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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Waifu Sex Simulator

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Waifu Sex Simulator

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I’ve come to realize that many of you perverted motherfuckers are a fan of Japanese games. Well, it’s no surprise! I fucking love Japanese games, and with so many great games that were released, it’s no fucking surprise that you fuckers are a huge fan of them. Since there are tons of anime hentai lovers out there, why don’t we talk about a game that is highly fucking recommendable? Just by looking at the title, you fuckers can already tell what this game is all about. Waifu and Sex? Can you fucking imagine just how great that is?

What exactly is Waifu Sex Simulator? Let’s start with a very basic description of what the game is so that everyone gets to understand it and so that you will get an idea of what to expect in the game. Basically, it’s a VR game where you get your own world, and you are given a choice of over 1000 Waifus. Yes, bitches, you read that right. They can join you, and it’s all up to you to choose which ones you would like. With so many options for you to choose from, what reason is there for you not to have fun, right? So, without further ado, let’s get started with this amazing review!

What’s a Waifu?

Ok, I know you, hardcore hentai lovers, out there already know what a waifu is but let’s not exclude the ones that are still new to the term. Who knows, they might love it and might decide to get one for themselves. A waifu is a term many people use for a fictional character, usually in anime, which they have great affection to. If you are a fan of a certain anime and you really like a character in a game to the point where you have sexual fantasies, you have yourself a waifu, my friend.

Have Fun with Your Waifu!

There isn’t a single anime lover out there who doesn’t fantasize about a waifu, and I’m pretty sure every single one of you perverts dream about it every single day, there’s absolutely no need to deny it. Rejoice bitches! Now that this perfect game is here, it’s about damn time that you make those wildest desires and fantasies come true! No one fucking cares what you want to do with your waifu, and it’s all up to you!

Once you’ve downloaded the game, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from doing what you love the most. Considering the reason why you are here, I think it’s pretty clear. In this game, you’re not just going to be looking at your waifu while you bang the shit out of them. You can do more than that. You can actually interact with them and do things such as bringing them around, play with their titties, or jiggle their ass.


Just like any VR game, you will find this game similar to that. You might find the controls of this game a bit weird from the start since some parts might be complexed, but the longer you play, that won’t be a problem anymore. Again, just by looking at the title of the game, you can tell how it will turn out. Exciting, right? I know how you feel, but for now, let’s continue with this review as I am going to tell you additional information about the characters and the overall gameplay.

The game will cater to every single perverted bastard out there. Just like what I mentioned above, there are over one fucking thousand of waifus to beat your meat to. Some high-level shit we got here. With over a thousand of waifus to choose from, you will also get a fuck ton of animations! The only catch is, you’re going to have to explore the shit out of the game, which is actually not that bad if you think about it. It’s like going on an erotic adventure, which ultimately leads to a very satisfying erotic experience.

Exploring the game is actually what’s good about it. You get to find out what the best combination is to help you with your fetish. Find the animations that you like, which character looks best with which outfit, sex positions, and the best out of all of it, the simulation of how you would like everything to play out. Your imagination is your limit. Once you find the perfect combination, everything else will become clear in this game.

The Graphics

I’m sure you fuckers have watched a lot of anime hentai, and you guys already have an idea of how the graphics are in those videos, right? Well, in this game, you will fucking surprised by how the graphics were made. Un-fucking-believable. It just freaking blew my mind straight away. Incorporating that kind of graphics into this game is exactly how I expected it to turn out. Since this is a VR game where horny incels can just have fun with their small dicks straight away, having a badass graphics is just fucking great.

Horny Aspects of The Game

This part is what you should be after. Yes, the horny aspects of the game. I tell you, there are a lot of horny aspects you will in this game. I mean, come on, just by looking at the title, isn’t that enough to make you horny? If you ask me what the best part is, it is the fact that you can choose any waifu in the game. It is not limited to one! Done with one bitch? Move on the next one, and it’s as easy as that.

The fact that the game doesn’t limit your movement or the things that you can do in this game is just super great. The game doesn’t control you or anything like that. Like what I said, you are free to do whatever you want with your waifu. Your actions and your decisions don’t have any effect on the game. It runs at your own pace. The characters in this game are just fucking amazing. The amount of fun that you get while you fuck the shit out of your waifu is just incredible, and there is just no better way to describe it.

Everybody Gets to Have Fun

No one is left behind, my friend. The devs were super kind enough to let everybody in with the fun. Yes, you know exactly what I mean. Literally, everyone can download the game. No matter which platform you are using, it won’t hold you back because it can be downloaded across every platform! If you have a desktop, laptop, gaming console, smartphone, or a table, do not fucking worry! The platform doesn’t fucking matter when it comes to having a great erotic gaming experience. There are instructions on how to download the game across different platforms, and you can find it online.

Still Under Development

Just when you thought the fun stops there. No, the fun still keeps on going! Yes, the game is still under development. Which means the game is constantly improving. Making sure that all the horny incels that play the game deserves all the fun that they can get. Right now, the game already has a lot of shit that I still can’t believe, yet, they still continue to add more things to the game. I can’t even think about how great this game will turn out in the future.

Each update, they add more models, rooms, settings, models, and sex scenes! Talking about delightful goods, right? There’s not even a single bit that I could say about the game from the time I played it. I am going crazy about the upcoming updates since I have already witnessed how fucking great this simulator game is.

What I Like About The Game

There are just so many things to like about this game, seriously. I don’t know what reason is there not to like this game. What I really like about this game is the large collection of waifus! I haven’t played a game before where they had so many characters to interact with. The devs clearly gave a huge amount of time and effort into creating this game. I know that I mentioned the waifus a lot of times, but I still can’t get over it. Even the animations and different variations that come with each waifu are fucking unbelievable.

Moreover, there are no stories or anything else that I had to follow because how you run the game is up to you. It’s like I’m the master of the game. I control everything. I like how they made the concept in this way. It is rare to find this type of concept nowadays, and I really think that today’s game should have a similar concept to this one.


Overall, Waifu Sex Simulator is a fucking amazing game. I don’t think that there a better way to describe this game. The amount of things that I could do in this game is just mind-blowing. The game didn’t control me in any way, and it is so fucking entertaining! I had a lot of fun while playing the game if you know what I mean. I highly recommend this game to waifu lovers out there! If you haven’t tried this game, you better do it right now!

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  • Lots of characters to choose from
  • Tons of animations
  • The game has no control over you
  • Freedom
  • Best sex scenes ever
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