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Updated on 15 January 2020
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There is no shortage of hentai games that focus on or exclusively have lesbian relationships and relations. As I have noted before, it can be a bit of a challenge to find all of these games, though there are a few like Steam and DL Site.

It can be even more challenging, and in the old days, blue balls frustrating, to find platforms that provide specialty adult games. Nutaku does have a lesbian subsite, but the selection isn’t the best.

I’ve been asked about lesbian-specific hosting platforms and went out to find where on the net you could find a new or old website with interactive lady-on-lady content. When I searched around, I stumbled across Wet Pussy Lesbian Games.

Where Did This Website Come From?

A common sign that people are flyby night online is if their webpages are new or it’s challenging to find out the history of a site. That’s not to say that WPLG is shady, but I did get that vibe when I started to research it.

From what I have found, this URL was registered back in 2006, but trying to pull up old versions of any past pages has proven for me to be impossible. It’s not uncommon for there to be gaps in a domain’s history. However, this one seems to have been active as it is now with decent traffic going back to 2008, but I can’t figure out if this is true or not.

If Twitter is to be believed, some version of Wet Pussy Lesbian Games was live, but who really knows what that means.

Even as of last year, there are indications that this site was definitely running, but it almost seems as if it was suddenly revived a decade and a half ago. If you look at the page layouts and the uploads, you might see what I mean.

The Good

The Amount of Lesbian Games – As I alluded to, there are plenty of fun porn games to pick from all of which fit the aforementioned theme. Some of them are a little simple like Flash-based dress up games and mild levels of nudity.

Others have far better graphics and play mechanics, including action titles, text-based and plot-driven experiences, arcade games, and everything in-between. The quality is all over the place. But to look at the silver lining, that it can be apart of the adventure.

I can virtually guarantee that all of them have a decent to a tremendous amount of nudity, if not explicit sexy situations.

It’s hard for me to know for sure, but based on the WPLG social media posts, it seems that there are a respectable number of games added on a somewhat regular basis.

You Get Free Bonus Content – I often don’t see this on a lot of hosting platforms like this, but there is a good selection of walkthroughs, promo clips, and sequences of specific sections from other games.

Not saying if I know that they’re all legal – however, I’ll give the maker(s) of WPLG the benefit of the doubt and say you shouldn’t have to worry about being a cyber pirate by-proxy if you take a peek. I say give those mini-movies a look; they aren’t too shabby.

Pro tip: it is cool that there are reviews, and I do respect the work put into them, but you all should stick to my page. Compared to WPLG, my content is far more thorough and entertaining. 😉

The Bad

A Lack of Reviews and Ratings Sucks – How is the best way to find out if a product is worth spending money and/or time on in the digital age? Word of mouth, trusting the producer’s word for it, looking around for anonymous endorsements?

No! In the civilized world, we rely on third-party reviews and ratings provided by the consumers themselves. Ever since eBay and Amazon made this an industry-standard two decades ago, you would think that everyone would include this feature.

Not so here – instead, you are going to have to guess the quality of any interactive experience, and the thumbnail ain’t going to help you all that much.

The Organization of Content Is Lacking – I’ll point this out in the next session, but there is a decent, navigable menu, to be fair. However, it’s not clear which links are to actual games or video clips. This means that you are going to have to click forward and back to find out what you get.

Despite the sections for movies, some of them pop-up in categories.

Hell, given the formatting, for most games, you cannot even read the entire title cause the damn text is too big relative to the thumbnail. The couple changes I would the formatting and also place a watermark on each thumbnail telling the view if a link is a video game or video preview.

The Okay

The Navigation Is Good Enough – There is a decent dropdown menu if you reduce your menu size. By default, there is a list of games by category and other bonus material on each page’s left-hand side.

Within the Hentai Porn Games portion, there are either categories including adventure, BDSM, review, and 3D games. On each game page, there is a list of a dozen related games below the playing menu.

Along with that, there are tags (but not visible on the game pages) and a search engine. It works decently enough, but I recommend sticking to simple queries as too many keywords won’t get you anything.

You Won’t Be Bombarded By Ads – I was a little surprised by the lack of adverts on any of the pages I looked at. In fact, even without spam blocking software, there are only a couple of banner ads per game or video page.

Other than that there are some links at the bottom, but they are clearly labeled as to what they are so there are no surprise links. Further, there aren’t any pop-ups or spammy redirects at all, which is nice, I guess.

I suppose I shouldn’t bitch too much. The levels of quality fluctuate so much on these pages I guess I should celebrate when the webmaster(s) get something right. So hurray…

The Ugly

The Web Design – Holy mother of all that is decent and holy! I’ve seen some shoddy art styles incorporated into webpages, but Wet Lesbian Games takes the cake for shitty web design.

Where to begin? First, the dingy grey background combined with more grey accents and even more grey doesn’t exactly excite me. I doubt it will put you in the mood, either. There is a strange use of light pink and piss yellow for hyperlinks and text, which just comes off as off.

I’ve already given my opinion on the navigation and lack of customer feedback. Still, I feel the need to rant a bit about these subpar elements as well.

To be completely and totally honest, as I always am, this website looks as if it were slapped together by a horny high school student who managed to take a little time here and there from wanking to hentai.

Stick to Using Desktop Machines – WPLG looks and runs about the same as it does on home machines. The fatal flaw when you surf this site on your phone is that interacting with specific elements can be tricky. This applies to video clips, video games, and just about every link on each page.

If you want to brave this site using a mobile machine, get ready to exercise your fingers zooming in and out.

Combining These Factors Together to Conjure a Rating

After that emotional rollercoaster of a review, I’ve got a series of things to say about how this website could be improved.

To begin, there desperately needs to be a fresh coat of paint slapped onto this dreadfully designed website. To give some just a little constructive criticism, the background should be white or off-white, and I’d add some consistency to the color the text appears in.

Furthermore, I’d strip out the section dividers, add some vector-based graphics, including some sort of site icon and branding logo. Each upload should have a custom description, and it would be even better if you could see linked tags on each of those pages.

If they were going to bother to improve the desktop look, it would be worthwhile to do a complete overhaul of the mobile version as well. Much of my suggested improvements apply, though, for phones and tablets, I would remove the number of elements per page.

With all of that laid out, here is my final list of thoughts, feelings, and rant.

If you are looking to kill time by playing (or watching) animated women exclusive erotic entertainment, this site is a good goto. You’ll be entertained for several minutes, but after a while, trying to filter between ten-second clips and simple Flash games becomes tedious.

With five being the highest, I honestly cannot bring myself to give this site more than two hands. Look it up if you’re bored, otherwise, skip this one. You’ll have better luck looking up Nutaku’s Lesbian section or searching around on Steam.

BestPornGames Likes WetPussyGames Lesbian Games
  • You get a nice selection of hentai-only, lesbian-specific games
  • All of the interactive entertainment doesn’t cost anything
  • You can stream explicit, sexy scenes from other games, too
BestPornGames Hates WetPussyGames Lesbian Games
  • Every single webpage is a fucking eyesore
  • The placement of some links and text is confusing
  • There is no rating or comments section