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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Warlock And Boobs

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Warlock And Boobs

User Rating: 4/5
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What this game lacks in a normal name it makes up for in quality gigantic tits. The developer to this game has a name that is funnier than anything else I’ve ever read in any porn game, ever. He’s called, wait for it… Boobs Games. I love this guy. His whole shtick is drawing gorgeous, oversized mammaries and attaching them to girls that otherwise look human sized. These are roughly the largest tits I’ve ever seen in any work of fiction and it all kind of works well together, because this guy figured out an art style that’s entirely based around fitting giant tits on screen. He’s a tit wizard, if you will. Stays true to his name.

Well, a few years ago, he decided that it wasn’t enough to just draw giant breasts. He wanted to animate them as well. He also wanted to put them in a video game and let you dive in between the curves yourself. Then he threw in a dash of writing and a pinch of RPG elements and that’s how Warlock and Boobs was born. The name is dumb, the game is genius and Boobs Games is a fucking legend. This is one of those RPG Maker looking games that is actually worth playing. They’re rare as fuck so let’s show some respect. Warlock and Boobs is an all-time favorite of mine and while I wouldn’t give it game of the year any time soon, I very much thing it’s worth a fap or two.

Kind of Retro

The nicest thing I can say about this game’s engine is that at the very least it’s not the RPG Maker from the 90s that most people are still using. Instead, it’s VX Ace, you know, the RPG Maker that has slightly better textures and looks a bit less like ass. Boobs Games tried really hard to squeeze out as much quality out of this thing as possible and it shows. There are small touches here and there to make the game less of a retro shitfest. For instance, whenever you talk to anyone in the world, you don’t just get a dialogue dump on screen, you also get full-size renders of the characters who are speaking to one another on the left and right side of the screen. It’s a small touch, but it goes a long way towards reminding you that you are in fact playing a porn game and not the original Final Fantasy.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, Warlock and Boobs clearly takes inspiration from that type of retro RPG gameplay. You have the standard open-world that you can explore, but you have to open up zones gradually by doing quests, so it’s far from open. You also get the turn based combat which everyone fucking hates but people still keep using it. Honestly, porn RPGs would be more fun if instead of combat they just had a button that said “Win the fight” and one that said “Surrender”. It makes no sense in terms of challenge, but I play porn games to jack off. I can’t do turn based combat and open-world exploration one handed. Just let me click to where I want to go and get rid of the goddamn turn-based combat. I am not asking for much.

A Sexy World

This game takes the standard fantasy medieval tropes and combines them with a ton of sexy themes to make for a damn perfect universe. There are all kinds of men and women running around the place all horny, but also kind of dignified. This isn’t some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario where everyone’s running around like a horny dog, looking to bend over anything with an orifice. People are nice and chill, but they very much enjoy casual banging.

Speaking of men and women, by the way, the game has a ton of gay scenes as well, though they’re only a small part of the action. You can disable them throughout the entire game with a tiny switch at the beginning. If you’re allergic to seeing dick on dick action in your games, this will protect your sensitive eyes. I like to leave it in so I have incentive to be scared of the combat. The only times you ever have forced sex in this game is when you lose a fight, so running away in fear of gay sex was a neat little feature for me.

Romantic Relationships

There are a ton of different characters in Warlock and Boobs with distinct personalities and even more distinct tits. Seriously, every pair of jugs in this game has a ton of personality, but we’ll get into that. The point is, all the characters are well written and this makes them very interesting. You want to get to know them. On top of that, Krowly, the main character, is not a self-insert protagonist like you’d see in hentai games. He’s got actual personality and he’s very likable, although he can be a bit of a lazy slob sometimes. But, overall, I found him to be very charming. He kind of reminds me of me at times. He knows how to get the pussy while keeping a low profile. He tries not to attract too much attention.

So, naturally, since Warlock and Boobs is an RPG there are quite a few companions that can join your party. They, along with a ton of the NPCs are fully romanceable and they come with a ton of story to keep you interested in what they have to say. This isn’t a dating sim, luckily, so there aren’t like hours of dialogue that you have to sift through. Instead, you sort of bond as you go along and you get to see sex scenes as a reward. There are tons of guy on girl scenes featuring Krowley and a few gay scenes that you’re free to skip even without the anti-gay switch, since you can just not romance the dudes. It’s pretty straightforward.

Pussy in the Wild

Unfortunately, Warlock and Boobs has turn based combat and you’ll just have to get used to it. I know it’s a fucking drag, but at the very least it comes with full on-screen renders of the actual monsters you’re fighting. You don’t get side-by-side pixel renditions. You actually see the monsters in front of you in full resolution. And, since most of the monsters are hot babes with giant tits, they’re fun to look at. If you beat them you get some cutscenes in which you can fuck them, because of course you do, this is a porn game. However, if you lose, they’ll dick you. This can get really tricky when you fight dudes. That’s what the gay switch is for.

The combat is honestly not at all noteworthy. You can attack with your weapon, use special moves unique to the selected character, cast magical spells or guard for a round. Then, the enemies do their bit and you watch your health points go down. It’s the same shit you’ve seen a thousand times over already. I still managed to hate this combat a lot less than the average RPG rigmarole I’m used to, since I sort of plowed through the game. I got to see a ridiculous amount of busty monsters, elf bitches and armed babes. They always have their tits out. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s a fashion choice or if they’re just trying to stay ventilated, but I’m damn happy about it.

Hottest Sex Scenes

I’m not giving this game “Sex Scene of the Year” or anything, but the fucks and sucks are damn impressive and they will stay with you for a very long time. Even just seeing the damn screenshots makes me hard. Boobs Games excels at drawing tits and by golly, are there a lot of tits in this game. Plus, you get to bend the chicks over and see the tits dangle all-over the place. Then, there’s the cum you shoot onto their faces and inside their pussies and it’s all so very satisfying. I also really like how the girls aren’t helplessly screaming like braindead schoolgirls. This is definitely not a hentai inspired game. Instead, they’re all strong female characters. They want to take your dick almost as much as you want to give it to them and they always have this satisfied face on when they’re riding your cock.

This game is undoubtedly one of the best RPG porn games out there and luckily it’s still getting updates to this day. Boobs Games has been making a decent amount of money on Patreon, so it’s clear the fans want to see more. And, last I checked, he was very regular with the updates to the game. Thanks to all the donations, this game remains entirely free to play and it runs great on literally any kind of PC thanks to RPG Maker VX Ace, so by all means, download it and try it out. You won’t regret it.

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  • Super sexy babes
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  • Turn based combat