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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Witch Trainer

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Witch Trainer

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If you’re anything like me and absolutely adore Emma Watson, then you’re absolutely infatuated with Hermoine – the character she played in Harry Potter. Not just because she was insanely attractive or she was incredibly talented, but because you would without a doubt kill to see Hermoine have a cock shoved up her ass? I’m damn hell sure that I’m not the only one on this point. Well, why don’t we introduce you to one of the best sex games on the internet?

Yup, a high-quality sex game where you get to see Hermoine get fucked and do incredibly lewd things exists on the internet! Thanks to a brilliant mind that goes by the name of AKABUR, they have birthed an amazing creation that goes by the name of Witch Trainer. What do you do? It’s in the title, you train a witch(yes, Hermoine) to be increasingly lewder and become moral-less so you can have your way with her – as Professor Snape. Weird, right?

So what’s the plot of one of the best sex games? You spawn first spawn into Dumbledore’s office, looking somewhat like the Genie from Aladdin but with your face half shrouded. Some things led to another, and you’ve become the headmaster of Hogwarts and, well, you get to do whatever the fuck you want with the hot girls in the academy, only until Professor Snape discovers who you are with his magic – he then becomes your ally in chasing petite pussies!

Dive Right In

I’m a man with plenty of other porn games to play, so I’d rather have a game that gets the thick intros and backstories out of the way as soon as possible so I can quickly get to the juicy shit. Why did I mention that? Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting with Witch Trainer! I kind of already skimmed through the intro of the whole porn game and maybe even touched upon the entire premise of the game, but allow me to explain in a little more detail.

As I said earlier, you spawn into Dumbledore’s office out of somewhere fucking random(The world of Princess Trainer). You’re asking yourself how the hell you even ended up in that place. Your deduction of the whole situation is that you’re a wizard that warped into a world radiating peculiar magic – one that you’re not used to. Everything gets thrown at you really quickly, you meet Snape, he thinks you’re Dumbledore and soon finds out, you’re not.

You both go on about your current situation after brief turn-based combat – which is rather corny and quite cringe-y. This is when you find out that you cannot reverse the spell and go back to your original world. A solution – unbecoming of the snape that we know, was to just “roll with it” and just keep going about things like nothing is wrong at all. After a few days of lazing around in the office and building your relationship with Snape, you get an encounter.


The one and only, you nerdy perverted fucks! She’s the one you’re going to most of the time, the one you’re going to corrupt, the one you’re going to force to do whatever the fuck you want her to do. With the sophisticated personality that was given to her, of course, you’re going to expect her to take offense to every single thing you say – or ask her to do. No matter, you stay strong and lead her away from the sensible path, turn her into the whore you want!

Do you want to know what the best part of this game is? There are two endings that you can come to – I won’t spoil too much or how one would even reach those endings, but let me say this. You can either have her as the best girl and the best whore for yourself. You can turn her into the school slut – the fantasy that you had, but the plenty of others who had a massive crush on Hermoine as well. The two endings give you a reason to play it more than once.

There Is A Different Version – The Silver Version

The greatness that Akabur birthed made everyone feel like they owe him the world because he literally introduced a new one to the perverse nerds. Though the community is grateful for his work, they feel like they had to add a little more to the Witch Trainer game, so they linked up together and created a better version of the already amazing game. They call themselves Silver Studio Games, and they improve the amazing game into something astronomical.

No, they didn’t fix any bugs or any game issues, because there wasn’t anything to fix in the first place! However, they added a fuckton of more girls, a fuckton of locations, quests, a whole lot of quality-of-life improvements – doing this added more content to the game and makes your gameplay more enjoyable. Not to bring down Witch Trainer as a whole, but there’s just so much more you can do in the Silver Version that alleviates that loneliness in bed.

Hold your horses, impatient fuckwit! Why do you think that playing the Silver Version would be way better than playing the standard Witch Trainer? You’re so fucking wrong. Go play the base Witch Trainer first before even considering the Silver Version. Move on to it when you’re done with the original. Honestly, there is no better version because they both did amazing work to equal each other. One thing’s for sure, you still get to fuck Hermoine’s brains out!

Setting Standards For Porn Games

Just with this subheader, don’t you think I’m already regarding Witch Trainer really fucking highly? It seems that way, right? Because it is! This game really upped the standard of what people expect in porn games. This title came out somewhere late in 2014. It was the fucking talk-of-the-town in 2015, I mean, plenty of game hubs and release platforms had this game at the very fucking top of the website, that says something about the quality.

I say that it set standards for future porn games because a lot of the porn games we play now are powered by the same game engine – which is Ren’Py. I know you’re familiar with this. It’s the game engine that plenty of hentai dating simulators use. Maybe it’s easier to code stuff into a visual novel using Ren’Py. I have no clue. With that said, I hope you really go to Akabur’s and Silver Studio’s Patreons to support them for the work they do.

The Art Style

Allow me to engrave this statement into your head; Akabur is fucking incredible as an artist! I’m not really a huge fan of the use of a cartoon-ish art style when it comes to porn games because they kind of look iffy to me. Hentai, sure, but not cartoons. However, Akabur just does it so fucking well that I couldn’t really give a shit about the art style used because he did a damn good job of making Hermoine look so erotic – even with clothes on!

I can say one thing for sure, you’re going to want to fuck her, undoubtedly. It’s not because of how sexy she looks, it’s because of the way that Akabur made things so erotic that everything she does just makes you want her more. From the teases to the standoffish bitchy personality that Hermoine has that you just want to break. Remember to stay patient, Hermoine doesn’t turn into a whore right away. It’s like training, you have to drill it into their minds.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want such a delicious piece of ass to submit to you that easily, right? Not after all of the books you read and movies you watched. With Hermoine in Witch Trainer being all self-righteous, something awakens inside you that makes you want to dominate her, trust me, and awaken. Imagine her being submissive and an all-out whore after just 10 minutes of playing, that’d be boring as shit, right?

At Last, My Conclusion

Everything has been perfect for me so far. The graphics for me felt like it was ahead of its time. The game was released for over 6 damn years, and it the way art and graphics still are unrivaled by some of the games you get made in that Ren’Py engine. The CG scenes are admittedly scarce, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to fuck Hermoine’s brains out, does it? Witch Trainer is truly one of the best sex games I’ve played and that exist on the internet.

BestPornGames Likes Witch Trainer
  • The plot is damn near perfect.
  • Free to play!
  • Silver Version gets the community involved.
  • Way ahead of its time.
  • Hermoine’s tits, ass, and pussy.
BestPornGames Hates Witch Trainer
  • Absolutely nothing.