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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wicked Whims Mod

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Wicked Whims Mod

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Admit it, the first time you played The Sims you tried to strip your female characters in order to peek at their nipples. Don’t lie to me, I know you tried it – we all did. It’s like a rite of passage. The first time you try to strip a sim nude, you become a man and realize you’re going to be spending the rest of your life trying to get women to take their clothes off, only to find out they have no nipples, because the 3D modelers who worked on the game didn’t account for your perverted wiles. I’m still pissed about Sims not having any nipples. It’s a travesty. Well, the Wicked Whims mod fixes this issue as well as 99% of all that is wrong with The Sims. Specifically, this is a mod for The Sims 4, which is pretty neat considering that’s a recent title. Personally, I’ve always thought that the second game was the best one, but I’ll take the fourth title, I don’t mind. The graphics are better and all that. Anyways, this here mod adds more than just nipples. Wicked Whims gives you an entire layer of sexual interactions all interwoven into the existing shit that comes prepackaged with the game. In essence, it’s like a Sims DLC that’s all about orgies and cum dumpsters. It has everything and anything sex, with a bunch of features that will flat out surprise you. Whoever made this damn mod knew exactly what they were doing, because they took everything we know and love about The Sims 4 and they added the one thing the game was missing – hardcore penetration.

Woo-Hoo in The Sims 4

In the original Sims game, whether it’s the fourth or the first, sex is pretty straightforward. You get someone to like you as much as you like them, then you click them and pick “woo-hoo”, which is sim-talk for “I want to stick my cock in your vagina and pray you didn’t forget to take your birth control this cycle”. Then, they become blurry, they get under the covers and they make a couple of awkward sex noises before jumping back out with their clothes on. Suffice it to say that sex in the original Sims games is fucking boring and should have been left out entirely, because it’s a fucking blue-ball. At the very least, the original game had the possibility of pregnancy factored in, although they don’t let you get on the pill or wear a condom as far as I can remember, so you pretty much risk pregnancy every single time you do it. In fact, pregnancy is pretty much your only end-goal in the base game, if you’re fucking around. There’s really no other incentive to give or receive a dicking. I mean sure, the entire franchise has been queer-friendly, what with every Sim being bisexual by default, but you could never do anything interesting with that. Sure, you could get married… but who the fuck cares? I want some hardcore action, damn it!

Wicked Whims to the Rescue

The Sims has always been famous for being a sort of perfect simulation system and the fourth game sits atop that throne, what with it being last and all. The idea is that you can do anything and everything with as many people as you like… except sex. The Wicked Whims mod changes that, meticulously, across the board. These guys went way out of their way to carefully code every single type of sexual interaction they could think of and sort of inject it into the game in a way that made sense. This mod doesn’t change The Sims 4; it simply adds to the possibilities. You are realistically free to ignore the mod, even after you’ve installed it. That’s the beauty of it. It integrates seamlessly. So, you could fire up a new character and get a house and a job. You could go about your day and suddenly realize that your sim is horny as fuck. Sure, you could just ignore that impulse and go about your day. Or, you could try and organize a gigantic drug fueled orgy at your place and dress your maid in a gimp suit then have her go around spanking people with a feather duster. Why the fuck not, am I right? And, if your character happens to be female and she happens to be taking a ton of cum to her face, over and over again, because she just can’t help herself, she might develop a liking for the stuff. Hell, she might start craving the smell and taste of cum to the point that she walks around covered in the stuff. There’s an actual cum-meter functionality built into the damn mod. It’s incredible.

Risks and Challenges

There’s only really one challenge to having sex in The Sims 4 with the Wicked Whims Mod and that’s finding someone who is willing to take your genitals into your genitals or vice versa. Beyond that, there are a ton of risks, but they usually come after the fact, unless you get caught in the act by your significant other. If your wife catches you banging the maid, well, you better hope she’s damn kinky, because she’ll either join in on the action or divorce you on the spot. Sims are complicated, man, what can I say? There’s also the ever-present threat of sexually transmitted diseases, the worst of which is of course pregnancy, but the Wicked Whims Mod comes with birth control so they very much remedy that issue preemptively. You can get on birth control pills and even keep an eye on your cycle so that you know exactly when you can and cannot screw indiscriminately. If you’re a dude on the other hand, either wear a glove or make sure you’re wearing a mask so they can’t track you down.

Tons of Features

The really impressive thing about the Wicked Whims Mod is how it integrates into the base game. I mentioned that it adds a ton of aspirations and fears for your sims that have to do with sexual situations. Like, you might get the urge to masturbate in public or whatever and that’s a neat little challenge for you that you might enjoy pursuing. On top of that, there’s also a ton of customization that comes with the nudity itself. You can now control the exact amount of nudity and combinations of slutty outfits for your sims, to an extreme extent. The sky is the fucking limit with the Wicked Whims Mod. There’s even an exhibitionist skill and shit like naturalism, which is code for nudism. You can start a fucking nudist cult if you want. You’ll just have to find enough willing hippies to join you. I’m not kidding, you can dead ass start a nudism club or even a brothel. The mod integrates with every part of the game so seamlessly that you’d bet it was made by the original developers. The best integration though has to be the way this mod improves the relationship logic. With every sexual encounter you forge relationships with intricate sexual implications. The game is already queer friendly, so adding this mod you basically get an explosion of sexual cross-referencing. Try to keep track of who you bang and who saw you do the banging, because it’s gonna get real convoluted, pretty fast.

Get Some Drugs

The Wicked Whims Mod is essential for playing The Sims 4, as far as I’m concerned, but if I had to vote for a runner up it would be the Basemental Drug mod, which works very well in combination. That mod adds a ton of drugs to the game along with career paths, gang wars and all kinds of kooky antics like getting hooked on hard drugs and having to suck people off in order to pay for your crippling addiction. So, the ultimate way to play The Sims 4 is actually to get both of these mods and have a drug-fueled orgy party at your brothel, after which you get half of the city pregnant and have to move to another state and change your name. You can quote me on that. The Wicked Whims Mod is super easy to install and pretty damn tiny, considering how much content it shoves into the game. There’s also a huge list of optional downloads and links to different mods on the official site and I’d recommend you check them all out. You don’t have to get them all, of course, but the sex animations and hotter models definitely make the game better. If you enjoy simulation games and you like jacking off, this game’s going to be a natural fit for you. And, since it comes with all of the goodies that the base game already has built-in, you’re looking at hundreds of hours of sexy playtime.

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