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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Witch Hunter Trainer

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Witch Hunter Trainer

User Rating: 4/5
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No, this isn’t a sequel to Witch Trainer, it’s more of a tribute. And no, this is not an Akabur game. It’s made by some Russian sounding dude named Borsch. It’s entirely Patreon funded and it takes a ton of inspiration from Witch Trainer, but it actually manages to do a bunch of thigs even better. I mean, it’s not nearly as hot or as fap-worthy, but it comes with an amazing story and great world building. Plus, it’s original as all hell. It draws a lot of inspiration from some witch hunting and vampire hunting movies and cartoons, but all in all, it’s a great and original title. You play as a retired witch hunter who’s got this niece called Jack. She wants to become a witch hunter like you used to be and she’s going to need your help. You basically spend the game babysitting her and ordering her around. You can pretty much have her do whatever you want, though you have to be careful asking for particularly naughty tasks. You don’t want her figuring out that you’re secretly a gigantic pervert. But, having her get raped by monsters over and over again is very much on the table. You can dead-ass send her to a dark alleyway to get jumped by a bunch of rapists and tell her it’s for her own good – she needs the experience. The game plays a lot like Akabur’s games. You get a lot of freedom and a day and night cycle. On top of that, you get tons of lines of dialogue to keep you interested in the story. Shit is constantly ramping up and moving forward. Witch Hunter Trainer is one of the greatest, albeit smallest, porn games out there.

A Small Town

Imagine a medieval town that’s sort of a mix of all the Transylvanian hamlets you’ve seen in all Dracula movies. That’s kind of what you get with this game. There’s an overlook that functions as your map and you can go wherever you want, provided there’s something there for you to do at any given time. It functions exactly the same as the map in Princess Trainer Gold, but with a lot more features. In that game, you more or less only visit different locations to buy shit and the rest of the game is just training Jasmine to be a cock sleeve. In this game, there are more activities thrown in at random, to keep up the immersion and the vibe of this being an actual living town. Hell, you can take a stroll through town and just hope you run into someone. There are random quest events. Some of them lead to idle conversation, others actually give you shit to do. On top of that, a lot of the quests have you making decisions that affect the story in little ways. You’ll spend a lot of time at the local inn, where you and Jack are staying as well as at the old training grounds that you’re restoring. That’s where you train Jack’s overall combat skills and have her do all kinds of handiwork. She’ll learn soon enough that being a witch hunter is hard work. And you will become the best witch hunter trainer that ever lived. All the pussy that gets thrown your way in the meantime, that’s just a bonus.

Getting Laid

Ok, this part’s a bit tricky. Even though Jack is the main pussy in this game, you don’t really get to touch her very much. Sure, there are parts where she’s sore and she needs you to give her a backrub or whatever and that can get pretty steamy, but for the most part she’s pretty much off limits. She’s not down with the whole uncle-fucking idea. Luckily, there are tons of whores around town that are more than willing to suck you off. There are also a ton of monster babes or witches or… I’m not exactly sure what they are, but they’re all-over the woods having sex with each other and you can probably weasel your way in-between if you’re smart about it. This is roughly what the community seems to love about this game. There’s a ton of story with gradual work and gradual rewards. You don’t get to dick Jack by just breaking her down as you do in Akabur games. She’s strong, smart and like I said, not down with uncle-fucking. So, you’re going to have to pace yourself. Don’t worry though, you get to do all kinds of fucked up shit to her, including fingering, pussy licking, tit sucking, the works. I don’t know if you get to dick her, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that’s sort of the endgame here. Either way, you’re not going for a mad dash to the finish line in Witch Hunter Trainer. You have a ton of shit to do in the meantime. Jack does all the heavy lifting, after all. You’re mostly just along for the ride, barking orders at her and cashing in on her struggles. It’s very fucking interesting, through and through.

The Art Style

It’s basically Akabur’s original style, taken a step further with more art. Akabur mostly focused on character art. This dude works a lot harder on environments and random characters. Every NPC, every room, every part of town, it’s all high quality and very satisfying to look at. This game is a work of art. This Borsch fellow has really pushed the whole 2D art style as far as it will go. This also means that the game will run great on damn near any PC. I mean, the whole thing was made in Ren’Py. If you know anything about Ren’Py it should be that those games will run on damn near any platform and they’ll run great. As for the actual pussy, well, it’s fucking gorgeous. Jack might seem like a bit of a turnoff, what with her being kind of mannish. But, make no mistake, under those clothes she’s got tons of curves. Plus, every time she gets jumped by monsters you get a nice cutscene of her getting her clothes torn off and even getting raped sometimes. You get to see a lot of her curves, even if you’re not the one doing the fucking.

A Free Game

Thanks to Patreon and Borsch’s general love for the community, this game remains entirely free to play, with regular updates that add more and more content. Every time I come back to Witch Hunter Trainer, I find new shit that wasn’t there when I played it last. The general premise remains the same, though. He doesn’t scrap old content, he just adds more main story and side-quests for you to enjoy. Plus, there’s always pussy. You never know when he’s going to just throw pussy at you, but this game won’t have you going soft very often. Granted, you might have to skip through certain boring bits, but there’s at least some female ass on screen every 30 seconds or so. Like, you might go for a walk in the woods and find a fairy. That fairy is of course drop dead gorgeous. But, she’s too tiny to bang, so you have to decide whether you’ll set her free or sell her to the local merchant. This will of course have consequences. Witch Hunter Trainer is one of the best free porn games out there, plain and simple. It’s 2D, it’ll run on a toaster and it comes with a shitton of gameplay for you to enjoy. I couldn’t recommend this game enough. If you’ve tried any of Akabur’s games like Witch Trainer and you enjoyed them, well, this is the game for you. It’s Witch Trainer on steroids.

Some Neat Details

The game doesn’t have any voice acting, what with it being the brainchild of one man. But, it does come with some nice enjoyable tunes that you get throughout the whole gameplay. This adds a lot of character to the scenes. On top of that you get some really neat UI elements that help you navigate the game really quickly. This is especially useful if you’ve played the game a lot before and you want to skip through the boring bits. You can jump forward through time using a button that’s always on your map screen. You can travel instantaneously and you can even hold down a button to skip through all the dialogue, if you’re doing some sort of speed run. The game was clearly designed with ease of play in mind. As for jacking off to the sex scenes, well, it’s doable and it’s hot, but they’re a bit short. That kind of annoyed me at first. The game really wants you to earn the pussy, especially if you’re trying to see more of Jack. She’s a real hard sell, but once you get her to take her clothes off for the first time, you’ll realize she’s worth it.

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