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Updated on 15 January 2020
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I could visit a place from my childhood once in a while, which makes me feel cozy and fuzzy inside. I just whip out my large cock and fap in this warm atmosphere. It is good to recall a time when my cock was only slightly scary, rather than the absolute hammer it is today. Anyway, this review is not about my fucking dick. This review deals with one of the internet’s oldest and purest porn gaming sites. For over a decade, WetPussyGames had my dick wet, I owe them several shot credits. Until today, this site is still one of my go-to porn game sites if I wanted a quick fap sesh. Anyway, let’s not waste any time and get on with this goddamn review, so without further ado.

Fuck-Filled Games and More!

You should see this page if you’re an active supporter of anime and pornography, as its the perfect home for great Hentai porn and video games. I’m an ardent anime fan, so I enjoyed the fucking site, even more than I actually anticipated. You got hundreds of games you could play for free. You are struck and delighted by the games that greet you as you visit the platform. Moreover, further details about the platform and what it provides can be found in the feedback tab at the top of the list.

Wet Pussy Games provides not only sex video games but also hentai and cartoon Movies to enjoy in your browser. Thus, while I would not hold the platform quite as big as other websites dedicated exclusively to adult games, I would definitely base much of my review on this, the site first and foremost bill itself as a domain gaming website. When I landed on the home screen, my first reaction was “meh.” I saw far better, and I have seen most of the bad website designs. However, everything is clearly organized, grouped into readily accessible boxes.

The Homepage Layout

You can discover that, when you visit the website, the first big content segment brings you the new games that have been introduced to the website. Unfortunately, there are no dates on the individual pages for the games, so I have no way to know whether the site publishes new titles once a day or once a year! My assumption is somewhere between the two, although I won’t guess too far without clear details. Moreover, you would be pleased to find that the site has parts on its page dedicated to 3D animation and hentai games. It might be the spot to get your hands on the extreme porn after you stop playing with the gambling games.

Various Types of Categories

The various types of porn games available here are located on the left side of the page. There are only a few of them that are simple, but I hope you would love the fact that their tiny catalog includes dress up, BDSM, and some action titles. WetPussyGames fulfills your desire, no matter how you want to prepare your hentai content. One very interesting thing I want to give is a walking page. If you wish to see someone else playing or need any encouragement to get through a specific point, that’s your path to move forward.

The Site’s Fetish Galore!

You can find action, BDSM, dress up, adventurous, and arcade titles among all Hentai sex games that this site offers. Themes include teenagers, popular shows such as Family Guy, sex creatures, schoolgirls, etc. Visitors are often willing to read a few game reviews or stream videos and clips full of all types of shit. There is also a collection of hentai films, which are actually shorter clips, which range from a few minutes to about 10 minutes. You also get video previews and ads when it comes to 3D sex games. Streaming functions are good, but no download alternative exists, and the price is generally lower. Plus, the games are quick to load and look smooth.

Came for The Free Shit, Wasn’t Disappointed

We all know that the fucking premium Games are better than the free ones. However, what happens if the free games are far better than those they sell for a premium? WetPussyGames happens! Look no further as the free games on the site are in its highest class. The guys behind the site are not fooling around when they said they offer top-of-the-line pornographic content in their fucking site. Tons of free games are available with a luxury service, you will not have to spend any fucking dime on it to get what you want.

What I Like About the Site

It’s WetPussyGames, for Pete’s sake! To any fucking caveman that doesn’t know what this site is, you’re missing quite a fucking lot. It’s like you just lost to live half your fucking life. Yes, it’s just that good. It’s even one of the best portals on the internet when it comes to hosting porn games and some other porn-related shit. Anyway, I can’t help, but fucking appreciate the goddamn track record of this site. I mean, the site even boasts about their high-quality shit and boy, they don’t let you down. Also, I loved the fact that the site also exhibits some indie games on their platform; however, they don’t just simply accept all of it. They have to review it first if it’s worthy of being published on their site. That’s how the site maintains its pristine condition.

Furthermore, all of the games that I’ve tested on the site have really good storylines. I would only assume that goes the same for most of the site’s content. I mean, really. It’s not just one of those games that lets you fuck some random bimbo out of nowhere without context. After all, the storyline will always be part of the sexual foreplay. Anyway, I loved how the developers maintained the site well. Not to mention that all of the games on WetPussyGames are absolutely FREE! Yes, it’s fucking free! Free to download and free to motherfucking play! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Recommendations for Improvements

I have previously mentioned that the site is indeed one of the top porn game sites on the internet. However, no matter how good something may seem, there will always be flaws, and I’m here to fucking expose them. So, let’s start with the first one, the motherfucking game in general. I’m not saying that it’s all bad, I’m only implying that a lot of the games that the site exhibits are a bit underwhelming. Not to mention that the overall design of the site is a bit outdated. It literally feels like an old dude made it. Fucking do something about it.

Furthermore, the graphics on most of the games are a bit outdated. I need the developers of the site to do some extensive cleaning on the games that you fucking exhibit. If it looks old, just update it, otherwise, just fucking delete it. Moreover, if you don’t know it yet, Flash is going to go away soon. I’m only saying that because there’s a fuck-ton of Flash-based games on the site. If you guys don’t do something about it, you’ll end up with a pile of useless and inaccessible games. Not to mention that the fucking ads on the site are really fucking annoying. I mean, really irritating. Nobody wants to see a fucking advertisement in the middle of your fap session. It even occupies almost half the fucking screen.


Overall, Wet Pussy Games is a go-to for anyone looking for a wonderful time! The porn games available at WetPussyGames.com are high-quality and binge-worthy! Sink your teeth in some top-class hentai games or find yourself watching the hentai shorts! There are a lot of things to do in Wet Pussy Games, and it is not limited to gaming! That is right. The developers even added 3D renders to their hentai videos! If you do not feel like gaming, then see what the developers have in store for you!

I know for a fact that you will enjoy the games and the videos alike. The best thing about all of that is all of it is fucking free! You do not have to spend a single penny for any porn game title in WetPussyGames.com! If this sounds something that you would enjoy, head on out to their homepage and start your experience today! I know for a fact that the perverts with a raging passion for hentai will love WetPussyGames. Do not blame us if you run out of hand lotion! I know I almost did while I was playing games with only one hand!

BestPornGames Likes WetPussyGames
  • The track record on this site is amazing
  • A lot of old indie games
  • Most games have a terrific storyline
  • The website is well maintained
  • Free to Play
BestPornGames Hates WetPussyGames
  • Some games are a bit underwhelming
  • Overall website design is outdated
  • The graphics need some extensive polishing
  • Most of the games are flash-based
  • The use of ads is annoying