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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Wild School

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Wild School

User Rating: 4/5
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A quick google search will get you hundreds, if not thousands of online gambling sites, nearly all of which have slot games. To be honest, I don’t play slots very often, but in my experience, they tend to be a lot like low-end wall-to-wall porn. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, ama right? If you surf the net long enough, you are sure to find something new or at least a creative spinoff on an existing concept. When it comes to virtual slots, there are a few which have explicit content, but most aren’t all that amusing either. So, I did some deeper digging and discovered Wild School – an online slot game with some fresh features and sexy style.

Just Another Addition from a Veteran India Studio?

When it comes to adult entertainment, which publishes video footage and picture galleries, it’s commonplace to find a broad media portfolio even when it comes to low-end studios. However, when it comes to adult entertainment in the video game space, most companies have only a handful of games. Play Pearls is a bit different not just because of the number of games that they have, but also the quality. So far, they have published dozens of titles in a range of genres, both safe and not safe for work. While I have not played all of them, they all seem to have incredible production values – Wild School included among them. This game came out on the 4th of April 2018 and slowly started to get a following from all over the interwebs over a couple of years. From what I can tell, this sexy slot simulator really picked up traction circa December 2019. I’m not sure why it happened then, but as we’ll see through the rest of the review, I’m confident that I know why.

The Gameplay Has a Nintendo Factor to It

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with this design principle, but if you aren’t, I’ll sum up: Nintendo games are easy to play but difficult to master. Wild School has the same thing going for it since you can pick it up and go, but you’ll have to pay attention to the rules to get good at it. On its face, this is a slot game, and pushing a button to get a random series of results isn’t too hard. However, once you get into it, things get a little more complicated. The player can adjust the number of credits bet on a x25 win line system. In combination with that, you can let Lady Luck take over, and see the autospin play out. However, if you’ve got the reflexes and stop the reels in time, you’ll score some awesome point winning combinations.

There Actually Is a Plot Coupled With This Game

I think you’d never bet that a slot game would include a story, but this one does. Told through a series of animations and a digital comic the plot focuses on a group of anime ladies. The three, Ayoko, Chizu, and Rai, are gorgeous and sexually fluid chicks who are looking to prove it by entering a beauty pageant. This leads them to go off on a series of escapades – many of them end up being sexual – but the story is split up in segments as you play. In a sense, this feature acts kind of like a cut scene with high-quality graphics – it’s a sort of a reward for the player and acts as an incentive. As a part of this and the main game, there is another perk. You can build up point continuously to romance one of the three girls. This system is based on picking the right responses in a dialogue tree and may seem a bit like trial and error first. However, just like the main game, once you get the hang of it, it’ll become easy.

The Hentai Art Style Characters Look Good…And So Does Everything Else

I’ve often noticed that modern games sell themselves on mechanics, story, or graphics. Often you’ll find titles that capitalize off of the two, but rarely all three. I’ve already covered the story and the gameplay, and I’m happy to say that the visuals ain’t too shabby either. Whether it’s the icons, buttons, other interactive features, and characters, everything looks good. Though more on the softcore side – at least, at first that is – there is some sexy art scattered throughout the game. There aren’t as many animations as I would like, but the comic portions are incredibly well-drawn. On the other hand, there are some animated bits that do add to the experience and gel exquisitely with the sound design.

From the Sound Effects to the Music This Game Is a Treat for the Ears

I know that the music which is in video games produced by smaller studios can be a bit of a joke. Sure there are these amazing exceptions, and Wild School isn’t one. However, the score is certainly pleasant and helps to keep the player engaged with the rest of the experience. The same is true with the sound effects. They sound unique to the game, cue at the right time, and are balanced with the rest of the music, so you’re ears aren’t blown out. Still, if you think the sound effects or background music needs to be adjusted, you can do so in the Options section. As you might expect, most of the character conversations are communicated through speech bubbles in the comic. However, while playing the game and a few other parts, there are some English dialogue segments. Like other hentai games, the voice acting is performed by high-pitched yet sultry sounding ladies. The segments of speech are funny and don’t relate to the plot but do entertain, even arouse the player. It certainly did that for me.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Start Playing

It used to be that online games were only available for personal computers and sometimes mobile phones with equivalent operating systems. Nowadays, most of the good games are compatible with far more devices and systems. That is true with this game as it can run on handheld Apple devices, Androids, and any relatively modern desktop, which runs on iOS, PC software, and even Ubuntu. Whether the full version or the demo, you can find this browser game all over the net. Just plug in the name + the term ‘game,’ and you’ll get plenty of hits. At least on the first couple of page results on your preferred search engine should lead you to safe links.

You’ll Find That There Are Plenty of Things to Enjoy

As Great As Wild School Is It’s Got Room For Improvement

To be upfront, most of my critiques are minor, but I feel I should bring them up so you guys know and because I hope the developers take note. Most of the classic slot mechanics are there though a few are missing. For example, there aren’t any bonus rounds, a scatter feature, or Vegas slots. The comic is pretty neat, but I do wish it were a bit longer. At the very least, it would be nice if you could access story segments on a more regular basis. If there is an updated version to come out, I think that it would be neat to see even more animations in the story pieces. It is cool that they have posts with written rules, a few tips, and a handful of graphics. However, I would like it if the developers would include a proper tutorial in a future edition.

Do I Think This Is a Jackpot Game or a Bust?

Being a blend of a digital casino sim with even more complex rules, colorful graphics, and a porn-y plot, this is one of the more unique games I’ve looked at. With this series of factors, I think that it’s no surprise that this game has such a wide appeal. In my final assessment, I think that this game should get a rating of four and a half hands, and I definitely recommend you give it a shot no matter your taste in interactive media. When you do try and if you enjoy it, be sure to come back here and share this review with your friends. I believe they’ll appreciate it, and I know I will. 🙂

BestPornGames Likes Wild School
  • Game mechanics are easy to understand but complex to master
  • The characters, like the story, are surprisingly engaging
  • Try out the demo for a good idea of the experience before you buy
  • System requirements allow just about anyone to play
BestPornGames Hates Wild School
  • Some of the rules do require some careful reading to understand fully
  • After the first few rounds, the learning curve is a bit much
  • I would like to see even more animations incorporated into the comics
  • The free version does occasionally display some adverts