age. Anyway, the waifus in Wagamama High Spec will eventually know the secret of Kouki due to his clumsiness.

Narumi Kouki should also be thankful in a way because who wouldn’t want to have women surrounding them in high school. I know you weebs and hentai-loving perverts never experienced high school girls’ loveā€”all the more reason you should grab this opportunity to understand how it feels. The beauty of the waifus finding out about Kouki’s secret is that they’ll eventually help him with his work. Other than that, the other female characters will need his writing skills to get through school activities.

What I Like About the game

Wagamama High Spec is a high-quality visual novel that has an entertaining plot despite the lengthy storyline. What’s not to like in a lengthy visual novel that’s different from the typical visual novel with confusing storylines? The best feature of Wagamama High Spec is the branching paths that help you decide which waifu to love. Although you can love the waifus simultaneously, you can only choose one waifu in the end. Knowing that you can love the waifus at the same time and having the chance to fuck all of them should be more than enough.

Moreover, Wagamama High Spec is a complete package because of the high-definition images, on-point sound effects, lively background music, and unique artwork. I understand why the game isn’t free-to-play. The efforts of the developers are evident from the start until the end of the visual novel. Did I mention complete voice-overs? No? Well, Wagamama High Spec has voice-acting throughout the dialogue.

My Recommendations for Improvement

You must understand that no game is perfect, so don’t get ahead of yourselves with the imperfect English of Wagamama High Spec. Since the original version of the visual novel is in Japanese, it makes it hard to translate the game in perfect English and without grammatical errors. So, if there were anything to improve in Wagamama High Spec, it would be to enhance the current English version to perfect the wording and structure.


Overall, Wagamama High Spec is one of the best visual novels I played for countless hours and spent my time jacking off to the beautiful waifus. The complete voice-acting, sound effects, on-point background music allows for an immersive gaming experience. You’ll definitely feel like you’re part of the story. The branching of paths that leads to different romance options is also unique for a visual novel. I highly recommend that you start searching for a site to download the game because you’ll never regret it.

If you have a fetish for high-school girls, hentai, waifus, incest, big tits, cute moaning, and all that weeb shit. Wagamama High Spec would make it feel like you’re in paradise. The lengthy storyline that would take you 30 to 40 hours of gameplay to finish will never waste due to the quality fap content.

BestPornGames Likes Wagamama High Spec
  • Lots of waifus
  • Complete voice acting
  • The lengthy storyline with varying romance options
  • High-quality sound effects and background music
  • Cute, sexy, and pleasurable sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Wagamama High Spec
  • It isn't free-to-play
  • Bloody expensive
  • Few grammatical errors and weird translations