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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Waifu Academy

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Waifu Academy

User Rating: 4/5
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Waifu Academy is a crazy sadistic visual novel you wouldn’t expect, just from the name. If you’re like me, you thought this was some stupidly adorable high school sim where you mess around with a bunch of waifus. Well, it is a high school sim, and it is stupidly adorable sometimes, but that’s not the point. Nope, this is a twisted little game about a tortured soul who wants revenge on an entire town for screwing over his now-dead father. The father used to own a high school, and he got up to some shady shit with the Japanese mafia and some reporters. So you start attending this school to find out the truth behind your dead dad’s death, getting caught up with all the wrong people.

The main character comes up with a pretty fucked up plan to manipulate everyone around him to do his bidding, including his family and whatever “friends” he makes at this school. Blackmailing other students in every way imaginable, banging his stepsister to control her, and “accidentally” letting a reporter think she’s getting fucked by a dog to humiliate her for revenge. Not exactly the cute, nerdy escapism you thought this might be about.

Don’t get me wrong—there’s plenty of nerdy shit for your otakus out there. The dialogue in Waifu Academy is filled with cringy anime and pop culture references. I rolled my eyes at all the Star Wars jokes about Obi Wan Kenobi and “the force”. The writers seem to know that this is bullshit. Maybe they’re just out to have some fun. Tongue-in-cheek, sure. If you can tolerate that, more power to you. I guess it’s a decent balance to all the edgy dark crap this game shoves on you. The story really goes down a rabbit hole with the mafia conspiracies, too. Hope you’re up for some crazy crime drama with your porn.

Right, so, you as the main character, you start your own investigation into all the drama that went down with your dad. Almost everyone at the school gets roped in, and you have to figure out how to recruit them on your side. Fucking girls or spying on them or even just kissing them, it’s all a means to an end. This guy doesn’t care about getting off as much as he cares about getting revenge, and using people for his own gain. He’s basically a sociopath that’s out to make everyone suffer because he suffered. Not the best role model ever, but who cares about that anyway?

Wicked Games

Aside from the whole fucked up revenge story, Waifu Academy starts off innocent enough. You’re the new kid in town and the new transfer student at the local high school. You stay with your hot mom who abandoned you before your dad died, and her cute, bitchy daughter she had with some other rich dude. At first, you have to play the part of the nice, obedient son, cooking dinner for the family and living a normal school life. Tricking and manipulating girls into sleeping with you is all part of the game. This guy doesn’t give a shit about anyone except for himself. If he can use someone to get ahead, you can bet your ass he’s going to do it.

One of his biggest plots in Waifu Academy is taking down the head of the Disciplinary Committee, or the student “police” group in charge of keeping the peace at school. Of course, this girl is a fucking brat and she loves taking advantage of people for the power. Sound familiar? She’s your main rival who usually gets in the way of your plans, which does make things more interesting. Just be careful with the choices you make with her, or she’ll turn shit around and accuse you of raping her. You’ll obviously get a game over if that happens. You can rewind back in time before getting booted back to the start screen.

I have to say, it can get pretty tiring to just collect other students to use as pawns. No one’s really the main character’s friend. He doesn’t form any actual bonds with anyone. Any time he has sex with someone, it’s because he’s raping them in their sleep, or he’s using them to get ahead. The drama with the mafia and his dead dad keeps getting more and more outrageous the more you learn about it. More and more shit keeps happening. It gets crazier and crazier. After a while, it gets annoying keeping track of all this mess going on. Unless you’re in it for the novelty of playing as a serial rapist, you might wind up bored by the story at some point. It’s not like any of these characters are likeable enough to root for.

Waifus Everywhere

Yeah, so all the girls you meet seriously are secondary to the story. You only interact with them when it’s relevant to the plot. There’s that cute bitchy stepsister I mentioned earlier. And your mom. And a bunch of other girls at school. Just about any anime girl stereotype you can think of, she’s here. You have the busty jock, the demure class president, the slutty chick dressed like a hooker, that bratty head of the Disciplinary Committee, the hyper tomboy who trains at her own dojo, and the klutzy reporter—the same one I talked about earlier, with the dog. That one. She doesn’t actually get fucked by a dog. She only thinks she is. It’s the main character who rapes her for fun, and she feels fucking horrible for getting off to it. I have no idea why she’d think a dog would have a human-sized dick, but whatever. That’s the kind of shit this game gets up to.

There’s the school nurse, too. She pretty much seduces you into doing what she wants on day one. You’d think that this chick is just down to fuck with no strings attached. Nope, there’s some messed up storyline with her, where she appears in the main character’s nightmares all the time. At first she blows the dead dad in his wheelchair. Then that progresses to her turning into an actual succubus and torturing the main character by whipping him, raping him, and humiliating him in front of other characters. I have no clue who thought this was a good idea, though. Seems like this is just here to shock people for the fuck of it. Maybe you’re supposed to feel bad for all the manipulating and raping the main character’s doing. “Morality” doesn’t even fucking matter when the whole point of the game is to take advantage of people. I guess if you fap to edgy succubus porn, you’ll feel right at home with these outrageous nightmares.

What I Like

Waifu Academy is dedicated to how fucked up it is. It lures you in with the cute waifus, then turns you into a sociopath out to screw everyone over. There’s something hilarious about how this game turns the trope of a waifu simulator on its head. For the most part, I’d say the story is interesting enough. Getting to know all these characters and finding out their weak points? That’s pretty amusing, too.

The sex looks great. I like Waifu Academy’s art style. Some of these chicks are pretty busty, but I wouldn’t say it’s out of control or anything. The animated sex scenes are pretty good. When you blow your load on a girl, you have the option of watching it over and over before clicking on to continue. Same thing happens when you get her off and she squirts all over the place. It’s a nice touch, literally.

What I Hate

Instead of an actual waifu simulator, this is a misery simulator instead. There’s nothing to look forward to except fucking over your next target. You can’t pick the girls you want to go after. The story is on-rails, so you’re a slave to whichever girls you’re supposed to interact with that day. If you really can’t stand someone, all you can do is keep clicking through the dialogue and hope she goes away soon. Not much choice going on here, for a visual novel. Yeah, you can pick some things. Like staying at a steady pace or going faster while you rape your stepsister in her sleep, after you drugged her with sleeping pills. If you don’t want to do either of those things, then it’s just too bad. You have to play by the game’s rules.

BestPornGames Likes Waifu Academy
  • Fleshed-out crime drama story
  • Unapologetically fucked up main character
  • Tons of different waifus to meet and fuck
  • Great art style
  • Animated sex scenes
BestPornGames Hates Waifu Academy
  • Unlikable characters
  • Story drags on too long sometimes
  • No real choices to make