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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wild Life

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Wild Life

User Rating: 4/5
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Open-world games are starting to become a thing nowadays due to the incorporation of powerful game engines that result in quality 3DCG gameplay. Although, it can be exhausting to play games with a modern or futuristic environment and setup since that’s what we currently see in 3DCG games nowadays. If you’re up for a wild experience in a game where you go through a world without any modern or futuristic shit, you’re in for a treat because I found the perfect game. I present to you, Wild Life.

Wild Life is an adult open-world tribal-themed survival 3DCG role-playing game filled with action, adventure, sci-fi, futas, furries, combat, lesbians, and sex. The developer of Wild Life is Adeptus Steve, a growing team of experienced video game developers with plenty of knowledge and passion for great content to create the best game. The game is currently in development, but they release the latest builds every few months based on the reviews and suggestions of their patrons who financially support them.

There is more to this game than meets the eye because it’s unlike any adult role-playing game I have ever seen. The main objective of the game is to fight and fuck to survive, and the only way to do that is to fight different creatures within the different regions of the world of Wild Life. The tribal people of Wild Life was relatively peaceful while having the best time fucking each other until rogue criminals and vagabonds sought fortune and precious materials. Let’s dive deeper into Wild Life to discover more about this wonderful 3D immersive experience.

Become a Fucking Sexy Heroine

Since the game is far from complete, you’ll only have one playable character called Maya, a beautiful, sexy, and strong woman with arms that could morph into wings. You could consider Maya as a harpy without the mind of a rapacious monster and nasty claws. Moreover, you can customize Maya to make her look like the sexiest 3D bitch you want her to look like as she fucks various men, women, monsters, aliens, furries, and futas. The best part about playing as Maya is you can choose which NPC she can fuck on the go.

The character customization feature of Wild Life is beautifully unique because you can customize Maya anytime and anywhere. You can adjust the size of her boobs and ass, muscles, and thighs. You have all the freedom to make Maya look thin, muscular, sexy, or thick with the use of the sliders in the body customization section. In the hair customization section, you can pick between various hairstyles and adjust her hair color with a color graph. Further, you can also choose between multiple styles of pubes.

The skin customization section in the game is amazing because you can choose a skin type that would make it appear like Maya is from a particular human race. Apart from the skin type, you can also adjust her skin color with a color graph to make her look lighter or darker. The skin customization section doesn’t stop there because you can also adjust her skin and genital wetness using a slider to make Maya look like she’s sweating or moist. The skin and genital wetness make everything feel realistic because it improves the overall appearance as you roam or have sex.

You can also pick Maya’s wing material, which changes her wing’s color from brown to a rainbow. You can also choose to remove her wings and get rid of her harpy feature, though it would look pretty weird to see Maya flying around while still flapping her arms. On the other hand, in the eyes customization section, you can pick between various styles of eyes and adjust the glow to make her look like this bitch from Teen Titans. The character customization is dynamic because you can always change her appearance on the go.

The last feature that you can do in the character customization is to change her clothes. You can make Maya look like a legit sexy tribal chick, make her wear a swimsuit, naked with horns and a tail, wrapped in ribbon with her boobs out, or completely naked. You can also cycle through different clothes without having to bring out the character customization interface to make things easier for you. You can press the B key to cycle through the clothes and the N key to remove all the clothes.

The Gameplay

Since Wild Life is still under development, there’s not much to do in the game but roam around the map and discover Maya’s backstory. As you enter the world of Wild Life, you’ll immediately proceed to Maya’s area near a village where you can do the first few quests in the game. The developers refer to these first few quests as demo quests, which will give you an insight of what Maya has to do with the other five factions in their world.

But before you proceed to the demo quests, you first have to memorize all the controls in the options screen. You can access the options screen by pressing the ESC key, which is what most games use for accessing the settings. You don’t have to worry while you memorize the controls because once you access the options screen, everything in the game will come to a pause.

In the previous paragraphs, I mentioned that Maya has the trait of a harpy and that she could fly. By pressing and holding the F key, Maya will change into a charging flight stance while bringing out her wings, ready to jump off the ground and start flying. Flying is the easiest way to roam the massive open-world of Wild Life and reach areas you couldn’t get on foot. Flying saves you time if you want to reach different areas of a tribal village, that is if you’re a lazy ass motherfucker who loves to bring out Maya’s harpy trait.

Where the Sex?

Wildlife is indeed an adult game and makes sure you won’t miss out on any of the sexy content because anywhere you go, you can speak to every NPC and ask them for sex. Most of the quests also involve Maya having sex with the village elders, chiefs, and anyone within a higher ranking of the hierarchy. The best part about the sex in Wild Life is that you can have sex with almost anyone except the animals, of course, I’m sure the developers won’t stoop that low.

The sex is fap-worthy and is unlike any other adult game I have ever seen in my entire porn gaming life. Sex in Wild Life has various stages, which is what you’ll see in real life sex because there’s teasing, boob fuck, blowjob, and different kinds of sex positions before they reach climax. Also, sex doesn’t end fast, and you have full control of every sex position, mainly the pose variation and vaginal or anal sex while putting them on loop. Aside from this, you can also increase or decrease animation speed to make the sex animations have a slow-motion effect.

During the intercourse, you’ll also see amplitude and smooth sliders. The amplitude slider refers to the speed of the sucking, licking, and thrusting. For instance, if you put the slider more to the left, it means they’ll do the actions slower while putting it more to the right means they’ll do the actions faster. The smooth slider refers to the smoothness or roughness of the sex animations. If you like rough sex, then slide it more to the left, and if you want it smooth and pleasurable, then slide it more to the right.

The Graphics

The graphics of the game will depend on your desktop’s specifications since everything relies on the frame rate. The game does have minimum system requirements for you poor fuckers to experience all amazing 3D immersive fap-worthy content. I played the game on my gaming rig with middle-end specifications, so I didn’t have a problem playing the game on ultra graphic settings. Everything looked realistic, and I am amazed at the high-definition graphics, especially during the fuck scenes.

If you want to get most out of the fap-worthy content, I suggest you get a desktop build with high-end specifications. The reason for the need for good system requirements is because Wild Life runs on Unreal Engine, which utilizes photoreal visual for 3D games to have an immersive experience. The pussy juices and cum is also realistic and doesn’t look anywhere near the pussy juices and cum you’ll find in any other 3D games.

What I Like:

What isn’t there to like in Wild Life? Have you been sleeping the entire review? I love everything about this game, and I’m keeping my hopes up for the finished product. Even though there isn’t any storyline to follow as you progress through the game, every sex animations and NPC fucking gave me a reason to jack off. The bounce physics, the way Maya’s and other female NPCs’pussy and asshole stretches as male NPCs lick and fuck them is amazing.

The sound effects are also on-point. All the moans and the thrusting noises also vary depending on the animation speed, amplitude, and smoothness that you adjust during the sex animations. There’s also voice acting in the game, which spices up everything because you won’t experience any dead silence during dialogues or the sex scenes.

My Recommendation for Improvement

Since the game is still under development and the developers are releasing updated versions every few months. The only thing they have to improve is the minor bugs, such as the stretching of the textures. The stretching of the textures, especially with the NPC, is annoying and will only disappear once you engage in sex or masturbation. Another minor bug that I noticed was the missing voice-overs in the dialogue, but that’s it because when it comes to the fucking, you’ll hear their voices along with grunting.


I can’t blame you if you can’t wait for the full version of the game because I’m guilty as charged. Wild Life is currently the best 3DCG role-playing game for me after playing the game and going through all the sex scenes with every NPC possible. The developers are doing a great job with the combination of storyline, gameplay, and sex. The gameplay itself involves sex, and the showroom in the game is the best bonus any fucker would ever ask for because they can fap to Maya and all the 3D hotties in peace.

BestPornGames Likes Wild Life
  • High-definition graphics
  • Open world
  • Full character customization capabilities
  • Plenty of sex options with full control
  • Sex everywhere
BestPornGames Hates Wild Life
  • Limited weapons
  • Not an MMORPG or multiplayer function
  • Minor bugs such as texture stretching