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Updated on 15 January 2020
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What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?

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What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?

User Rating: 4/5
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It’s time for a cute porn game, ladies and gentlemen. What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is a short game with a long-ass name that’s stuffed to the brim with hot and heavy sex scenes, some unique depraved content and an overall casual vibe. It’s one of those few recently popular cute porn games that you might have seen funded on Patreon. People really seem to like their porn characters looking like children with huge tits. I don’t get the appeal. Either way, this is a cute porn game. But, make no mistake, the action is extremely hot and heavy. Hell, there’s seduction, manipulation and even hypnosis. It’s a fucked up porn game, to be sure, but it’s got this chibi vibe. That’s weirdo talk for cute with tiny characters. In fact, the game combines these cute mini versions of the characters with the full resolution art and sort of swaps back and forth between them at random. There doesn’t seem to be much of a rule for what you see when, though most of the actual sex scenes come in the full resolution variant. I’d take full resolution pussy over Nintendo looking assets any day, so, I’m glad about that. Let’s dig into the details that make What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? worth playing. Jesus, I’m gonna get tired of typing out that entire name.

Short and Sweet

What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is one of those porn games that gives you the sense that maybe you’re in for a gigantic story with branching endings and deep lore, but really it’s just a quick romp through some quirky action before some chick inhales a cock for your amusement. You must have seen this shtick in other games before. Basically, the game starts off with you, a female protagonist, moving into a new apartment and getting to know your neighbors. Surprise, surprise, they’re weirdos. Later you find out they’re also demons. Really, the problem isn’t that they’re demons. The problem is that they want to rape the shit out of you. But, you being a gullible little girl in a porn game and all, you just sort of go along with it like it’s cool. Plus, they hypnotize you so that helps move things along. By the way, you’re at least 18 in this game, just to be clear. You’re also at least partly idiotic, because it’s clear that these two are playing you from the start. They dead-ass neg you to get you to trust them implicitly, then they invite you over for sex parties. You, being the inexperienced virgin dumbass that you are, go along with it every step of the way. Eventually, they turn you into an absolute cock sleeve. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that’s kind of gay. Well, I’d tell you that you could theoretically just focus on the girl on girl action. But, that wouldn’t work either. The female demon sprouts a cock that’s bigger than her brother’s so there’s no escaping the dicks in this game. I guess you can just sort of try to identify with the demons instead of the main character. Worked just fine for me.

Cute and Sexy

I rarely know how to feel about these kinds of games that look like children’s cartoons, but feature hardcore penetration and rape scenes. On the one hand, the action is super-hot. On the other, everyone and everything in this game is really cute. Too cute. These characters look like they jumped out of a Saturday morning cartoon. They don’t look like they should be sucking dick; they look like they should be in the 3rd grade. But, as is tradition with Japanese inspired porn games, they look 8, but they’re at least 18. Hell, the demons could be thousands of years old, who knows? Anyways, the characters are all equal parts cute and sexy. I mentioned that you get two entire art styles, but truth be told, they follow the same rules. I mean sure, the high resolution art looks closer to actual life. The people have real proportions. The chicks all have giant tits, naturally, but everything else checks out. People look like actual people. Well, in the mini versions, the characters look like actual children. They keep the tits, but everything else is minified to the point that they dead ass look like cartoon characters. It was hard to keep the old boner going through these scenes. Kid stuff isn’t sexy, it’s just off-putting.

A Hot and Heavy Story

The story is what kept my boner going. There, I said it, I like stories that have this kind of tension where you don’t know whether the antagonists are going to eat you alive or suck you off. Or, in this case, whether they’ll sacrifice you to Satan or stick their cocks down your throat. Again, I identify with the penis suppliers, not the penis receivers, so it’s not gay to play this game. The story to What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is original enough to be a 10 in my book. It really carries the game along. The titular demons are absolute naughty scumbags and that makes them really likable. They’re constantly horny. Plus, they’ve got some sort of demonic superpowers that make them absolute perfect sex machines. They’re constantly ready for more action. They can keep coming inside the protagonist over and over again, forever. They have no limits. They’re almost as sexually potent as I am and that’s saying a lot.

A Likable Main Character

The main character is hot and she’s an absolute whore. What’s not to love, am I right? Going into more detail, she’s a closeted whore. She was in a long term monogamous relationship, which sucked and now that she’s single for the first time in a while, she’s finding it really hard to keep her pussy under control. She’s got that fever that only a good dicking can cure and her neighbors are very much inclined to help her out. I like the main character because she’s equal parts horny and confused. So, when you navigate her through the story, you actually have something to do. It feels like she’s slowly learning the ways of pussy magic. This makes the game flow really smoothly and gradually, instead of feeling like some sort of generic visual novel. It’s Far from Ready Ok, this is hands down the worst part. This is a crowdfunded game that isn’t being funded on Patreon. It was already funded, in advance, on Kickstarter. You’d think that the game would be finished by now, but you’d be dead wrong. I have a problem with developers who put out 1% of a game demo, then cash in every month without finishing their goddamn games. I also have a problem with developers who lie. So, did the dev behind What!? My Neighbors Are Demons take the money and run? No, not really. It’s a bit more complicated. Ok, deep breath, here’s the whole story condensed into one paragraph. The dev hired a professional artist to do the art for What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? and after dicking him around for a while, the dude up and disappeared. In the meantime, the dev managed to become a Steam publisher for other porn games. If you’ve ever played Princess and Conquest, you have him to thank for getting that bad boy on the platform. Oh, fun fact, he’s also the guy that owns Lewd Gamer. What a small porn game world we live in, am I right? So, long story short, What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is available as a demo and in the meantime the dev is bending over backwards trying to make this dream into a complete reality. But, he’s working alone and living in his car, so at the very least he’s… devoted. The game’s been listed on Steam for a very long time now, but the release date is still unknown. It’s clear that a ton of people want to play this game and I encourage you to add the game to your wish list, but you’ll have to wait. Hell, you might have to wait for more than a year. I’m just hoping that when the game finally comes out as a completed product, it has tons of gameplay and different sex scenes. Sure, the story is wonderful too, but I want to get into all kinds of fucked up sexual situations with all the other characters. This game’s been on my radar for a while for many good reasons. I mean, the dude that’s making the damn game owns one of the best porn game websites out there. Surely he knows the way of the trouser snake. Whenever What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? does come out, it’s going to make waves. I’m sure that this is an absolute 10 in the making and I hope that the dev does not disappoint when the game finally hits store shelves.

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  • It’s not even close to finished